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Leave With A Slap On The Wrist-Band

, , , , | Right | December 30, 2021

I am on a campsite with a swimming pool. For campers, the pool can be included in the price. In this case, the campsite reception will give you a wristband. The pool is also accessible to people from outside the campsite, but they have to pay.

One day, we decide to go to the campsite swimming pool. Before us, there is a couple that we meet coming out of a house outside the campsite.

Man: “But we paid for the pool when we came.”

Pool Employee: “In that case, we would have given you wristbands.”

Man: “But we left them in the mobile home.”

Pool Employee: “The campsite is not that big; you can go and get them.”

Woman: “But it’s the mobile home at the other end. The first one!”

Hearing this, my father interjects:

Father: “Oh, that’s funny! That’s our one!”

The couple pays and goes to the pool. We show our wristbands.

Employee: “Well, that was a coincidence about the mobile home.”

Father: “I was bluffing; we’re in a tent, not a mobile home.”

Taking Pride In Taking Out The Trash

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: One_Percent_Kid | December 29, 2021

I own a restaurant. My little sister is trans, and in support of her, we’re doing a special offer for Pride month. Come in wearing anything rainbow — hat, shirt, pin, shoelaces, makeup, whatever — and your meal is 50% off, plus a free slice of rainbow swirl cheesecake. We’ve been advertising this pretty heavily on Facebook, so about three-quarters of our customers have some sort of rainbow on.

One night, I’m sat behind the bar watching the customers and employees do their thing. I see one of my servers talking to a man at a three top — Mom, Dad, and their kid — and she seems pretty uncomfortable, so I head over.

Me: “Hi, my name is [My Name], and I’m the owner of this establishment. Is there anything I can help you with tonight?”

Bigot: “Is this a gay restaurant?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Bigot: “You know, like the gay bars. There’s a lot of [slur]s in here, and I’m starting to think this isn’t a family-friendly place.”

Me: *In an exaggerated lisp* “That’s not a problem for you, is it, sweetie? Surely a biiiiig strooooong man like yourself isn’t scared of some sissies.”

Bigot: *To his wife and kid* “Come on, we’re going to [Chain Restaurant].”

The server and I had a laugh, and then I gave her a few extra drink tickets for dealing with him.

Yes, this promotion is costing us money. No, we’re not going to be in the black this month. By my best estimate, I’m losing $12,000 doing this. Some things are more important than maximizing profits. I’m cool with losing a bit of money if it means a gay kid in my town might feel more comfortable coming out, or if it let some trans person know they have a safe place to be.

The Reliable Wheel Gets The Grease

, , , , , | Working | December 28, 2021

I’m good at my job. I never make mistakes, I’m never late or sick, and I get on well with everyone including my manager, who has been coaching me to move up in the company. So, when I get passed over for promotion, which instead went to [Coworker], who has been here for a shorter time than I have and appears to do no work, I am annoyed. But when she tries to force me to do work that she is supposed to be doing now, I am angry.

I refuse all the extra work and stop all the extra jobs I am doing around my own job. She tries to discipline me, but I am doing all my actual work, I am never late, I keep a clean record, etc. It doesn’t work.

Now she has to do all her own work and has nowhere to hide. Things start to fall apart a little; mistakes are being made and things keep getting missed. She keeps making excuses and blaming everyone apart from herself.

It isn’t long before she goes off “sick,” and I am asked if I can “fill in”. I decline at first but am convinced into it. I run things well for a month before she comes back.

Coworker: “What’s this?”

Me: “Monthly report, something that was put in place while you were off. I can show you how to fill it in, if you like?”

Coworker: “Well, seeing as you already know how to do it, you may as well keep it.”

She tried to do this for everything I tried to show her, basically how to do her own job! She again tried to get me in trouble, and yet again she was told that she had to do her own work. Cue another bout of “sickness,” at which point she was told that she could step down from the role at any point. She refused and told them that it was my fault! I had messed everything up while she was off and it was such a mess she couldn’t cope.

Of course, no one believed her. Eventually, when she came back to work, they sacked her for her performance. As I was pretty much already doing the job, I was offered the promotion.

Easy Come, Easy Go!

, , | Working | December 28, 2021

I used to work at a bank. Someone came in to cash a check. Due to the amount, we had to check the signature card — yes, a physical card.

The signature didn’t match, so I tried calling the customer whose name was on the check. There was no answer, so my manager told me to tear up the check in front of the person.

Cappuccino-No-No, Part 4

, , , , | Right | December 28, 2021

I’m a store manager. A woman comes in and orders a venti cappuccino. My assistant manager is at the bar with an experienced barista, and they are cranking out the beverages… until this one. One return, okay, no problem. Two returns, okay, but there is no way this one is wrong. Three returns… At this point, she is calling the assistant and the barista stupid and untrained, so I step in and call her over to the other end of the counter so that they can catch up with the drinks that are now piling up.

Me: “You shouldn’t speak to my staff like that; they are both experienced and are making the drink to our company standard.”

After listening, this woman wants us to put shots in a cup and then proceed to skim the foam off of all of our milk pitchers (in the past, we had large milk pitchers that we would steam as we went so there was always milk ready; now they steam milk per drink) to fill the cup the rest of the way.

Customer: “Tiffany knows how to make my drink.”

Tiffany was recently fired for no-showing for work twice as a supervisor, delaying the store opening, and costing us money and customer satisfaction. New boyfriend, bad influence.

Me: “If you want two shots and a cup of foam, you have to order it that way. A cappuccino is part foam and part liquid milk, which is why they made it the way they did; there is a standard recipe for cappuccinos.”

She continues to berate us for our service and for her drink being wrong, so when she finally gets out all that she needs to get out:

Me: “Please go elsewhere for your coffee, as, clearly, we are not able to serve you as you wanted.”

She is not expecting that response, as she is clearly accustomed to having her a** kissed, and I am not going to let my staff be treated like that.

I don’t remember if she left in a huff. I was headed to call my district manager to let her know I threw someone out and asked them not to return. I got major kudos from the staff there and the customers who were within earshot for standing up to a bully and defending my staff.

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