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(Note: At this time, I am in my early teens with my braces. There is another kid with my name, but he has a different last name. After getting my new wire, the lady that is treating me goes off and says these important things that she doesn’t give me enough time to react. We go to call my mother up)

Employee: “[Name] [other last name]’s Mom.

*My mother doesn’t respond, and I couldn’t hear the lastname very well*

Me: *slightly irritated* “I’ll get her”

*She is on her phone, so I wave my hand inbetween*

Me: “Come on, let’s go up.”

*We go up, and the employee rattles off about what they changed, then she says:*

Employee: “We gave him a choice to brush his teeth and he denied.”

*They’ve never done this before, so she kinda confused me for a minute, then kept moving on. My mother gives me an angry face, making me slightly laugh*

Employee: “And he’s laughing.”

*She rattles off some more, and then we leave, and when I got home, my mom says this:*

Mom: “I’m going to talk to the manager, they laughed at me when [My Name] waved his hand in my face!”

*She is discussing this with my father, who tells her to calm down and grab a wine, and then she calms down.*

Me: *to myself* “Not only did my mother just get mad over me not brushing my teeth for something they do all the time, but they don’t ask me, and gave me the PERFECT opportunity to put this up on Notalwaysright.com, since i’ve been reading the stories everyday!”

Customers You Will Always Remember

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(I am working the register at a large liquor store when a woman with a few items in her cart comes up. I give my standard greeting and start ringing up her items.)

Customer: “Do you guys have any deals going on?”

Me: “Yes, they’re all either marked with large signs on the endcaps or with hanging tags in the aisles.”

Customer: “Can’t you just tell me what they are?”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but I don’t have all the sale items memorized.”

Customer: “What are you, new? I work retail, too, and I know my whole store’s inventory and all the sales.”

Me: *in my head* “Well, la-di-fricken-da, good for you!” *out loud* “Well, that’s very impressive, ma’am, but we have over 1000 SKUs, 100 of them or more can be on sale at any time, and the sales change weekly.”

Customer: “That’s no excuse for not knowing your products!”

Me: “I’m very sorry that I can’t help you, but even most of the managers here don’t know everything item or everything that’s on sale every week. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Customer: “Learn your sales!” *storms out of the store*

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In For A Good Night

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Fifty years ago, I worked in a drug store after school. Certain products were kept behind the counter. My church youth leader, who has a very attractive wife, came into the store once when I was working. We chatted a bit, until he asked for a dozen of a specific brand of condoms.

In those days, birth control was not a casual conversation topic and was frowned on in the church. Our chat suffered a quick and awkward death. As I reached for the condoms, I realized that the twelve-pack was the last one in stock. We concluded the transaction in silence, but as he turned to leave I felt that I ought to say something polite.

“We’ll have more in tomorrow if you need them!”

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Be Glad He Doesn’t Have An Account With You

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(The bank where I work allows non-customers to cash checks drawn off of a legitimate account at our bank, but we have to see at least one form of ID, sometimes two. We take identity security very seriously.)

Me: “Hello, sir! How can I help you today?”

Customer: “I want to cash this.” *hands me a check drawn off of our bank*

Me: “No problem. Do you have an account with us?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “Okay, I just need to see your ID, then.”

Customer: *waves his ID in front of me for two seconds, then puts it away*

Me: “Sir, I actually need to see your ID again. The computer won’t let me cash your check unless I enter it in the system.”

Customer: “Oh. Well, my driver’s license number is–” *rattles off his number* “–and my birthdate is—”

Me: “Um, sir? I need to have the ID sitting in front of me.”

Customer: “But I just gave you all the information you need.”

Me: “Well, bank policy says—”

Customer: “It takes too long when you have to look at it and enter it!”

Me: “Bank policy says that I have to have your actual ID in front of me.”


Me: “It’s [Bank]’s policy, for security reasons.”

Customer: “IT TAKES TOO LONG!”

Me: “I know you’re you, and you know you’re you, but some people are dishonest about their identity. So, may I please see your license again?”

(The customer grumbles and almost flings his license at me, snatching it back after thirty seconds. Thankfully, I’m a fast typist. I give him his money and he storms out.)

Supervisor: “What was his problem?!”

Me: “He threw a fit about having to show his ID.”

Supervisor: “Customer?”

Me: “Nope. Non-customer.”

Supervisor: “Did you actually get his information?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s all in the computer. I hope that yelling at a teller half his age made his day better.”

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Music Grants Humanity

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(We are in choir class going over new music. The teacher asks what language it is in.)

Half The Class: “English.”

Me: *halfway through* “Human.”

(I began to turn red. Everyone laughed, and now I am never going to live it down.)

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