Should Remain Mute About The Malamute

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(I live out in the country with my five dogs: two Siberian huskies, two malamutes, and one border collie. It has been supremely cold this winter, and there have been several days that I wouldn’t allow them outside for a long period of time because of that. We finally catch a break, and I let the huskies and malamutes out to their run for the day. Note: there are four heated and insulated dog houses in said run, and a barrel of water that is also heated for the winter, so they can get drinks. My neighbor has decided that I’ve left them out too long, and has not realized that my border collie and I are outside to check on the others.)

Neighbor: “I can’t believe she’s left you outside, as cold as it is! I’m going to call the authorities right now.”

(My neighbor jumps slightly as I clear my throat, and they turn to see me behind them.)

Me: “They’re cold-weather dogs. They live in this weather, hate being cooped up, and have houses that are plenty warm for them. They’re happy as clams since they’re finally out of the house!”

Neighbor: “Well, I’m sorry. No dog deserves to be put outside all day! I bet they hate being out here!”

Me: “Yes, because four dogs begging to be let out in the snow just hate cold weather. If you don’t get off my property and leave my animals alone, I’ll be calling the authorities on you.”

(I put my animals back inside until I could be sure my neighbor was long gone. The next day, I received a house call from my local animal control officer. Luckily, the officer had more sense than my neighbor, and left matters alone. I haven’t heard about my dogs from my neighbor since.)

Laying It All Out On The Tray

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(My boss is normally pretty calm, but it was a stressful day for him, so he’s snapped at me a couple times when I asked for assistance. Later, he calls me over to him.)

Boss: “Hey, step into my office.”

(Confused, I follow him over to the prep area, still washing a tray.)

Me: “What’s up?”

Boss: “I just wanted to apologize for snapping at you; it’s been a rough day.”

Me: “It’s all good. I’ve yet to reach the point where I’m irritated with you enough to hit you with one of these trays.”

Boss: *laughing* “Well, I appreciate that.”

They’re Trumpeting The Wrong Noise

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Customer: “Do you guys buy instruments?”

Me: “Yes, what do you have?”

Customer: “A trumpet; it’s out in the car.”

Me: “Okay, bring it in and we’ll see what we can do.”

(The customer leaves and comes back in with a band instrument case.)

Me: “Let’s have a look.”

(I open the case and pause for a moment.)

Me: “Hey, can you come take a look at this saxophone?”

Den Of Thieves

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Where I work, you have to be 18 or older to work as a sandwich maker. Underage workers mainly work cashier and drive-thru, along with packing together the meals, just not making the sandwiches. As I’m underage, I always work at a cash register.

I have been working there for about seven or eight months when I’m called into the back room. One of the lesser managers just says, “Sorry, so sorry,” as I am heading back. I don’t think anything of it until I start talking to my head manager. Apparently, my register was short $5, and even though my head manager keeps saying that I probably gave back the wrong amount of change, I can tell she thinks I took it. I get written up and have to pay the $5. I don’t know if this is legal or not; I am 17 and this is my first job.

Anyway, I just accept it and move on. But then, one day I come in, and I get called back again. This time, there is $10 missing. My head manager closes the door behind us this time and asks the lesser manager if I used my register last night. I was working drive-thru, and, since he was a manager, I thought nothing of it when he took one of my guests for me. We actually did this a lot with many managers. I said he did. Apparently, he is known to come up short on registers a few days before payday — just enough to cover the cost for a pack of cigs. The head manager tells me she isn’t going to write me up this time, as I have usually been on-the-dot perfect on my registers for the nine or ten months I have been there. But, apparently, there is this major count thing going on on Monday, and if I don’t get the $10 in soon, it will come up short, and people will get fired. I am told that if I pay the $10, they will get the lesser manager to give me $5. It isn’t worth it to me, so I just give the $10.

I sort of put that in the back of my mind, and within the next week or two, they fire the lesser manager. I never get my $5.

I end up quitting right before my senior year, to give me more time for extracurricular activities.

The real kicker is that I go back a few years later when I am halfway done with college. Only one manager from my first time working there is still there. She tells me the old head manager has been fired. Apparently, she was stealing from the company for years. She got away with about $5000 before they caught her.

Unfiltered Story #107071

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(Our store was remodeled over two years ago and some of the components were moved.)

Woman: *already drunk, approaches my counter* “Where is your salad bar? It’s supposed to be right here! Where is it?”

Me: *blinking, I point in the direction of where the salad bar is*

Woman: “Where? I can’t see it! You moved it! Why did you move it?”

Me: “Um, ma’am, it’s right over there, just keep going.”

Woman: *mutters about us moving things around on her*

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