Will Recall This Customer To Refuse Service

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(I am the phone operator for the service department of an auto dealership. I receive incoming calls to the service department, and also send out calls for scheduled maintenance reminders, completed service, and recall notifications. I receive a call from a customer.)

Me: “Service Department. This is [My Name]; can I help you?”

Caller: “I received a call about a recall open on my car; I would like to find out what the recall is.”

Me: “I would be happy to find that out. Just a moment while I access your account.” *pulls it up on computer* “Okay, ma’am, I’m showing the open recall is for the evaporative canister, which is part of the emissions system.”

Caller: *screaming* “I swear to God, I hate your dealership! I had this taken care of! You need to take me off the f****** list!”

Me: “I’m very sorry, ma’am, but I must ask: did you get this done at a [My Automaker] dealership? Unless it is taken care of at a [My Automaker] dealership, the recall will remain open on your vehicle.”

Caller: *still screaming* “It doesn’t matter where I had the f****** job done; it was done, so take me off the list and stop calling me!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, this is a [My Automaker] national list. I do not have the authority to alter that list. If you—“

Caller: *still angry* “I know I’ve dealt with you before! You’re nothing but a rude, stupid, ignorant b****!”

Me: *banging phone until customer hangs up, breaking my keyboard in the process*

Service Advisor: *in the hallway with frightened look* “Are you okay?”

Me: “No.” *explains what happened*

Service Advisor: *puts a note in the system to refuse service to this person in the future*

(If this person got the canister replaced with an original part, that part must still be replaced with the redesigned part to comply with the recall. If she does have the original part replaced with the recall part at another shop, she can get reimbursed, but only by contacting [My Automaker]; otherwise, she’s out her own money. And if this part isn’t replaced with the redesigned part, she will likely fail the Illinois automotive emissions tests, and be forced to get the care repaired anyway. Knowing this makes me feel a bit better.)

You Have A Non-Existent Drinking Problem

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(I work in a family hamburger shop in a popular amusement park in my area. A customer comes in during a slower period and saunters up to the drinks area where I am at the time.)

Customer: “Could I get a blueberry-lime vodka, hold the ice?”

(As I am sixteen and could not possibly serve him that even if we had it, I think he’s joking and I try to joke back.)

Me: “Coming right up.” *takes a water cup and mixes in some different types of Vitamin Water and Sprite* “Here it is!” *jokes making a show of presenting this “fancy” drink to him* “I can’t actually give this to you, though.” *pouring it out*

Customer: “Heh…” *chuckles but continues to stand there*

Me: “So, uh, is there anything I can get you?”

Customer: “No, just the drink.”

(I realize that this customer was not, in fact, joking and wholeheartedly went into a family burger joint looking for a fancy mixed drink, and went up to the sixteen-year-old to ask for it.)

Me: “Oh… Uh, well, we don’t have that, exactly. We have beer at the stand on the patio outside, but aside from that, you probably won’t find what you’re looking for here. Sorry.”

Customer: *with his expression turning sour* “Useless kid.” *storms off*

(I was shocked at what just happened. To this day, a part of me still thinks I was sleep-deprived and hallucinated the whole thing.)

Most People Count Sheep, But Whatever Works For You…

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(For the entire week when this happens, I have been reminding my husband to go to the store and pick up milk. We have been married a few months now and neither of us knows that I talk in my sleep. One night, my husband and I are in bed. I have already fallen asleep and my husband is just drifting off when I speak.)

Me: “You need to go right now and buy it.”

Husband: “Buy what?”

Me: “The cow! You need to go get the cow right now!”

Husband: *confused* “A cow?”

Me: *wakes up* “What the h***? What are you talking about? Let me sleep.”

Husband: *starts laughing*

Me: *confused*

Husband: “Sorry, babe, go back to sleep.”

(The next morning, he went to pick up the milk. I’ve had many more weird conversations in my sleep with him since then, but most of them have been incoherent.)

A Not-So-Sweet Resolution

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When I was in elementary school, there was a fourth grade teacher who was a little… crazy. One of the many insane things she would do was walk around the lunchroom chanting the phrase, “Don’t eat your dessert first,” over and over again. The teacher would always bring her class to lunch around 15 minutes late; we only had 25 minutes so by this time many kids were almost finished with their food.

I was sitting at my table and had already finished my sandwich and carrots. The teacher walked in with her class, grabbed her lunch, and walked past my table. I was opening my [fruity rolled snack] when she leaned over my shoulder and screamed, “DON’T EAT YOUR DESSERT FIRST!” She then grabbed the treat out of my hand and walked away. I have very bad anxiety and am on the autism spectrum. This startled me so much I almost started to cry. She took food from a five-year-old! Who does that?

Later that day I went home and told my mom what had happened, but she did not believe me. My older sister had had that teacher five years earlier and had had no problems with her, so obviously I must have been lying or exaggerating.

I still remember fifteen years later how scared I was when this grown woman screamed at me for enjoying my sweet treat after my lunch and stole it from me. I doubt she even thought I wasn’t finished with my meal; nearly everyone else, besides her class, had finished, as well. Later, when I had her for fourth grade, I found out that she would constantly take sweets from children and eat them if she suspected they were eating them before their other food.

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My boss related this story to me..

Boss: So I put some bread in the toaster that takes forever to  make toast,and go get some juice and coffee. I go back near the toaster and smell burning toast. Since I wasn’t away from it that long, I know it didn’t have time to start browning yet ,much less burn. 

Other Hotel patron standing there:: “I turned it up for you to make it toast faster”

Boss: “Thanks a frigging lot-now it’s burned!”

Other Hotel Patron: You’re welcome!”


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