My, Aren’t We Feeling Entitled Today?, Part 6

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I’m out shopping for groceries. The self-checkout area is full, so I join one of the regular lines, load up my groceries, and move on down. The lady behind me starts loading her stuff onto the belt right behind mine without putting down a divider, so I helpfully reached over and place one down. The lady glares at me, snatches up the divider, and shoves it out of the way.

Me: “Ma’am, I was—”

Customer: “Shut it! You don’t talk to me.”

She goes back to loading, and I’m not willing to get in a fight, so I just pay attention and then speak up when the cashier gets to the last of my groceries.

Me: “That’s it for me. The rest is hers.”

Cashier: “Oh, okay.”

She finished up, and then I go to pay, when the lady behind me speaks up.

Customer: “Why aren’t you scanning my stuff?”

Cashier: “I just have to finish with him first, then I’ll scan it.”

Customer: “Just scan it. He’s paying for it all.”

The cashier looks at me, obviously confused, and I shake my head.

Me: “No. I’m just paying for mine.”

Customer: “How dare you?! You promised to pay for it! You know I’ve been going through a hard time, and I need this! Now you pay for these groceries!”

The cashier has finished my total, so I just jam my card in, hit the button for credit, and then turn to look at the woman.

Me: “You might have me mistaken for someone else, but I don’t know you, I promised you nothing, and I’m not paying for your stuff.”

At that, she started screaming and crying, while the cashier, wide-eyed, printed out my receipt and handed it to me. I gathered up my stuff and hurried out of there. I saw a manager walking over, so I hope whatever was going on got resolved. I don’t know if she really did have me confused with someone else or if she was just trying to scam me into paying for her stuff via social pressure. Either way, it is just one more reason for me to stick to the self-checkouts.

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Flat White Is Flat Rate

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I work at a coffee shop where lattes come with one shot of coffee. A flat white comes with two shots. An extra shot is 50p. I don’t make the prices; I just work there.

Customer: “Can I have a flat white, but can you put it in a bigger cup with latte milk?”

Me: “Okay, so that would be a latte with an extra shot.”

Customer: *Rudely* “No, no, a flat white but in one of those bigger cups and with more milk.”

Me: *Slightly confused* “Okay, sir, that’s [price].”

Customer: “No! It’s a flat white! It should be [lower price]. I shouldn’t have to pay for an extra shot. [Totally Different Coffee Shop] has two shots in their lattes.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. If you want a flat white, I can charge you for a flat white. If you want a latte with an extra shot, I have to charge you for a latte with an extra shot.”

Customer: “Fine, give me a flat white.”

I made it for him and he glared at me like I was the devil the whole time. I might have done it if he hadn’t been so rude about the whole thing.

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No Allowance For Such Nonsense

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Earlier this summer, I temporarily took a job as a roofing salesperson for a construction company. The job description said I was managing a book of insurance agents and realtors, working referrals. In the interview, the boss was adamant that there was no door-knocking —just working relationships and referrals. I took the job and came to learn about week into my hire that they expected five or more hours a day of door-knocking. I could’ve quit right away but I figured I’d give it a go for a bit and just see how things went.

The job was full commission with a small weekly vehicle allowance, and I wasn’t responsible for working a regular schedule. But eventually, my boss started expecting everyone to work a regular schedule and report “at least forty hours” on our timecard app.

I fought with him about it because, as a non-hourly or non-salary employee, there was nothing to report. I got paid only for the work I brought in. Whether I worked eighty or five hours, the pay was the same and there was no contractual obligation to my time.

He got upset that I didn’t just give in and he told me that, because I hadn’t filled out a timecard, they wouldn’t give me my weekly vehicle allowance. It wasn’t a huge amount of money, but it was a matter of principle; I don’t get paid for time worked, so why do they need to know my hours?

My best friend is a labor attorney, and I asked him what I could do. He said I should just threaten to call the department of labor for withholding wages. So, I told my boss I’d call the department of labor. At this point, I was already in the process of getting hired for a job I really wanted, so I was planning on quitting soon anyway; I figured the company had it coming for all their lies and deceitful nature.

They agreed to give me the allowance. But then, later that day, Human Resources rolled out a policy that said that they would now be paying out the allowance based on hours logged on our timecard app. It was the expectation that we’d log forty hours, and if you didn’t meet forty hours, they would deduct a prorated amount from the vehicle allowance. The policy also said it was retroactive for the previous week. Therefore, I didn’t get my allowance for that week’s pay, as I continued to not log everything. I was a little pissed off about it.

That week, our boss made us work a great many more hours than usual, commuting several hours a day, each way, to a town he wanted us to get some work in. I went into our timecard app and logged my hours for the week — *a lot* more than forty. When the pay came that week, I only got the regular allowance — for “forty” hours. I asked my boss where the rest was, and he said it was a flat rate. I cited the new policy and said he owed me based on the “hours worked” and that I’d be calling the department of labor if I didn’t get it.

They ended up giving me the allowance based on my full logged hours. Later that week, Human Resources emailed the department saying that full commission people were exempt from logging hours and would be receiving the flat pay.

I won. I ended up quitting a short time later, followed by pretty much the whole sales staff.

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She’s Not Playing When It Comes To The Sand

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I work at a pet store. I’ve only been working there for about a month when this happens. A lady, probably in her fifties or sixties walks in one day and comes straight up to me.

Customer: “Hi, I was wondering if you sold play sand for birds?”

Me: “I’m not sure if we do, but we can go to the bird section and check if you’d like?”

We walk to the bird section, which is right at the back of the store, and the whole way there she keeps asking:

Customer: “It’s play sand, for birds! Play sand. [Popular Hardware Store] sells it. It’s called play sand. It’s for birds. It’s called play sand.”

We quickly establish that we do not sell play sand for birds, only sand substrate for reptiles, crabs, and fish, so I apologise to the lady and we begin to walk back up to the front.

Customer: “I thought you guys would sell play sand! [Popular Hardware Store] sells it; they call it play sand. I just wanted some play sand, for my bird! It’s called play sand. They sell it at [Popular Hardware Store].”

She bought a few other things and kept repeating “play sand!” the whole time. By the end of it, I was ready to pull my ears off if I had to hear the words “play sand” one more time, and I was just thinking to myself, “Why did she not just get it at [Popular Hardware Store]?”

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We Can Neither Confirm Nor Deny The Intelligence Of These Employees

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I have bought a new tablet made by a major Internet retailer. In order to use my tablet, I have to create an account with said major Internet retailer. I have never needed to create an account with them before, so I am taken by surprise when it won’t let me use my email because “There is already an account with that email address.”

I call the retailer’s customer service line and finally get connected to a human representative.

Representative: “Hello, thank you for calling. My name is [Representative]. How can I help you?”

Me: “I’m trying to create an account so I can register my new [Brand] tablet, but it’s telling me that there is already an account with that email address. I did not create that account, so somebody must have used my email address for their own account.”

Representative: “You need to confirm the email to create an account.”

Me: “No, that’s not the problem. I did not make the account that is using my email. I would like that account to be taken down so I can use my own email for my account.”

Representative: “Oh, I understand. Can I have the name on the account?”

Me: “I don’t know what name the person used because I did not make the account.”

Representative: “I cannot cancel an account unless you are able to verify the information.”

Me: “How can I verify the information when someone else used my email address? Can you tell me what name is on the account, and I can tell you if that’s my name or not?”

Representative: “No, I cannot do that. What is your name?”

Me: “[My Name].”

Representative: “That is not the name on the account.”

Me: “I know it’s not. That is my name. Someone else used their own name, but they used my email address.”

Representative: “I am sorry, but if you cannot verify the name, I cannot cancel the account.”

Me: “So you’re saying that you are willingly allowing someone who is not me to use my email address for your website?”

Representative: “I am sorry, but if you cannot verify the name on the account, I cannot cancel the account.”

After trying once more to get the representative to understand my problem, I gave up and hung up. I tried calling the customer service number twice more to see if another representative could understand my issue, but no luck. So, eventually, I had to create a completely new email address JUST for [Major Online Retailer] in order to set up my new tablet.

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