Fries Are Good For The Soul

, , , , , | Hopeless | April 10, 2016

(I don’t feel like cooking so we drive into town to a local franchise. My husband, small son, and I are the only customers in the store. We have just been brought our food when three teen boys come in drenching wet and sit down at the next table. We overhear them:)

Teen #1: “We have to buy something or they’ll kick us out. Mom won’t be here for 20 minutes.”

(They started to pool their money counting out change. Then go to the counter to order.)

Teen #1: “Small fries and some water, please.”

Teen #2: “Same for me, please.”

Cashier: *to third teen* “And for you?”

Teen #3: *embarrassed foot shuffle* “Just water, please.”

(A few minutes later the cashier, a middle-aged man whom I believe is the owner, comes out with three orders of fries.)

Teens: “We just ordered two?

Cashier: “Well, he should have something, too.”

(It was a small gesture, and though we didn’t normally eat fast food, we always went there because of their kind act.)

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Tipped The Scales Of Kindness

, , | Related Working | April 9, 2016

(My family and I are at a restaurant in Kentucky. The place seems a bit disorganized. This happens after my dad gets the bill.)

Waitress: “The total is [total].”

Dad: “Are you sure? That seems a bit low.”

(The waitress lists off items on the bill checking everyone’s order is listed.)

Dad: “Anyone’s missing?”

Sister: “Mine is; I got the grilled chicken sandwich and a drink.”

Waitress: *adding that in* “Okay the total is [total].”

(My dad paid the new total, then went down the menu and added up everything we got. He guesstimated that the waitress had still charged him about ten dollars too little so when we left he left a large tip to cover it so it wouldn’t come out of her pay.)

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I Can Vouch For The Grouch

, , , , | Hopeless | April 8, 2016

(I am on a crowded bus. Next to me is a man with a plastic shopping bag of groceries, and a woman with four canvas bags of groceries. The woman is honestly the most surly looking person I have ever met, just a scowl on her face, glaring at her phone, like someone forced her to be alive today when she had better things to do. The bus rolls up to the next stop, and the man next to me shifted to allow people out — and his bag split open on the side, but he didn’t notice. Grouchy woman quickly condensed her belongings between the other three bags and handed the fourth, now empty, bag to him.)

Grouchy Woman: *mutters at the floor* “Your bag’s ripped.”

Man: “Oh! Thank—”

(Before he even finished saying thank you she was shuffling off the bus. I got off, too. Now the grouchy woman is waiting at the bus stop for the next connection with me.)

Me: “Hey. That was very kind of you.”

Grouchy Woman: *just glances up* “Oh.”

Me: “He said thank you but I don’t think you heard him.”

Grouchy Woman: *just shrugs* “I guess I didn’t need a thank you. You just watch out for other people. That’s just what you’re supposed to do.”

(Grouchy Woman, even though you were having what was clearly a rotten day, I was glad to see your priorities are in order and it didn’t stop you from doing something simple and selfless. I was happy to see that little gesture, and I hope someone makes you smile soon.)

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A Trinket Of Kindness

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(While browsing a notorious online auction site, I find a trinket I’m interested in. There are no bidders and only a few minutes left till the end of the auction. I place a bid and end up winning the trinket. Then I realize the seller only offers registered shipping, which has an acceptable cost in the lower 48s, but is prohibitive for shipping overseas. I write an email to the seller…)

Me: “Dear sir, I’ve made a mistake in placing the bid before checking the shipping costs. Please let me know the price of the item plus auction expenses, and I’ll cover that. You can put the item back for auction.”

Seller: “Are you sure? I could just cancel the auction and you wouldn’t owe me anything.”

Me: “Thank you for your offer, but you’d still have to pay the auction expenses; the mistake was on my part.”

(The seller gave me a quote, I paid the amount, and got on with other things. A few weeks later an unexpected parcel arrived. The seller had shipped the trinket anyway! Thank you, dear sir. I put it to good use and whenever I look at it, I’m reminded that most people are kind.)

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Skinny Jeans And A Fat Heart

, , , | Romantic Working | April 8, 2016

(Last September, I had to buy all new jeans because I had recently lost 20 lbs and none of the old ones fit. My husband, being the awesome guy he is, went with me to a popular plus-size store to help me pick some out.)

Husband: “Here’s some 14s.” *hands me a pair of skinny jeans*

Me: “I’m not sure if I lost enough to fit into the 14 skinny yet.”

Husband: “Well, try them and if they don’t fit, we’ll try to find some more boot cuts instead.”

(I go find someone to unlock the fitting room for me and try on the skinny jeans. I come out to show my husband.)

Me: “I guess I was wrong. They fit perfectly.”

Store Employee: *still standing nearby, she turns and starts clapping* “Yay!”

(I couldn’t stop smiling after that. It made my day to have a complete stranger be so happy for my minor accomplishment. I’ve since lost more weight and can’t shop there anymore, but I’ll never forget how awesome their employees are.)

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