In Line For Satisfaction

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I’m browsing at a local chain used bookstore. I like to come in every month or so to see what is new. The staff are very friendly, but this interaction shows how they can be no-nonsense, as well.

While I am looking through their music section, I hear someone shouting by the registers.

Customer: “No! I was here first! I get helped first!”

I look up to see two ladies standing side by side at the register counter. One of them, who was the one shouting, is an older woman in her late sixties or so. The other is a much younger woman, maybe mid-twenties, and she seems pretty uncomfortable. The lady behind the register is in her mid-fifties.

Cashier: “I’m sorry, but this woman was actually here first. You have to wait your turn in line.”

Customer: “No! She walked in after me. I was here first; I deserve to be served first!”

The cashier just shakes her head and then waves the other woman to hand over her books. The shouting lady stands there, obviously upset at being ignored, but rather than slinking to the back of the line, she just keeps standing there. Finally, the other woman finishes paying and leaves, and the first woman shoves her basket of books forward onto the counter.

Customer: “Now, will you do your job?”

Cashier: “Yes.”

The cashier pushes the basket aside and leans over to look at the man at the front of the line.

Cashier: “Sir, I believe you are next.”

I am grinning at that point, watching as she works her way through the line, while the first lady just keeps standing there, simmering. She goes through the two people who were in line when the drama first started and another guy who joined afterward. Finally, when there’s no line anymore, she turns back to the first woman.

Cashier: “All right. Will these be all for you today?”

The old biddy doesn’t respond; she just stands there glowering as the cashier rings up her books.

Cashier: “Your total is [total].”

At this, the woman actually stuck her nose up in the air and pivoted on her heel before walking out of the store without her books. I heard a couple of other people laugh at the ridiculously cliché act. The cashier just shook her head, pressed a few buttons on the register, and dumped the stack of books into one of the baskets behind the counter.

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All Of The Meats, None Of The Class

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A large black man stumbles in, clearly under the influence, and goes straight to the counter where I am.

Customer: “I want a footlong on white bread with everything on it.”

Me: “Uh… like all veggies?”

Customer: “Yes, that, too! Now gimme all the meat and all the cheese!”

Me: “Is this a joke? Y’know it would be very expensive to order every meat and cheese, right?”

The man then slams his fist on the counter, making me jump along with the other customers behind him.

Customer: “I know very well what I want! You calling me stupid?! You racist whore!”

Me: “Sir, calm down. I never said I wouldn’t serve you because of your skin, nor was I rude. I’m just surprised; that’s all.”

I make this man his very large sandwich. It takes a long time to make because I have to cook all the meat and try to make it look as nice as possible. The man is cussing and complaining at me the whole time and whining about his wait.

Me: “All right, sir, this sandwich is extremely messy because I couldn’t close the bun due to how many items are on it.”

I ring him up and his total is over a hundred dollars.

Customer: “Are you kidding me?! I am not paying that much for one sandwich! I got this sandwich before and it was never that much! You racist a**hole!”

He stormed out of the store, screaming and cussing.

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Hard Of Understanding

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I’m out shopping with my parents. I’m an adult and plan on buying my few items myself, while my parents have maybe thirty or so items in their cart. All of the registers have lines except for one. I follow them up to the twenty-items-or-less aisle, where a woman who’s hard of hearing is working.

My parents walk up and my mom starts to put about half of the items on the belt.

The woman, unable to properly speak to her, tries to sign to her that she can’t do that; she has to go to a different register.

My mom is somehow unable to understand this woman is hard of hearing.

Mom: “We’re paying separately; we’re just sharing a cart. I’m buying first.”

The woman continues to tell her the best that she can that she needs to find a different register. She won’t check her out.

Mom: “I have less than twenty items! We’re paying separately!”

My mom puts the divider up and then continues to put everything else on. The woman doesn’t scan her items.

Mom: “Fine! Whatever! I guess you’re too stupid to understand me.”

She grabbed her items and left. I slowly walked up to the woman’s register, put my few items down, and pulled out my card. I mouthed, “Sorry,” to her, but she didn’t see as she had her head down, solely focusing on scanning my items. 

After I paid, I signed, “Thank you,” to her, as it’s the only ASL I know, but the woman had already started helping the next customer. 

I went off on my mom later and told her that the woman was only doing her job. My mom tried to say that no one who’s hard of hearing should work on a register, but I shut her down quickly. Everyone deserves to work. The woman was able to do her job just as well as anyone.

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Be A Jerk In Moderation

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This takes place in a relatively popular Minecraft server for my area, where everyone is challenged to build the biggest, best build they can. I personally love modern-looking mansions, so I decide to build a huge one, and since I’m gay, I put a rainbow beacon set on the roof. It is huge, and it takes me weeks of logging on during every spare moment I have to finish just the outside. I start on the inside, but I have to log off for the night.

When I log back in the next morning, I can’t see the rainbow beacons. There are hundreds of other modern mansions that are just as big and spectacular as mine, so it will take me at least thirty minutes to look, but I have to be somewhere in thirty-five minutes. I decide to take the fast route and just chat [Moderator #1] to see what happened. I am also acquainted with [Moderator #1] in real life, so I have an idea of what happened.

Me: “Hey, [Moderator #1], do you know what happened to my rainbow beacons that were on top of my mansion? I can’t find it otherwise, because it looks so similar to everyone else’s.”

Moderator #1: “Oh, those? Yeah, the person that lives in your mansion now took them off.”

Me: “In my mansion?! I didn’t give anyone permission to be in my mansion!”

Moderator #1: “Oh, well, you gave me permission to sell one of your other mansions, so I figured you wouldn’t care if I sold this one.”

Me: “I only gave you permission to sell that mansion because it was small and crappy! This one I’m not even done with yet, and it’s the hardest build I’ve ever made!”

Moderator #1: “Whatever. It’s not my problem that you didn’t clarify it was just the one mansion. If you want to complain further, here’s the gamertag of the person that lives in your mansion now. [Moderator #2].”

[Moderator #1] then logs off, leaving me to talk to [Moderator #2] alone.

Me: *Fuming* “Hey, [Moderator #2], I need to talk to you.”

[Moderator #2] reads all the chats.

Moderator #2: “Yeah, [My Gamertag], I kind of figured that out. I’m so sorry and I had no idea he didn’t have permission from you to sell the mansion. I also thought I got scammed since the inside wasn’t even finished.”

I’m relieved that [Moderator #2] isn’t an a**hole like [Moderator #1].

Me: “Yeah, the reason it wasn’t finished is that I didn’t know he was going to sell it. I’ll get him to give you a refund.”

Moderator #2: “He’d better give me a refund! I spent four emeralds and three wither skeleton skulls on this house!”

Me: “Oh, also can you put the rainbow beacons back up? I have to leave now, but that’s the only way I’ll be able to see it when I log back in.”

Moderator #2: “No problem. Also, after he gives me my refund, [Moderator #1] is getting banned!”

[Moderator #1] did end up paying back [Moderator #2] in full, he gave me an apology, and then he got banned for selling property without permission from the owner. I finally finished my house, and I also never saw [Moderator #1] in person or on Minecraft again.

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Um. How Monolingual?

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I am the author of this story and this story, and I’m finally submitting a story about myself instead of my sister.

I am two years old and speak only English, while my uncle is French.

Uncle: *Speaking to me* “Mademoiselle [My Name]!” 

Me: *Loudly and indignantly* “I’m not a marmoselle!”

Um. How Fierce?
Um. How Cute?

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