Mmm, Viral Sandwich

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It’s lockdown time. My wife and I run out to our local market for some needed hunker-down supplies. This store sells pre-made deli sandwiches, and I decide to grab one for lunch as a morale-boosting treat, figuring the store’s normal sanitary procedures are good.

As I approach, I see two elderly women bent over the cooler where the sandwiches are sold. Stopping six feet away, I wait for them to move so that I can make my selection. Then I realize that they are squeezing every sandwich, discussing with each other which one is the freshest! They finally decided that one “will do” and move away.

Luckily, I have a sanitizing wipe with me. I eyeball the sandwich I want and wipe it down before taking it.

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I’m the idiot customer in this story. I honestly don’t even know where my head was. I’m not stupid. I have a Master’s degree. But, we all have “moments” and this was mine.

I did a summer internship at an LGBT theatre in Chicago, and every day I walked past this shop that had this really cute skirt in the window. Every day I wanted to go in and look at it, but the store looked dark, and there was an ATM machine positioned in such a way that it looked like you had to pay to open the doors.

I know. Idiot.

Anyway, finally, one day I saw someone walk into the store. Through the actual door. So I stopped, looked closely, and realized how stupid I was. It was just an ATM. Likely for the convenience of the arcade next door to this shop. You didn’t have to pay to go into the store because OBVIOUSLY.

I was laughing so hard when I went in, one of the clerks asked me what happened. So I told her. She looked at me like I had three heads. It didn’t matter. I bought the skirt.

TL;DR – I didn’t go into a store all summer long because I thought you had to pay to make the doors open.

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I worked at McDonald’s with a pretty strong willed store manager in the 90s. I remember someone called in to complain they had just been through the drive thru a few minutes ago and our incompetent employees shorted them a McRib. My boss let them go on and on with all kinds of righteous indignation.

After they were done ranting and wanted to know what my boss was going to do about it, my boss said “the McRib promotion ended two weeks ago”.

There was the longest silence on the phone as they realized they were totally busted, then *click*.

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(The office where I work is hosting a rather large event today which has resulted in far greater volume than we were prepared for. As a result, every chair in our fair-sized office is filled, there are even more people standing in the office, and a line going out the door. Every person working in the office is all-hands on deck, including those who usually have nothing to do with our events. Even so, some people end up waiting an hour or more to be seen. I am at the front desk when I am approached by someone.)

Customer: Excuse me.

Me: Yes, how can I help you?

Customer: *holds up envelope filled with paperwork* I’m bringing this in. Can someone help me?

(I immediately recognize this paperwork as a job that we usually only perform on certain days, by appointment, since helping a single person can take twenty minutes or more.)

Me: Oh, I’m so sorry. We’re actually not processing that paperwork today. As you can see, we’re in the middle of a rather large event now. *indicating the room full of people* However, I’d be happy to reschedule you to come in tomorrow, if you’re available?

Customer: I’m supposed to be here today. Can’t you help me now? *shows me a piece of paper with today’s date on it*

Me: Oh, I see. Well, let me just check. *I get his information and check our records, to see that he actually had an appointment a week ago, which he did not attend, nor reschedule* Oh, I’m so sorry. It looks like you were supposed to be in last week. I’m sorry that the date on that slip was mistaken, but we tried to call to reschedule when you missed your appointment. The earliest we could take care of this is tomorrow.

Customer: Well, I don’t know if I can come back tomorrow! Isn’t there anyone else I can talk to?

Me: *annoyed, because literally everyone else is busy helping with the scores of waiting people* Let me see what I can do…

(I manage to catch my supervisor, explain to her the situation, and she agrees with me, but talks to him anyway.)

Supervisor: As [My Name] said, we aren’t able to take your paperwork today since we are in the middle of a large event and there is no one available to help you right now. However, you can come in tomorrow and we can help you, then.

Me: You can even keep the same appointment time for tomorrow, and we’ll be able to take care of you, since we will have the staff available at that time.

Customer: But I was supposed to be here today. Why can’t you help me today? I may not be able to come back tomorrow.

Supervisor: I’m very sorry that you were given the wrong date, but we did try to contact anyone to reschedule them, because of our event today.

Customer: Well… I have to call my mom to see if we can come back tomorrow.

Supervisor. Alright. [My Name] will be able to help reschedule you. Again, I’m sorry about the misunderstanding.

(My supervisor leaves me to help the people who have been waiting, and while the customer makes his call, I try to help where I can, but always keeping an eye so I can return to him as soon as he gets off the phone. Once he hangs up…)

Me: Alright, so are you able to come back tomorrow?

Customer: Yeah, I guess.

Me: Great. Like I said, you can even keep the same appointment time, so just come back here again tomorrow, just like you did today, and we’ll be able to help you with that.

Customer: Great. But, you know… could you, like… make sure this doesn’t happen again?

Me: Uh… right. Well, like I said, we do have appointments tomorrow and I’ll book you into one right now, so you’ll be all set.

Customer: Great. Bye.

(I guess it was too much inconvenience for him to realize that he couldn’t be seen immediately when at least twenty people have been waiting an hour in front of him!)

Message Clearly Receipted!

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I work at an ice cream store. The two main options of paying are cash and credit/debit card. The way our card scanner works is the employee takes the customer’s card, scans it, checks to see if the last four numbers on the card match the numbers on the screen, punch in the price of the yogurt, and print a merchant’s copy of the receipt.

We are required to ask if the customer wants a receipt, as well, due to the screen asking if the customer wants one. Most people generally don’t, so we just hit the “no” button and move on. This takes place after a grandma makes a credit card transaction.

Me: “All right, ma’am, would you like a receipt?”

Grandma: “What?”

I speak a little louder, thinking she can’t hear me due to the other customers.

Me: “I said, ‘Would you like a receipt?’”

Grandma: “Yes! Of course, I would! What a ridiculous question! Why would you even ask such a thing? You got me all confused at first by asking me! I always get a receipt, everywhere I go, and I don’t even have to ask for one! Don’t ever ask me such a confusing question ever again!”

Me: “Okay, ma’am, sorry to confuse you. Here’s your receipt.”

Grandma: “Humph!”

She snatched her receipt from me and stormed out.

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