Wary Of The Warehouse

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The company I work for has five warehouses in five different states. While the overwhelming majority of orders ship around the world, each warehouse also has a will-call where local customers can pick up their orders.

I work in the call center where we often get calls asking for directions. The caller ID and area code will usually tip off which location I have to give directions to, but not every phone number will show up.

Caller: “I’m having trouble finding your will call. Can you help me?”

Me: “Sure. Let me just confirm which warehouse you’re trying to reach.”

Caller: “The warehouse with the will call.”

Me: “Yes, each of our warehouses has a will call. Which state are you in?”

Caller: “I’m by the glass doors.”

Me: “We have five different locations in five different states, and I need to know which one you’re trying to reach.”

Caller: “I see a lot of trucks.”

If anyone can tell me how I can possibly be clearer or more straightforward, please let me know!

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This Will Be Exhaust-ing

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Caller: “I’m looking for an exhaust fan. Do you have technical support to help me?”

Me: “Sure, I can help you. What do you need?”

Caller: “An exhaust fan to blow fumes out of our welding shop.”

I look in our system and get 458 results just for “exhaust fans.”

Me: “Okay, any specifications? Voltage? Horsepower? Size? Dimensions?”

Caller: “No. Do you have a picture?”

Me: *Inwardly* “Literally no.” *Outwardly* “Can you maybe take some measurements and call us back? I have over four-hundred pictures I could show you right now.”

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These People Would Be Better Off With Jars Buried In Their Yards

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I work in a bank. The following scenario happens multiple times a week. Our deposit slips are clearly labeled and very easy to figure out.

Customer: “I want to make a deposit.”

Me: “Sure thing! Here’s a deposit slip.”

The customer stares at the deposit slip blankly.

Customer: “What do you want me to do with this?”

Me: “Fill out the parts you know, and I’ll take care of the rest.”

The customer pushes the slip back toward me. 

Customer: “I don’t know any of it.”

Me: “You don’t know your name?”

Customer: What?! Of course, I do!”

Me: “Great! Put your name where it says, ‘Name,’ please.”

And every time, I can see the wheels turning as the customer finds the line that says, “Name,” with text bolded and in all caps.

Customer: “Oh.”

Multiple times a week!

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This Job Is Hard On The Teeth

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A version of this conversation happens multiple times a day.

Caller: “I’m trying to reorder this item, but I can’t find your part number for it.”

Me: “No problem. I can help you track it down. What are you looking for?”

Caller: “I don’t know. That’s why I need you to find it. If I knew, I wouldn’t call you.”

I rage inside and speak through gritted teeth.

Me: “Yes. Can you describe it to me?”

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Another Day, Another Way To Cope With The Jerks

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I’m a closing manager at a fast food restaurant. My cashier is a sweet older lady who works circles around our younger workers. It’s summer and it’s hot and none of us are beauty-contest worthy at the moment.

A rude, demanding customer came through the drive-thru. He changed his order several times and ended up pulled to the waiting slot. He yelled at my cashier. I told her to let me deal with him. The bigger bosses were just leaving, and as a brand-new manager, I don’t have much authority.

Until they leave.

The customer came storming up to the counter, yelling that my sweating, hard-working cashier had been disgusting and drooling. He wanted all fresh stuff; I rang it up and asked him to wait. He tossed his receipt on the counter and stormed out to his car. We made him fresh food, and I took it out to him. He again complained about my cashier, cooks, and everyone. I gave him his food and apologized for his experience, as the big bosses rarely have my back.

Our company is big on online surveys. Anything on them is treated as written in blood, even if it’s ludicrous, and anything less than a five out of five is punished.

Guess whose receipt I grabbed from where the customer had thrown it on the counter?

Guess who left a glowing five-out-of-five review and praised my cashier by name?

Guess who isn’t the least bit sorry?

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