Boxing You In With Complaints

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I was working as a cashier on a rather slow day in late November. A woman came to my register with various clothing items and exclaimed that she was shopping for Christmas gifts as we had a sale going on at the store.

She was very nice and very polite the entire time. She asked me for a coat box, and I explained that they were too big to keep at the register but I offered to go get one for her at the customer service desk in the back of the store. She declined. I offered to have one brought up front so she didn’t have to walk all the way back, but she again declined, stating it was no problem at all for her to go get one.

After I finished ringing up and bagging her items, she went on her way to the customer service desk.

About twenty minutes later, the store manager came to my register and told me that the woman actually tried to get me fired for not having coat boxes at the register. She wouldn’t accept the “excuse” of them being too big to keep up front.

Tax Doesn’t Register

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(I am a student, working in the fifties-style diner in our college’s union. Normally, we are supposed to ask for student IDs to verify that the customer doesn’t have to pay tax, but if they look close, we’ll give it to them without asking. Our registers have very old touch screens, and sometimes you have to press a button multiple times to make it work. After the transaction has gone through:)

Me: “Thank you and have a nice day!”

Customer: “What is this?”

(She shows me her receipt, pointing to a line at the bottom. Apparently, her tax wasn’t taken off.)

Me: “I’m sorry; I guess I must’ve made a mistake.”

Customer: “Redo it.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Me: “Redo the order. I want my money back.”

(NO ONE besides our boss has the capacity to open the register outside of a transaction, let alone do a refund. I ask one of my supervisors, anyway, on the off chance they might be able to. No such luck. I tell my coworker on the only other register I’ll be back. My boss is nowhere to be found. I have to go all the way down to the accounting office to grab someone to help me. By the time we get back, the line is out the door. We redo everything, and the girl leaves with a nod, having gotten her money back.)

Coworker: “How much was the refund?”

Me: “Thirty-three cents.”

Coworker: “You’re kidding.”

Me: “I’m not. If I’d had my wallet, I’d have given her a dollar of my own money and told her to never come back.”

Sale Fail, Part 3

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(I work in a popular toy store chain, and some of our most popular items are big-ticket items such as bikes, motorized vehicles for younger kids, etc. This particular man wants a Hummer for his son. He calls our store and says that our website is offering it for a lower price, so we tell him that we can price-match it when he comes in to purchase it with no problem. He finally shows up about half an hour before we’re supposed to close. He and his wife approach my register with a jug of bubble bath and the ticket for the Hummer. I ring both up, and the Hummer scans as $449.99 automatically, which is what the online price was.)

Me: “Oh, it looks like it’s actually on sale for that price! We won’t have to price-match it after all.”

Customer: “Oh, great! Also, we have this 20% off coupon.”

Me: “Okay, sure. That makes your total out to be [total]. They’ll be right around with the Hummer.”

Customer: “Thanks! Wait. Did it take the 20% off?”

Me: “It said it went through. Can I see your receipt?”

(It has taken the 20% off of the bubble bath.)

Customer: “Well, that’s stupid. Why didn’t it take it off the Hummer? 20% off $449 would be much better.”

Me: “I agree, sir, but unfortunately the Hummer is on sale, so the 20% off doesn’t apply.”

Customer: “The coupon said 20% off regular-priced and sale items!”

(I take the coupon back out of my drawer and examine it with them. I’m right.)

Customer: “Oh, well…”

Me: “The only thing I could try would be to ring the Hummer up separately, and see if it pushes through.”

Customer: “Okay, try that.”

(I do.)

Me: “Oh. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like that’s going to work. At least it was on sale, right?”

Customer: “It wasn’t on sale. You said you price-matched it.”

Me: “Yeah, that’s what we thought we’d have to do. But it’s actually on sale in-store right now. That’s why the coupon didn’t work.”

Customer: “The 20% off would be a better sale than $50 off.”

Me: “I agree, sir, but I’m afraid I can’t change that right now. You could wait until it goes off sale and try again then.”

Customer: “Can you just take it off sale right now?”

(My manager ended up coming up to see what was taking me so long with this customer’s transaction, so he explained his side to her, and she ended up telling him the same things I told him. And no, I’m afraid I cannot just take things “off sale.”)

Sail Fail, Part 2
Sale Fail

Married To Hermione Granger

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(My boyfriend is folding laundry.)

Boyfriend: “You know how I know you’re not some kind of mythical creature? You can’t fold a fitted sheet, either.”

Me: “Yes, I can. They taught me in my CNA class.”

Boyfriend: “You’re a witch!”

A Very Taxing Explanation, Part 2

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(My store is running a sale, and we sent out an ad for it. A faucet that is normally $150.00 is on sale for $75.00. We have sold a ton in the past few days without a problem.)

Customer: “I want two of those sale faucets from the ad!”

Me: “Wonderful, let me run and get those for you, and I’ll be right back!”

(I run and get them from the storage room and return.)

Me: “Great, your total is $160.88 with tax.”

Customer: “No. I’m only paying $150.00 for both. Change your prices so I can swipe my card.”

Me: “Sorry, I can’t do that. The faucets are $75.00 each, and with tax, that is $160.88.”

Customer: “I already said no! Set the price to the sales price.”

Me: “I rang you up at the sale price, ma’am. The additional charge is just state tax, and I have no control over that.”

Customer: “Stop trying to scam your customers. If you don’t sell them to me at $150.00, I will sue you for false advertising!” *she shows me her phone* “When I put in the prices, it shows as $150.00 on my phone. So, that is what I will pay!”

Me: “That’s because you did not add in tax, ma’am, and our advertisement does mention that tax will apply. It is state tax.”

Customer: “I will sue! Change the price”

Me: “Ma’am, this is state tax. The faucets are already 50% off. There is nothing I can do about the sale price, the state tax, or the final price.”

Customer: “What is the price for just one faucet?”

Me: “With tax, $80.44.”

Customer: *doing the math on her phone* “Liar! Look! My phone says it would be $80.43.”

Me: “The computer automatically rounds up to the nearest cent, ma’am. It would be $88.437.”

Customer: “No, you just want to overcharge me!”

Me: “By tenths of a cent? Do you have a tenth-of-a-cent coin?”

(The customer behind her starts laughing, which makes her angry. She storms out, still threatening to sue.)

Next Customer: “I’ll take those faucets. Feel free to charge me tax.”

A Very Taxing Explanation

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