Pick One: Your Wife Or Your Wi-fi

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(This is observed by my father while checking into a hotel. The desk clerk happens to be female, and another guest checking in ahead of my dad is male.)

Desk Clerk: “Here’s your keycard, sir.” *starts writing something on the inside of the paper sleeve*

Customer: “Please, don’t do that.”

Desk Clerk: “I’m sorry, sir?”

Customer: “Just don’t. I’m a married man, and I have no intentions of cheating on my wife.”

(There’s a bit of back and forth before the clerk is finally able to get out:)

Desk Clerk: “Sir, this is the password for the Wi-Fi.”

(The customer turned beet red, thanked the clerk, and left.)

It’s Suite To Say “I Told You So”

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(We have a new manager hired and she’s very nice, but seems naive. Our hotel has a standard room, and a few suites that have refrigerators and microwaves. I notice that we are oversold on these suites.)

Me: “Why are we oversold? We were okay!”

Manager: “I know, but then the family in [Suite] said their remodeling isn’t done, so they need another day.”

Me: “So, you extended them?!”

Manager: “Well, yeah.”

Me: “What are we going to do about the people who have booked the suite?! They’ll be furious if they have no place to go! They’re from a wedding group!”

Manager: “Calm down; I’ll just give them two standard rooms. They should be happy with getting two rooms for the price of one! We’ll just explain to them exactly what happened.”

Me: *muttering* “You clearly don’t know how people are…”

Manager: “Don’t be so negative; they’ll be perfectly alright!”

(When the wedding group comes in, my manager explains to them what has happened and what they are going to get instead. Needless to say, they are absolutely FURIOUS that their suite isn’t available anymore and demand their money back. After some arguing, they get their rooms comped.)

Manager: “…well, I didn’t know they’d be so angry!”

Me: *head-desk*

Unfiltered Story #93776

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(I take a call from a customer who is making a reservation.)

Me: “Alright, you’re all set. Now, did you want to take your confirmation number over the phone or do you want me to send you a confirmation email?”

Customer: “Send it by email please. The address is… wait, I’m going to give you my boyfriend’s email.” *to her boyfriend in the background* “Babe? What’s your email address?”

(He gives it to her and she relays it to me.)

Customer: “Wait, I’m pretty sure there’s a number ‘1’ before the @ sign.” *to her boyfriend* “Babe, isn’t there a ‘1’ before the @?”

Boyfriend: “Nope.”

Customer: “Are you sure?”

Boyfriend: “Yes, babe, I’m sure. It’s my address isn’t it?”

Customer: *to me* “I’m going to check just to be sure; men are usually wrong. I’m so sure there’s a ‘1’ before the @.”

Me: “Sure, no problem. Take your time.”

Boyfriend: “Babe! There’s no ‘1’ before the @. It’s just—” *gives address*

Customer: *to me* “Ignore him; I’m certain there’s a ‘1’ in there somewhere. Men are always wrong.”

Me: “Okay…”

Customer: “Oh! I found it! The address is [gives original address without a ‘1’ in it.] There, so there is no number ‘1’ in there. I knew it! I love being right!”

Me: “Okay… well your confirmation is being sent. Have a nice day, ma’am.”

Customer: “You too!” *to someone in the background as she’s hanging up* “I knew I was right, there was no number ‘1’—”

Give Him A Job Or You’re All Against Him

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I work as a night duty manager at a large hotel. Part of the hotel is connected to a mall and parking garage structure, so the public has access to that area in general.

At about six am, I got a complaint from a hotel guest, who was exiting to the parking garage, that a man was swearing and yelling and smashing at the pay phone.

I went up to check the situation. I saw a somewhat angry-looking man screaming into the pay phone about having nowhere to go and asking what he was supposed to do now. Apparently the person on the other end either hung up, or he was cursing at an answering machine, because he hung up the receiver with a crash and swore.

I politely asked him to move on, as this was not a public area. He said he was trying to get hold of his case worker, he was just thrown out of his rooming house for “no f****** g**d*** reason,” and everyone was against him, everyone was an a**h***… and so on, for several minutes, swearing and yelling about his life.

I reminded him again that he had to move on… which he did, but not before yelling several more expletives and threats about what he would do to people who thought they would f*** him over.

An hour later, I was delivering the morning reports to the sales office, and the same man was around the corner by the parking garage. On seeing me walking to the general offices, he stopped me and… handed me a resume. It was handwritten in pencil on graph paper.

I promised that I would give it to the general manager for sure… (so we could issue a trespass notice with his full name and contact info).

Night (Audit) Of The Scam Stories

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(I work night audit at a big name hotel chain. During one night audit shift, I have a female guest come up to the desk. She has already checked in and is just walking around the building, but she has to stop and tell me about her woes.)

Me: “Good evening, how can I help you?”

(There is no response to the greeting; she just immediately goes into her story without any intro.)

Guest: “So, the ‘government’ called me today.” *uses air-quotes on the word government* “They told me I qualified for a $9,000 loan, but in order to receive it, I needed to go and purchase $250 in gift cards.”

(At this point, I’m thinking, “This can’t be leading into what I think it is.” She continues.)

Guest: “So, I bought these gift cards, called them back, and gave them the numbers off the cards, but then they wanted me to go and purchase $600 more in the same gift cards.”

(I open my mouth to try and cut in on her story, because at this point, I know she’s the victim of a scam but she keeps going.)

Guest: “So, I went online and looked them up, and I realized it was a scam! So, I called this company back and told them that I found out what they were trying to do, that I wouldn’t fall for it, and that I was going to call the FBI and blast them on the internet any way I could!”

(She was so proud of herself at this moment. After that, she walked away. I didn’t get a word in on this conversation, but I was floored. I couldn’t believe people actually still fell for this kind of scam. Thankfully, she only lost $250, but she could’ve lost a lot more. People, please, do not fall for these scams. And do not dump your life troubles on us innocent night auditors.)

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