Ignoring The Stuffed Elephant In The Room

, , , | Working | April 7, 2016

(I have just finished shopping with my one-year-old daughter, who is sitting in a large stroller. On my way out of the store, the alarm goes off. An employee walks over to me.)

Employee: “Come with me.”

(He leads me inside.)

Employee: “Can I see your receipt?”

Me: *handing him the receipt and emptying my bags* “It’s probably a mistake. I paid for everything.”

Employee: *looking at my daughter* “Did you check your stroller?”

Me: “No, I don’t think I left anything in there.”

Employee: “Just look.”

(Thinking I may have left something in the stroller and forgot about it, I take a look. My daughter had piled up eight stuffed animals in the stroller with her and somehow I never noticed.)

Me: “Oh, my god, sorry about that. I’ll put them back.”

(I put the toys back and get ready to leave the store only to be stopped by the same employee, who is waiting by the door.)

Employee: “You can’t blame her. She’s only a baby.” *to my daughter* “Hello, I got you a gift.”

(He had bought a huge stuffed elephant for my daughter. He hands it to me.)

Me: “Oh… thank you!”

Employee: “It’s nothing. Have a great day!”

(The whole situation made my day. My daughter calls the elephant “Toka” and it is her favourite toy.)

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Aligned With Something Special

, , , , | Right | April 6, 2016

(A customer needs a suspension part replaced under warranty. The repair requires a wheel alignment but we have all been told that warranty will not pay for that and so we have told a customer that they will be responsible for that cost. As this is a relatively new car, they are understandably upset. However, they agree and we do the repair. When doing the paperwork, I find an op code under the warranty that allows us to claim for the wheel alignment after all.)

Me: “We finished your repair and I found an op code we didn’t know about that allows us to claim your alignment, so there is no cost today.”

Customer: “Oh, you are so wonderful! You know, we were thinking that we would never bring our car back here or buy [Brand] car again but this will make my husband so much happier to know. How did you find out you could cover it?”

Me: “Oh, I just did some digging around our online codes list and found it buried in the list.”

Customer: “This means so much! We owe you something special. Do you like chocolates?”

Me: “Oh, that is sweet but it was no big deal. And I have a long list of weird food sensitivities so buying food for me is a nightmare. I was just happy to find this so we can stop charging people for alignments when we do warranty work.”

(A week later, both customers come in holding a white orchid in a pot.)

Customers: “We just wanted you to know that we are really grateful you found a way to cover the alignment and we wanted you to have something special, even if we couldn’t buy you chocolates.”

Me: “Thank you so much! That is such a perfect gift! I have always thought these were the prettiest, showiest flowers!”

(I still have that potted flower 1.5 years later and though I couldn’t keep alive a few other orchids I have bought since, it is still alive and well. I think it is the only gift I have ever received from a customer at that job and it is very special to me. Every time they come in, they ask if it is still alive and are thrilled to know that it is.)

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The Age Of Honesty

, , , | Right | April 6, 2016

(It is around 1970. A nicely dressed elderly lady gets on the bus and puts in a dime (the senior citizen fare), then opens her wallet to get her ID.)

Driver: “Oh, ma’am, you don’t need to show your ID!”

Lady: “I may be 81, young man, but I still have my pride!”

Driver: “No, ma’am, you don’t look that age, but you do look honest!”

(She smiled and I think everyone on the bus did, too. I gave the driver a grin as I got off.)

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Making Your Final Fantasy Come True

, , , , | Hopeless | April 6, 2016

(I have flown out to Boston from the Midwest to an anime convention to meet a specific guest of honor who has been brought in from Japan. Unfortunately, due to the convention using a new ticket system for autographs, with only two items to sign allowed per ticket, I am not able to get in on Saturday, and by the time I get to the area on Sunday, the last day of the event, the tickets have all been given out. I excuse myself to vent my emotions by myself, crying in a side hallway, when all of a sudden, a young woman I hadn’t seen all weekend approaches me.)

Woman: “Excuse me… I wanted to make sure you were all right. Is everything okay?”

Me: *quickly drying my eyes* “I’m sorry, I’ll be all right. I came all the way here to meet Nobuo Uematsu, and I’m not going to be able to.”

Woman: *looking at me like she’s considering deeply* “How many things do you have for him to autograph?”

Me: “Just one… Why?”

Woman: “If you take my notebook with you and grab that second autograph for me, I’ll give you my ticket to get in.”

(I stared at the woman in disbelief, trying to decline, but she insisted, and together, we went to explain the situation to the ticket organizers. By the time we finished telling the staff member what’s going on, there’s not a dry eye in the vicinity, and much to both our surprises, the staff lets both me and my hero go in! We were both able to get both our items signed, and while I haven’t seen my friend in years, I will never forget the kindness she showed to a poor, lost, Midwestern girl on her first trip to Boston.)

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Feline In The Mood For A Christmas Miracle

, , , , | Hopeless | April 5, 2016

(I do volunteer work for an animal rescue group. As is very common for small rescue groups, we are always short of money and volunteers often spend their own money for food and supplies. One year, a pet food store has an awesome deal sale on a specific brand and flavor of canned cat food, so I go to stock up. As I am loading cases of it up, someone jokingly comments:)

Stranger: “Your cats must really love that stuff… How many are you feeding?”

Me: “I don’t know how many there are now. I’m buying this for the shelter cats so they have a good Christmas dinner. Did you want some?”

(He didn’t; he was buying a different brand, so I think nothing of it and go to check out. The cashier gives me the total and suddenly the same man reaches over me to hand his bank card to the cashier.)

Stranger: “The cat’s Christmas dinner is on me this year.”

(To the random stranger who bought seven cases of cat food for rescue cats: I still remember you after almost 15 years. Thank you so much.)

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