We Tire Of These Customers

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(The auto shop I work at has an online store that is completely separate; we are owned by corporate and have no control over the website at all. An older customer comes into the store.)

Customer: “I want the [Cheapest Brand] tired. Just one.”

Me: “Okay, the tire runs $65.99, mount and balance is $15.50, and the valve stem is four bucks. After tax, your total is 94 dollars.”

Customer: “What? The tire was $55 online. Why do you have it for $66? And then all this other s***, why is it all so expensive? $94 for a $55 tire?”

Me: “Sir, the online cost is before shipping. If you go all the way to checkout, it includes shipping; our cost in-store includes the price of shipping them to us. Everything else is just what it costs to put the tire on, and that’s all the same price as online.”

Customer: *complains very loudly and with liberal use of profanities about how we are screwing the customer and how we are going out of business*

Me: “Dude, I make $5.85 an hour plus commission. I have nothing to do with any decisions made here. If you want to complain, take it up with corporate, because I’m done listening. I can’t change the price, so either buy it or leave, because you’re cursing up a storm and making a scene, and there are other customers here.”

(The customer ended up buying the tire; he shook my hand after I said that, and told me I had stood up for myself, I was right, and he was sorry for making an a** out of himself.)

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I Have Zero Buns Left To Give  

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(I am a construction worker. I work a short stint at a fast food place after I move to Arizona until I find a job in my field and, while I can be pleasant and servile in a customer service environment, I don’t deal well with bulls*** and am pretty quick to say what’s on my mind. Our restaurant has huge lunch and dinner rushes but in between, this store is pretty dead. A customer comes in around 3:00 pm when nothing is going on and half the staff is just talking since we’ve already finished our cleaning and restocking after lunch and have nothing to do. The customer orders a triple cheeseburger combo. Simple order. No problem. Both the drive-thru clerk and one of the grill workers are present when the order is made. The order is made quickly and delivered without problem. The customer takes it to their table and then returns, complaining that they ordered it with no bun.)

Me: “No, you didn’t.”

Customer: “Are you calling me a liar?”

Me: “Yes, I am. Three people were present when you made your order and at no point did you order it with no bun. That being said, we’ll remake the order without a bun because that’s what we do here, but at no point did you specify you didn’t want a bun. Please don’t try to blame your mistake on us. We will remake it with no charge regardless because we want our customers to be satisfied.”

(The customer didn’t have any response and simply went back to her table until her order was ready, which took less than a minute. No complaint was ever made against us and the customer didn’t speak another word to any of us.)

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This Is The Direct Bus To Justice

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My wife and I are on a bus. Some women get on the bus talking in Papiamento. My wife has lived for some time in Aruba and understands every word they are saying. She tells me, “They are planning on robbing the bus driver.”

I head to the bus driver and warn him what’s about to happen. He immediately calls his control center and tells them what’s about to happen. He gets orders to keep driving and don’t stop. 

The women get anxious because they obviously planned to rob the driver at the next bus stop. The driver gets a signal that it is okay to stop at the next bus stop. 

As soon as he pulls over, the women get up and start threatening the bus driver. He hands them the money and opens the doors. The women get out with their loot only to be greeted by some policemen. Of course, they all get arrested.

We leave the bus during the consternation and have a great day. No one ever found out who “the snitch” was that helped to catch some robbers, and that’s just fine with us.

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Lane Of Karma

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A stretch of my local highway is undergoing construction, which means that the normal two lanes collapse down to one for about a half-mile. Naturally, this means that traffic ends up slowing way down as cars have to merge into the single lane. This then leads to plenty of impatient idiots who make things worse by ignoring all of the signs to merge over and speed up to the point where the construction cones start before they even think about trying to get over. And when they do, they will force their way in, which slows traffic even more as people have to stomp on their brakes to avoid them.

However, this last week I got to see a scapegoat for these impatient idiots get a bit of karma sent her way. A lady was driving a red convertible and came speeding up to the point where construction started. I was right behind a big eighteen-wheeler, which had just entered the construction zone, so there was no room to cut in front of it. The lady in question sped up alongside the truck before apparently realizing, “Oh, there are traffic cones right in front of me,” and, “Oh, there is a giant truck there that I can’t cut around.” I got to watch her fishtail a little as she tried to stop or figure out where to go before her car plowed into the cones and slid straight into the ditch where the road had been broken up and removed.

She seemed to be okay, no airbags deployed or anything, but her car certainly wasn’t going to go anywhere without help, and I’m guessing she’d have some nice big fines to pay. I admit, I laughed as I drove past, getting to see one of those impatient idiots get their comeuppance.

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Bullied Into Bending The Truth

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(My brother is three years younger than me and started at my secondary school this year, aged eleven. He almost immediately starts getting bullied by a kid in his class, who happens to be the brother of a girl in my year. The bully is easily the smallest child in my brother’s class and is constantly angry, fighting constantly, and seems to be bullying several kids, not just my brother. I witnessed him come up behind his sister and demand money from her; then, he kicked her in the knees so she fell to the ground before kicking her again. He also made lots of nasty comments that made his sister cry. The school does nothing because the bully always starts fights when teachers aren’t looking and then claims self-defense, getting away with it because he’s smaller than them. I offer to help my brother constantly by letting him hang out with my friends or by going to stand near his class in breaks — I’m a school prefect/monitor so could intervene — but my brother has autism and is already struggling socially so he doesn’t want to be with my friends or for me to be near his. Until one day…)

Brother: *crying and running over* “Help! Help! Please help!”

Me: “Is it [Bully]?”

Brother: “Yeah, he got me and now another boy, too.”

Me: “Okay, stay here.” *to my friends* “Look after him, please!”

(I run down to the area where the younger kids have break and see [Bully] immediately. He’s sat on another kid’s neck with his knees on either side of his throat and is just landing punches on his face. As I run closer, I can see the boy underneath is going purple and is pulling at [Bully]’s knees, obviously unable to breathe.)

Me: *still running over* “Hey! Get off him!”

([Bully] doesn’t respond and as I get close, the boy underneath goes limp, still being punched. I grab the scruff of [Bully]’s collar, intending to pull him off the other child and to his feet. I’m only 5’3” and female but I still tower over this tiny child and my panicked grab of his collar results in more than the intended force. Instead of pulling him to his feet, I throw him back where he crashes into a pillar and crumples. I freeze, horrified that now I may have hurt someone; I’m a nerdy girl who’s never been in trouble before. A teacher who knows me and the other prefects well comes running over.)

Teacher: *running over* “[My Name], just go! Run! I’ve got it.”

(I ran for it, leaving the teacher to deal with both boys. The boy who was attacked had to go to the hospital for treatment for a broken nose, broken tooth, and difficulty breathing and swallowing. The teacher knew about the bully and the school’s rule of needing a member of staff to witness and bent the truth a bit. She told them that she’d witnessed the attack on both my brother and the other boy but denied that I’d been there, saying that no one had hurt [Bully] and he’d been making it up to claim self-defense. He ended up getting a long period of isolated education, working one on one in a classroom and taking breaks by himself. It’s not totally moral for the teacher to have lied, but given [Bully]’s year of attacking people every day, it felt justified!)

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