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Me: “*The location, buissiness* how can I help you?”
Customer: “Yeah hi, I have a complaint”
Me: “Go a head,”
Customer: “I bought a cake for my daughters birthday the other day and it was made wrong. It had chocolate and I asked for no chocolate.
Me: (looking in the order book and knowing that I had made the cake to the specifications in the book) “Right here is says no chocolate ice cream all of our cakes normally have vanilla ice cream on the sides and top with chocolate on the bottom with a layer of cold fudge and chocolate cake crunch, did you specify that you didn’t want the cold fudge and crunch in the center?”
Customer: “I said no chocolate”
Me: “I’m very sorry for that ma’am if you would like a refund I can do that for you”
Customer: My daughter didn’t get to eat her own birthday cake.
Me: “Again I’m sorry for that ma’am, if you’d like a refund I can do that or if you wanted to bring your daughter up I can give her a cone or sundae of her choice…”
Customer: ( getting attitude) “That’s not why I called,”
Me: “Okay, I just feel bad that your daughter didn’t get to eat her own cake”
Customer: “I called to let you know that my cake was not correct and that you should train your employees better”
Me: “Okay… well have a nice day….”
(later that day I asked the employee that took the order if he had asked her if she still wanted the layers in the middle and he said he did and she said she still wanted it.)

The Tide Pod Has Turned

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(I’m working drive-thru at a popular national ice cream chain. It’s a pretty slow day. There are only two teenage girls in the lobby when three teenage boys pull up to the drive-thru.)

Driver: “We’d like three—“ *mumbles* “—blizzards.”

Me: “Hot cocoa?”

Driver: “No, Tide pod blizzards.”

(It takes me a second to figure out what they are asking for and why, and then I decide to play along.)

Me: “Oh, Tide pod. What size?”

(One of the teenage girls looks over at me.)

Driver: “Medium. With extra detergent, please.”

Me: “That’ll be an extra $50; is that okay?”

(The two teenagers look really confused.)

Driver: “$50 extra? Okay.”

Me: “Okay, your total is $117.43.”

(The two girls look horrified.)

Me: “They were trying to pull a prank. Don’t worry; I’m not going to give them Tide pod blizzards.”

(The driver pulls up to the window.)

Driver: “$117.43, right?”

Me: “Yes.”

(The driver holds up a hundred and a twenty. I laugh.)

Me: “Okay, what do you really want?”

(They order, and before they pull away:)

Passenger: “We didn’t expect you to play along. It made it better.”

(They were the last customers of my shift and really made my day!)

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(I’m the producer, which means I make the gelato in the back of the store and don’t interact with the customers. However, all that separates us is a sheet of glass, and I can easily communicate with my co-workers. We get mostly tourists, and they almost always order quickly and leave once they get their gelato.)

(A family of around eight of Middle Eastern descent walks in and converses with my manager, who’s serving them. All of a sudden, he looks back at me, his eyes light up, and he walks over towards the back to say loudly)

Manager: “No, sir, we don’t have alcoholic ice cream. And no, we can’t add alcohol to the ice cream if you go buy some. And no, we aren’t changing that.”

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(I am working the register when I overhear a conversation between mother and daughter)
Mom: Eat fast, we’re going to see a movie after this!
Daughter: Oh yeah, Jurassic World? That’s the sequel to Jurassic Park, right?
Mom: Mhm, it’s the second or third movie!
(I’m pretty sure my eye twitched slightly, but before I could politely correct them, they walked away.)

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The ice cream store I work at has a special children’s sundae called the “chocolate mouse sundae” which has candy on it to make it look like a mouse. However, most customers call it the “chocolate moose sundae” for some reason.

Dad: Kids, look at that! They have a chocolate moose sundae. See the picture of the cat on the board?
Me: What can I get for you today?
Dad: I’ll have three chocolate moose sundaes for my kids. Right kids? You want the cats?
Kids: Yeah cats!
Me: Okay, that’s three mouse sundaes… (I still have no idea what animal they thought they were looking at)

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