The Money Is As Real As Her Managerial Skills

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I work at a fast food restaurant and we have a scanner machine to check if money is real or not. One day, I touch the machine’s sensor and notice that it still scans my hand as money. I do this with a piece of paper, as well, and conclude that the machine is broken.

During the same shift, I have a manager that does nothing but sit on her a** all day and only helps us with orders if we are behind orders by twenty-plus minutes. I tell her about the machine and she says she’ll check it later. I’m supposed to scan every ten- and twenty-dollar bill, and for fifties and hundreds, I have to give it to a manager to check.

A few hours go by, and my manager still hasn’t checked the machine, and by this point, I’m checking every ten and twenty by holding it up to a light, which can be seen as rude to a customer. One customer complains to me and calls my manager over.

Customer: “This employee is discriminating against me! Checking my ten-dollar bill like I’m a criminal!”

Instead of defending me, as the machine is broken and she still hasn’t checked it, she begins yelling at me in front of this customer.

Me: “[Manager], the machine is still broken, and I still need to check each bill the same as I would if the machine was working.”

Without even checking the machine, my manager just says:

Manager: “Just use the machine. Who would even use a counterfeit on a ten- or twenty-dollar bill?”

I decide the argument isn’t worth $9 an hour and just comply. I quickly scan every bill until I see two shady-acting women.

The first woman hands me a twenty-dollar bill that is obviously fake; I don’t even have to check it. It feels and looks like paper. I decide I will just follow orders and scan it. Since it goes off, I put it in the register. The second customer comes and hands me a similar counterfeit bill. I do the same thing.

Later, when my shift is about to end, my manager counts my drawer, finds the two counterfeit bills, and freaks out at me. I zone out for most of it, but most of it consists of her calling me dumb for not noticing these obvious counterfeits and telling me I’m going to get fired.

Well, what actually happened was the regional and general managers called me in to fire me on my next shift, and then I told them the story. They then checked the cameras and listened to our conversation about the machine being broken and concluded that the manager was in the wrong for: one, not letting me check the bills visibly, and two, telling me to use the machine that I explained as broken.

She was fired, and I later saw her working the cash register at a grocery store. Hopefully, she checks if she gets any counterfeit bills.

Source: Reddit (Credit: CosmosOfTime, Original Story)

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Not Your Body, Not Your Business

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I work with a guy who completes triathlons. I don’t mind him going on about it; I feign interest to be polite. But his attitude toward diet and food really grates on me. On the rare occasion that I have fast food for lunch, he always makes snarky comments about the calories. If I am feeling sick or hungover, he barks on about how much sugar is in my sports drink. If anyone brings in cakes for birthdays, he goes on about how bad cakes are and how he isn’t going to have one.

I have had problems with my weight in the past. I went from overweight to muscular, but it is still a bit of a sore subject for me. I am a little fed up with his comments but keep quiet throughout. 

After Christmas, we are all back talking about what we did over the break. [Coworker] isn’t part of the conversation, surprisingly.

Me: “It was great, although I did indulge a bit too much. My wife bought me a really nice bottle of whisky and we all ate way too much.”

Coworker: *Condescendingly* “Well, the only thing bad I ate was three chocolate buttons. Over the whole break!”

One of my coworkers shoots me a glance, and without thinking, I blurt out:

Me: “Wow, I bet your family was so happy with you judging them for what they eat over Christmas. Such a fun guy to be around.”

A couple of the guys broke out in stifled laughter. I felt a bit bad, but it did feel good to finally put him in his place. [Coworker] finally got the fact that we didn’t want our diets analysed at work and stopped the comments.

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You Should Have Heard The Look On Her Face

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Me: “Can I have your rewards phone number?”

The customer bends down with her face almost touching the counter and whispers her phone number.

Me: “Could you please repeat it?”

Customer: *Yells* “What are you, deaf?!

I look at her for a second and reach up to flip my hearing aid out from behind my ear.

Me: “Yes, I am.”

She just looked at me. I don’t think she was expecting that!

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Well, You Asked For It!

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Me: “Welcome to [Fast Food Place]. What can I get for you?”

Customer: “I want a cheeseburger and fries.”

Me: “Would you like to make that a meal?”

Customer: “No. I just want exactly what I asked for.”

Me: “Certainly, sir. If it’s a meal, it ends up being cheaper and—”

Customer: “Listen to me! I want exactly what I asked for, no more, no less. No upselling, no combos, no sides. I want exactly… what… I… asked for!”

Me: “That will be £4.57, sir.”

He pays with a £5 note. I give him his food and then move on to the next customer.

Customer: “Wait! What about my change?!”

Me: “You didn’t ask for it, sir.”

Customer: *Stares at me*

Me: *Stares back*

Customer: *Stares harder*

Me: *Unblinking nonchalance*

The customer’s shoulders slumped and he walked away with his food.

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Some Guys Just Can’t Take What They Dish Out

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It’s the late 1980s, early in my career, when I land a position with a small agricultural company. Most of the products — specifically live animals — are shipped around the globe, so organizing transportation to the customers is a critical function. The guy who has been doing this Logistics and Traffic role for years is d*** good at his job.

In my first weeks of employment, I also quickly discover that he is an extremely gruff, opinionated, and sometimes blunt individual — what would now be called an “office bully.” He is known to engage in shouting matches with other staff in the hallways, for example. During my first few months, I do not have much need to interact with him so I am able to keep my distance.

One day, my manager informs me that the company wants to send me on a trip to one of our subsidiaries in another country. Since [Logistics Guy] also handles company travel bookings, I have to go make arrangements with him. Cue the “Jaws” music in the background.

After I give him the dates and destination, he grabs a notepad and starts to put together an itinerary. This part goes well as he acts more or less professional and offers tips and advice as we discuss the options. When I mention that my manager told me to have him book a rental car at the destination, he suddenly explodes like a hand grenade. He starts throwing the papers in the air and loudly berating me for such a request.

Logistics Guy: “Everyone else who goes down there gets the local manager to pick them up at the airport! You don’t need a g**d*** rental car! Waste of company money! Forget about it!”

When this tantrum hits full stride, I make a decision that is either going to cost me my job or deal with this guy head-on. I look him straight in the eyes, and in the strongest voice I could summon, I say:

Me: “Shut up! Just shut the h*** up! If you have an issue with any of the arrangements I have requested, go speak to [Manager]! Otherwise, just do as I have asked and let me know when you are done!”

Before he can pick his lower jaw up off his desk, I look at him with the coldest eyes possible and add:

Me: “And do not, I repeat do not ever, ever treat me in this way again!”

As I stood up and turned to go, he grumbled briefly in a low voice but I was not listening. I shook like a leaf on the way back to my desk, wondering what kind of crapstorm might be in store for me. But an hour or so later, he came by my desk and tossed a copy of the itinerary on my desk with a growl that sounded like, “Here you go.”

My manager never came and talked to me about the blow-up, so I guess what is said in Logistics stayed in Logistics. For the rest of my two years there, we never avoided each other, but he never tried to bully me at any time, either.

Fast forward almost a decade later. I took a new position with a similar company not far from my former job. On my orientation tour, we stepped into the Logistics office and who should I meet but [Logistics Guy]. By then, he seemed to have mellowed quite a bit and was calm and professional any time I saw him in the office. That I was glad to see, and we never discussed our past history.

He retired a few years later, but I always remember that he — unintentionally — taught me the value of not taking any s*** from office bullies.

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