The Police Department Have Room For Improvement

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(I am working the hotel lobby very late at night, around two am. I hear some noise outside, so I go to investigate. I see a police car with a young-looking officer leading a young, disheveled woman inside. The young woman is dressed in a too-small, revealing mini dress. The officer tells her something and she responds, and he drives off. The young woman enters. I can see that she has some scratches and cuts on her, but nothing very serious.)

Me: “Hi. Can I help you?”

Young Woman: “I need a room.”

Me: “Certainly. Can I have an ID and Credit card?”

(She gives them to me. Her ID is hers, but the credit card is not.)

Me: “Excuse me, ma’am? Do you have a credit card that’s under your name?”

Young Woman: “It’s my mom’s.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but your mother must be here, or we have to have signed permission from her to use her credit card.”

Young Woman: *gets huffy* “Seriously? I was beaten up by my boyfriend tonight and I really need to place to stay! I can’t stay at his place, understand? He beat me up!” *shows me scratches on her arm* “My mom can tell you that her card can be used over the phone!” *dials*

Me: *repeating* “I’m sorry for your troubles, ma’am, but again, we have to have written consent from her, or she must be here.”

(She argued with me a bit more, insisting that I take her payment, and then finally stalked out angrily, in the middle of the night, wearing next to nothing, cursing me out. Thanks, officer, whoever you are, for dumping her on me and taking off! That’s really professional.)

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I work at the Front Desk. A guest walks up, holding some papers.

Me: Good Morning! How can I assist you?

Guest: I need you to fax some documents for me.

Me: Sure! I can take care of that.

Guest: Thank you, the fax number is at the top. I need you to send 3 separate faxes for the same number.

Me: So… you want me to send these 3 papers to the same number?

Guest: Yes. 3 different faxes, same number.

*I complete the faxes and hand the documents back with a confirmation page.*

Me: Here you are, Sir! Anything else I can do for you?

Guest: Uh… I asked you to send these 3 papers separately to the same number! You sent them all together!

Me: I’m sorry, Sir! I must have misunderstood. Let me fix that for you.

*At this moment, the phone starts to ring and another guest walks up to the desk. I excuse myself and run back to my managers’ office for help*

Me: Stephen! I need help! Can you fax these papers for a guest? And make sure you fax them 3 separate time to this number at the top?

Manager: Are you serious? Why can’t we just fax them all together?

Me: Yea. I know.

*By the time I finish with the other guests, my manager comes up to the front with the documents*

Manager: Here you go. I sent 3 separate faxes to the same number for you.

Guest: Ugh! Finally someone got it right! *storms off*

Manager: Wow! It looks like it’s going to be THAT kind of day!

An Old Faithful Prank

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(This sounds like an old joke, but I swear it happened. We are in the checkout line at a hotel in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The clerk asks the woman how her stay was.)

Woman: “Oh, this part of it was good, but now we have to go home.”

Clerk: “Yeah, I know. It’s no fun when your vacation is over.”

Woman: “Yeah, we were going to go to Yellowstone, but Old Faithful is closed this week, so we have to come back another time.”

Clerk: *with a strange look on his face* “Closed? Who told you that?”

Woman: “We were talking to some people in the restaurant last night, and they told us it was closed for cleaning.”

Clerk: “No, ma’am. It’s a natural hot spring geyser. It will still keep erupting a hundred years from now… I think someone was pulling your leg!”

(I have to give the clerk lots of credit, though. He waited until they were outside to start laughing.)

Like A Magnet For Idiots

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(I work in a hotel. A guest walks up to the front desk, complaining that his parking garage key isn’t working.)

Me: “I’m sorry your key has stopped working. Can I have your room number?”

(The guest gives me his information and waits for me to make a new key.)

Me: “Here you go, and just to be sure please swipe it like this—” *gestures how the machine is set up* “—and try to keep it away from your cell phone.”

(The guest has a large cell phone in his hand, which makes me think it got demagnetized.)

Guest: “Well, that is completely unreasonable!” *storms off*

Me: *thinking to myself* “Okay, but having to return again is not inconvenient for me, but only you.”

We Also Need Your Last Last Name

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(In our hotel, the guest must enter their last name and room number to connect to Wi-Fi.)

Guest: “I can’t connect! My room is 606.”

Me: *brings up 606’s reservation* “What is your last name?”

Guest: “[Hyphenated Last Name].”

Me: “Right, that’s what it says on your reservation.”

Guest: *tries again* “It won’t work!”

Me: *internal sigh* “May I see your phone?”

(I take his phone and see that he has entered just the first part of his hyphenated last name, rather than the whole thing. When I point this out, he gets haughty and upset.)

Guest: “You asked for my last name! It’s [Hyphenated Last Name]!”

Me: “Yes, and you have to put it all on there or it won’t accept it.”

Guest: “REALLY?!”

(I wondered if we should put in, “You Must Put All Of Your Last Name Here,” at the prompt.)

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