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(A customer comes over with her child, who is playing on his Iphone. Both have dazed eyes.)

Customer: “Excuse me, but how do you connect to the internet?”

Me: *explains* 

(The customer and the customer’s child tries to follow my instructions, but can’t. Since I can’t see the screen, I don’t know if they’re doing it right.)

Customer: *skeptically* “Do you KNOW what you are doing?? You’ve done this before??”

Me: “Yes, many times. Here let me see the phone?”

(I don’t have an Iphone but I know a little how to use it. I connect them in a minute.)

Me: “Ok, done.”

Customer: “Thank you!” *leaves*

Coworker: “Wow, that one took a lot of patience, eh?”

Me: “Not as nearly as the one who’s Iphone was written in Arabic.”

(I don’t read Arabic, and that one took hours! Thank goodness this phone was in English!)

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My boss related this story to me..

Boss: So I put some bread in the toaster that takes forever to  make toast,and go get some juice and coffee. I go back near the toaster and smell burning toast. Since I wasn’t away from it that long, I know it didn’t have time to start browning yet ,much less burn. 

Other Hotel patron standing there:: “I turned it up for you to make it toast faster”

Boss: “Thanks a frigging lot-now it’s burned!”

Other Hotel Patron: You’re welcome!”


Suffering From Wi-Fitis

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(I am coming to the end of a line of customers checking into our hotel. When I come to the last, she appears to be in considerable pain from a headache. I offer to let her sit down and she can check in once she feels better.)

Woman: “Thank you, dear, but I have electromagnetic sensitively, and your Wi-Fi box is giving me such a headache.”

Me: “Um, I’m afraid I don’t follow.”

Woman: *now extremely irate* “I’M ALLERGIC TO WI-FI!” *points at telephone* “TURN THE BLASTED THING OFF NOW!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but that won’t—“

Woman: *laying on the floor* “I am in agony!

Me: “Madam, I wish I could help, but this is a telephone, and the Wi-Fi hub is—“

(She sits up abruptly and sees that I am holding the receiver of our wired public telephone. She lets out a massive sigh.)

Woman: “It must just be a headache, then. I’ll take some painkillers from my bag.”

(She checked in and seemed perfectly all right after being in agony just a few moments before. She spent the rest of the week walking by the reception with no issue, despite the fact that the main Wi-Fi hub for the hotel was directly above my head. When she checked out, she commented on how “Wi-Fi-free the hotel was” and left a positive rating in her feedback. We have hubs on every floor and the signal is pretty much constant throughout the entire hotel. I don’t want to criticise the claims that allergy to Wi-Fi is an actual thing, but in her case, I sincerely doubt it was.)


No, But There Is One In New York

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(Our hotel has free unlimited international calls, but once a guest has called someone through the phone in their room, the number that is displayed on the receiving end is the hotel’s own number. Thus, it happens sometimes that people call our hotel after they have missed the initial call. One day, a man calls our hotel. I can tell that he is calling from a different country.)

Me: “[Hotel]; how may I help you?”

Caller: “Did you call me?”

Me: “Oh, no, sir. If one of our guests in the hotel calls you, you’ll see our number. Do you know of any friends or family that are visiting Jerusalem right now?”

Caller: “Jerusalem? No… Is that in Canada?”

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(I used to work the front desk in a hotel and often needed to work nights. Our hotel is one of two in the area with similar names and many times guests book reservations at the wrong hotel).

Me: Hello and welcome to [Name of Hotel]. How may I help you?

Customer: Yes I booked a reservation under the name [Customer’s Name]. But this isn’t the hotel on the beach.

Me: No sir, we are the downtown property. The hotel on the beach is no longer a part of our corporate chain.

Customer: Well I booked my reservation for the hotel on the beach! Why the f*** did you take my reservation and make it here?

Me: I am sorry sir but ever since our chain dropped the beach property, we have been the only [Chain Name] hotel in the area.

Customer: So how are you going to transfer my reservation to the other hotel?

Me: I am sorry sir but we have no way of transferring reservations between properties. If you would like, I can check you in.

Customer: But I am not going to stay at this c** dump. I am going to stay at the beach hotel. 

Me: Ok sir. I can give you directions to the beach property.

Customer: But I already paid for my room!

Me: I can provide you with the phone number of the website with whom you booked your reservation and you they can help you with changes and cancellations.

Customer: You know what? F*** you!

(Customer proceeded to walk to the center of the lobby, drop his pants, squat, and defecate on the lobby floor before storming out).

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