They Already Checked Out Last Night

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Guest: “Hi there. I would like to check out.”

Me: “I can do that for you. Did you enjoy your stay?”

Guest: “Yes, I love Colorado!”

Me: “I’m happy to hear that; I hope you come back soon.”

Guest: “Oh, I will! Here is my room key and what I couldn’t finish.” *smiles*

(He hands me his key, I feel a small bag under it.)

Guest: “Have a green Christmas!”

(I didn’t even need to look to see what it was. Only in Colorado will you get a check out with pot at four am.)


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Our car broke down the night before we were travelling across southern Norway. Due to the stress from a broken car, getting a rental, packing and managing the cats, I (him) elegantly stepped in as the not-always-right when my better half (her) left open the confirmation e-mail from the hotel which stated “Check-in 3 pm.”

Clerk; Welcome to [hotel]. How can I help?

Me: Hi! I’m [me]. We have a reservation on [my better half].

Clerk: Ah, yes!

Me: I happened to see the confirmation with check in from 3pm. We haven’t left home yet since our car broke down, and we just picked up a rental, so we haven’t left yet and won’t be with you so early.

Clerk: Oh, no, that’s not it. Check in is not available before 3pm, not that you have to be here by then.

Me: ..ehm.. *facepalm* Of course! Sorry, and thank you so much!

Christmas Time, Mistletoe And Overtime, Part 2

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Guest: “Oh, look at you, poor thing stuck on here Christmas Day.”

Me: “Oh, it’s not so bad. I’ll be finished by three pm so I can still have Christmas dinner.”

Guest: “Now that’s just terrible! How could they do that to their staff!?”

Me: “Well, not having me would certainly make checking in a lot harder now wouldn’t it?”

(She looks at me and her eyes widen.)

Guest: *head down* “I didn’t think of that.”