They Look Twice As Decent As They Half-Deserve

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(My parents and I are headed home from a family vacation. We stop at a popular chain restaurant for a bite to eat. We have a lovely meal and when we ask for the check this happens.)

Waitress: “Should I apply a senior discount?” *she’s looking at my dad*

Dad: “Um… I’m 45, so… no.”

Waitress: *innocently* “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. We have a lot of people who ask for a senior discount, and many of them look younger than you!”

(With that she smiled and went off to get the check, leaving my entire family wondering if she had any idea that she had just insulted my dad. We got a good laugh out of it, so her tip was not affected.)

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Sarah Connor’s Pharmacy Job

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(I get a job at a small pharmacy as a cashier. The job involves a lot more than just simple cashiering, but I catch on quite quickly, and within a month the possibility of increasing my hours is discussed. The store then goes under new owners, but all the cashiers are kept on staff, and assured that their jobs are secure. Fast forward to my next shift. This takes place in July.)

Owner: “[My Name], can you come into the office for a minute? I just want to have a quick word.”

Me: “Sure!” *thinking the uniforms he ordered for us had come in*

Owner: “I’ve been thinking it over, and this really isn’t a job that can be done part-time. In order to stay up to date on all the policies and information, everyone really has to be here full-time. With all the students leaving soon to go back to school, I’ve decided that it would be easiest to let all the students go now.”

Me: “Okay…” *thinking I’m about to be offered the full-time position, as I’m not a student*

Owner: “I’m sorry; I just find it easiest to terminate people before their shift starts.”

Me: “Wait. What?”

Owner: “As of right now, you’re terminated.”

Me: “But I’m not a student.”

Owner: *shocked* “What?! You’re not?”

Me: “No. I’ve been out of high school for a few years, and am holding off on going to college.”

Owner: “Oh, nobody told me that.”

Me: “So, is there any way I could be kept on, full-time?”

Owner: “I would have to think about it.”

Me: *blank look*

Owner: “You see, I already filled the full-time positions, and filed the termination paperwork. If you want to reapply, I’ll consider rehiring you if something falls through with one of the new employees, but all but one have already accepted the job, and I already offered it to the other one.”

Me: “Okay, then. When does the termination take effect?”

Owner: “Right now. I did it now because it’s easiest to do it, and get it done within the first three months.”

(I was too shocked in the moment to say anything, but once I processed what had happened, I was — and still am — livid. How incompetent must one be to skip something so basic as reading employee files BEFORE terminating them, to ensure they’re actually being fired for a legitimate reason?)

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Looked Delicious On Paper

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(When it’s not busy, we’re allowed to find things to do to pass the time. Usually, I do things like making paper stars to fill up our tip jar, to make it seem fancier.)

Customer: “What are those things inside your jar?”

Me: “Those are paper stars. Do you want one?”

Customer: “I’d love to have one!”

(She then takes one from the jar and pops it into her mouth.)

Customer: “Thanks!”

Me: “Wait! Wait a second! That’s paper! That’s not edible!”

(Her eyes widen and she spits it into her hand.)

Customer: “I thought this was a mint!”

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Lack Of Register Does Not Register, Part 9

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(Although we use a combination of lights and signs at each lane to tell customers when a register is not open, customers often ignore them. In order to deter customers from coming to our registers when they aren’t open, we resort to blocking the lanes off with display barriers and move them only when a lane is open. I’m busy counting out a register so I can go home and I have my lane blocked off. A lady in line at the open register next to mine sees me.)

Customer: “Are you open?”

Me: “No, ma’am. I’m sorry, but I’m not open.”

(Despite there being only two people in front of her, she gets out of the line and comes to my lane. She tries unsuccessfully to move the barrier I’ve put up.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but this register is closed.”

(The customer leaves and I think nothing of it. Suddenly, she walks all the way around the registers and enters my lane through the other side. She pushes away a sign that says, “Closed. Please check next register,” and begins unloading her shopping cart at my register.)

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry, but I’m not open.”

Customer: “Why didn’t you say anything? I’ve already unloaded my cart.”

Me: “Ma’am… not only is my light not on, but I’ve also blocked off this lane and put up a sign saying I was closed. You literally tried and failed to move the barrier. Even if I was open, I’d be taking the next person in line. If you had just listened to me and not tried to cut in line, you’d probably be almost finished checking out. I’ve already closed out this register and I cannot help you.”

(I watches as she loads her cart back up and walks all the way back around to the back of the line for the open register, which now has an additional three people in front of her. As I walk away, she still has to get the last word in.)

Customer: “You really should let people know you’re not open!”

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Who Has To Die Before You Can Reply?

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I am disabled and currently using state career services to find a job. My case manager is notoriously bad at responding to emails. Unfortunately, he has a speech impediment that I can’t understand over the phone due to my disability, so I stick to emailing multiple times until he responds.

I have already had a meeting with him, where I told him I am looking for an internship for the summer before I start graduate school. However, shortly after this my grandmother is hospitalized. I email him to say that I will no longer be looking for an internship this summer, as I have to help my family take care of my grandmother.

I don’t get any response to this email, and my grandmother grows considerably worse and passes away a few weeks later. I assume that the email got lost and I’ll have to send him a new one, but because of the stress of losing my grandmother, I don’t get around to it. Three weeks after the initial email, on the exact day my grandmother is buried, I finally get a response. There is no apology for the lateness or even an acknowledgement that he took three weeks to respond, and it opens with, “I hope your grandmother is doing better.”

It takes all of my strength not to reply, “No. She died, you jacka**.”

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