Mixed Feelings About Adoption

| UT, USA | Friendly | September 10, 2014

(I’m standing holding my six-month-old little girl. I’m obviously Caucasian. My daughter has a darker skin tone and slightly wavy hair. Most people assume she’s a mixed race, sometimes African, sometimes Spaniard.)

Stranger: “Where’s your cute baby from?!”

Me: “She was born in [local Utah town].”

Stranger: “No, but seriously. Where is she FROM?!”

(The stranger then grabs my arm and stares intently.)

Me: *backing away* “Uh, I gave birth to her here. So, she’s from Utah.”

Stranger: “UGH, you don’t get it! I’m trying to ADOPT and want to know where you got your baby! She’s obviously adopted!”

Me: “Look, my husband is from Kenya. I gave birth here. She’s from here. She is not adopted. Please stop harassing me.”

(By now everyone is gawking.)

Stranger: “She is obviously adopted. You are not fooling anyone!”

Me: “I’ll take credit for 12 hours of labor and an emergency C-section thank you.”

(She’s still staring down at me and rolling her eyes. So I pulled up my shirt and showed her my obvious C-section line.)

Stranger: “Well, that could be fake! You never know! It’s fake!”

(She left the ice cream shop still ranting about my ‘fake’ C-section scar… My ice cream was free.)

A Sign That It Will Be OK

| ME, USA | Right | September 4, 2014

(I’ve just gotten off a really long, rough shift and decide to treat myself with some ice cream from a shop that’s just opened for the season. I order a small cone and hold out my debit card for the cashier to take while checking my phone.)

Cashier: “Oh. Um… I’m sorry, but we don’t accept cards.”

Me: *looking up* “Oh, really?”

(As I look up, I see just above the cashier’s head a 2x3ft neon pink sign with large, bold letters that say, “No cards accepted. Sorry for any inconvenience”. I glance around and see no less than three more large, bright signs all saying some variation of the pink one.)

Me: *laughing* “Oh, my god, I am so sorry. I’ve always sworn to myself I wouldn’t be one of THOSE customers, you know? Ah, golly, here, lemme run to my car and get some cash. I’m so sorry.”

(After I pay, the girl hands me a medium cone. I’m about to go back to the counter and tell her she gave me a larger size than I wanted when I see some writing on the napkin wrapped around the cone.)

Note On Napkin: “Thank you for not being one of THOSE customers! Here’s to summer. Hope to see you again!”

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Cell Mates

| Gilbert, AZ, USA | Related | August 9, 2014

(My friend and I are babysitting my very young brother. We are 12 at the time and my brother is three. My brother is also clearly adopted.)

Friend: “You guys are sharing ice cream? Eww!”

Me: “That’s okay. He’s my brother. We’re made out of the same things.”

Friend: “Whaa?”

Me: “Cells!”

Treating Them Warm Gets A Cold Treat

| Nelson, New Zealand | Working | July 16, 2014

(I am 10 years old and my brother is a year younger. My grandparents take us to a dairy to get ice creams.)

Me: “Can I please have a scoop of vanilla and one of chocolate, please?”

(My brother also orders. My grandparents pay and the cashier makes the ice creams and hands them to us.)

Brother & Me: “Thank you.”

Cashier: “Wait. Can I please have your ice creams back for a moment?”

Me: “Okay…”

(We hand over the ice creams. The cashier takes mine and adds an extra scoop, and then does the same for my brother.)

Cashier: “There you go. You know, you are the only people to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ all day.”

Me: “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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Some Requests Just Take The Cake

| Champaign, IL, USA | Right | May 27, 2014

(I take a request on a phone call.)

Me: “We can only make small round, large round, and small rectangle cakes, sir. We cannot make large rectangles.”

Caller: “Okay, so is it possible for me to have a cake made by Sunday? Mother’s day?”

Me: “We can have any cake ready for you by Mother’s day. Yes, sir!”

Caller: “Any cake? I thought you just said that you can’t make large rectangles cakes.”

Me: “We can’t, like I just said, sir.”

Customer: “So, let me get this straight. You can make ANY cake except the large rectangle?”

Me: *face-palm*

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