Blowing Your Top Is Also Blowing Your Chances At Getting Served

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At our store, it’s perfectly acceptable to hand customers off to other coworkers who are more knowledgeable about certain items and whatnot. I greet a customer as he walks into the store.

Me: “How are you doing today, sir? Can I help you find anything?”

Customer: “Yeah, you a**holes had better have [specific product].”

Me: *A bit taken aback* “We’ll do our best to find that for you, sir.”

I go to where the associated products are and can’t find it. The customer is just glaring at my back, occasionally muttering expletives under his breath.

Me: “Let me grab one of my associates real quick; it’s my first week here and I’m still learning the store.”

The customer grumbles a rude affirmative, and I go to grab another coworker. I follow the customer and my coworker to the location so I will know where it is in the future. As we’re walking to the item, the customer spins on me.

Customer: *Loudly* “What the f*** are you following me for?”

Shocked, I begin to respond, when my coworker cuts in.

Coworker: “Sir, there’s no reason to speak rudely to him when he’s just trying to do his job and learn where new items are. If you can’t speak civilly or politely to us, then we will kindly ask you to leave the store.”

The customer turns beet red and starts shouting all manner of curse words at my coworker and me as we gradually herd him to the front door and out of the store.

Coworker: “Have a good day, sir. Please understand that you are no longer welcome to shop at this store. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.”

Most customers are very understanding when we explain that we’re handing them off to another coworker or that we’re inexperienced in some area, but completely blowing your top is absolutely unacceptable behavior.

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That Must Have Been One Important Cigarette

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I had abdominal surgery twelve days ago. I am finally feeling up for shopping and there are things I need from the hardware store. I’m a thirty-year-old disabled woman in a wheelchair — I’m an incomplete quadriplegic — and I don’t have a car, so I get a taxi — with a ramp on the back so I don’t have to get out of my wheelchair.

The taxi driver drops me off and I go in to do my thing. Nothing out of the ordinary. When I finish my shopping, I call to get the taxi back. It will be a fifteen-minute wait, but it is such a nice day that I don’t mind waiting outside.

As I am waiting, I notice that someone is parked in the disabled parking space but there are no disabled tags on the windscreen. It’s annoying, but I honestly don’t care at this point; I just want to get home. About ten minutes later, I see a middle-aged woman walk out of the store and go straight to that car. She opens the boot, puts her shopping in, and goes around to the driver’s side. But instead of getting in, she gets out a cigarette and starts looking at her phone.

A few minutes after that, my taxi arrives. [Taxi Driver], being the polite and patient man he is, waits for the woman to drive out of the car space. The woman knows he is waiting for her and she is d*** sure she is parking illegally in the disabled parking space, but do you think she cares? She finishes her cigarette and gets into her car.

We wait. And wait. And then wait some more. Then, [Taxi Driver] gets rightly fed up and parks the taxi directly behind the woman’s car, blocking her in. This is when things get interesting.

The woman begins to honk her horn repetitively for a few seconds, and then she gets out of her car.

Woman: “What the bloody heck do ya think ya doin’? Ya blocked me in!”

Taxi Driver: *In a mock-apologetic tone* “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but I needed the car space. And you seemed to want to stay there. Just thought I’d do you a favor. Now, if you don’t mind, I have a job to do.”

[Taxi Driver] gestured in my direction as I gave the woman a BIG smile. I hate confrontation, so I appreciated [Taxi Driver] doing it for me. [Taxi Driver] got into the car and fastened me and my wheelchair into place. All the while, the woman was yelling profanities and threatening to call the police. If it were any other day, I would have been happy to call the police so the woman would get a fine. But I just wanted to go home.

It only took a few minutes before I was secured in the car and we left, but I made sure to give the woman a smile and a one-finger salute through the window as we were leaving, which made the encounter all the sweeter.

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If We Had A Nickel For Every Time We’d Read This Lie…

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I work as a leasing agent for an apartment complex. The owner is a fantastic guy, but he is always super late to every meeting and never has any keys to the building on him. One day, he needs to come by and pick up some tax stuff, but naturally, he is running really late and my manager can’t stay to wait for him, so I’m waiting for him after hours with the door unlocked when a car pulls up and two people get out.

I’m at the front desk, so immediately I let them know that we’re actually closed, but the lady cuts me off and demands to see an apartment right now. That’s not how it works here. As I explain to her, I can’t ever show an apartment without someone in the office (safety), and we’re actually completely out of apartments to lease.

The lady stares me down and insists that we definitely do have apartments available and that I will show her one right now. Nope. I don’t budge. I can’t; we don’t have apartments and I can’t leave the office anyway.

So, the lady tells me, in the most condescending way possible, that the owner is one of her best friends, he has promised her an apartment, and if I don’t show her one right now she’ll have my job.

And guess who pulls up right at that moment?

The owner. I swear I could hear the cosmic laughter.

I look at the owner’s brand-new best friend, smile as big as I can, and chirp, “Oh, what good luck! That’s the owner right there! We can ask him about that apartment he promised you and get it all cleared up!”

She looks outside, looks back at me, and bolts out of the office.

The owner comes in and asks about her, so I tell him that she is one of his best friends, obviously. He just chuckles and tells me that he’d never promise an apartment to anyone without telling us first. And that he’s never seen that lady before in his life.

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Insult The Farmers And You’ll Be Sure To Pay

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An attorney that I work with regularly as part of my job moved from an area with a very high cost of living to our rural community. He sold his $2,000,000 house — paid off and inherited from his grandparents — and bought over fifty acres with a huge house in a bedroom community that has a lot of dairy farms. He always used to say how it was much better living up here, both in terms of the lifestyle and monetarily, as his urban $2,000,000 house had property taxes in excess of $40,000 a year.

In addition to the huge house, the property was about forty acres of fields with a roughly ten-acre woodlot. After he moved into his new house, the attorney was approached by his neighbor, one of the area dairy farmers.

Farmer: “I had a handshake agreement with the former owner of your property. I mow the fields for hay two or three times per year and harvest a sustainable amount of trees out of the woodlot. In exchange, the old owner got 10% of the chopped wood, which is more than enough to heat your house all year long without having to run the oil boiler for anything more than hot water. I’d like to keep this arrangement going, as it worked out well for both of us for over a decade.”

The attorney thought the former owner was being taken advantage of and refused to do a handshake agreement.

Attorney: “Give me a week to draw up a proper contract.”

The farmer was not overjoyed with making this out to be more than a gentlemen’s agreement but agreed to come back the following week. The attorney decided that what would be “fair” was that the farmer should pay him $1,000 each time he mowed the fields for hay, since the farmer would feed the hay to his cows for “free” otherwise (completely ignoring that the farmer was using his own equipment and time to do the haying) and that the lawyer deserved 50% of the chopped wood, not 10%, or at least the 50% of the revenue the farmer got from selling the excess chopped wood (again ignoring the equipment and time investment of the farmer). As you can guess, the farmer refused.

This all happened in late 2019, when the fields were rather bare and the supply of chopped wood for the house was full. Well, then came 2020, and the fields started looking like garbage because none of the other farmers would pay to hay the fields. In fact, after speaking with the first farmer, the attorney found that all of the other area farmers were unwilling to mow the fields unless the attorney paid THEM $1,000 per mowing. And, of course, come wintertime, the attorney’s woodpile was depleted and he had to use the oil boiler to heat his entire home, costing well over $300 a month in winter heating costs.

Then we came to early 2021, tax prep season. The farmer, being a good and dutiful community-minded citizen, informed the town that he did not cultivate any of the attorney’s land for the entirety of 2020, nor did he know of any other farmers who had done so. Well, as it turns out, this was a big deal, because in our state, farmland is assessed at a much lower value than residential property and additionally has a separate and lower tax rate. The attorney’s land had previously been entirely zoned as farmland, except for the house and a few acres of lawn around it. The town sent out an assessor and rezoned the entire fifty-plus acres as residential, which more than tripled the taxable property value and imposed the residential tax rate rather than the much lower farm tax rate. The attorney was quite surprised and furiously told me, and everyone else we work with, all this past week how he’s going to sue the town because they now expect him to pay $50,000 a year in property taxes.

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Snobbery Meets Buffoonery

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I am in a lovely family-owned restaurant we frequently visit. The restaurant is very good and it is almost impossible to get a table without a reservation. They’re just that good. The service and food are excellent and though it’s not snobbish, it has a nice setting. The owner himself greets you and gets you seated. If he’s not there his daughter and co-owner does the greeting. All regulars know this.

We are sitting near the entrance on a day the young woman greets the guests and we witness the following exchange.

A very snotty-looking young couple walks in, noses up, looking around for a table. The daughter greets them and asks for their reservation. The man looks down his nose at her.

Man: “We don’t need reservations. We are here all the time, and we know the owner. Just seat us already.”

The friendly face of the woman drops. She replies shortly.

Owner’s Daughter: “That’s a lie and you need to leave now.”

The man gets all flustered and puffed:

Man: “How dare y—”

She interrupts him harshly.

Owner’s Daughter: “I’m gonna stop you right now! I am the owner! The co-owner is my dad! One of us is always here and I’ve never seen you here before, nor have I ever heard my dad telling me of anybody just getting a table! Now, out! We don’t serve liars and cheapskates!

The man turned red as a tomato. The regulars around him listening in had started snickering at this point. He stormed out of the door. I really love it when such snobs get stopped right away.

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