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I was visiting my aunt in the states and we (my family and I) just arrived in a hotel room. We have a few items that need to be refrigerated and go to pack those away in the mini fridge. When we go to open the fridge we spot this big spider on the handle. I hate spiders and no one in my family wants to even touch it. So I go to the front desk (which is manned by two women). Oh and yes I am an adult male.

Me: Hi… My family just checked into our room and there is this huge spider on the mini-fridge and I am a wimp can some come deal with it.

The two women and I have a chuckle at my expense and one of the women (the smaller of the two [I swear they just wanted to make the situation look more rediculus]) comes to assist us. She comes into the room grabs a napkin and takes care of the spider to our thanks. We still laugh about this.

In All This We Feel Sorry For The Dog

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I work at a long-term-stay hotel. As a part of our agreement, long-term stays can only have two guests, period, including children. This particular guest calls and has to shout into the phone over a lot of screaming kids.

Guest: “How much for a week? I need at least four beds.”

Me: “I am sorry, our largest rooms have just two beds in them; they are [price] a week, plus a damage deposit. And we do have a maximum occupancy for long-term stays of just two people, including children.”

Guest: “Well, I need four beds. Also, I only have 150 dollars. It would be me, my boyfriend, and my six kids. I have a dog, too; is it extra for the dog?”

She has less than half of what’s needed.

Me: “Well, the total is [price], we don’t allow pets, and unfortunately, we can’t accommodate you with a weekly rate due to an occupancy of over two people. We can give you a daily rate, at ninety dollars a night.”

Guest: “Well, I need four beds, at 150 for a week, and I want you to let me bring my dog.”

Me: “I am sorry, but I can’t do anything of those things.” 

Guest: “No. You will.”

Me: “No? No, I can’t and I won’t. You have too many occupants, not enough money, and a dog, which is not allowed in our hotel. I am sorry, ma’am, but you will have to find another hotel that could accommodate you.”

Guest: “You think you’re so smart. I am going to call your corporate office and tell them that you’re refusing to help me. You fat b****!”

She hung up the phone.

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My husband and I both work as night auditors in a hotel. One morning, he came home with a great story. During a big stock show event in town, he was checking in two couples, obviously here for the rodeo or other stock show events. He happened to have on Spider-man 2 on the lobby television, just to have some background noise. The cowboy he was checking in looked over at the television and groaned. “Ugh, I HATE those stupid comic book movies!”

The husband and myself are big nerds and like a lot of those movies, so he’s a little offended, but obviously won’t say anything because he’s at work and it’s really no big deal. The cowboy continues on, though, elaborating in a really loud and very obnoxious voice, “No REAL MAN would watch that KIDDIE stuff!”

Husband: “So, you only watch serious movies then, huh?”

Cowboy: “You bet!”

Husband: “Like cowboy movies, right?”

Cowboy: “Of course!”

Husband: “You must be a Brokeback Mountain kind of guy then, huh?”

From what my husband said, the cowboy’s companions burst into laughter while the gentleman’s face colored red. He honestly thought the guy was going to jump over the counter and punch him, so he says, “I’m sorry, you know, just joking around….”

They finish the transaction, and the cowboy’s girlfriend goes, “Come on, Brokeback.” So, you know he heard that alllll weekend.

Don’t Waste Your Breathalyzer

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I’m working at the front desk of a smallish hotel. Most of our holiday-makers are lovely people, including this one: a single traveler in his early sixties. His only fault is that he is perpetually drunk. The following conversation occurs on the day prior to his departure.

Client: *Speaking in a slur* “Hello, my friend. This might be a silly request. But do you have any of these balloons?”

Me: “Balloons?”

Client: “Yes, these balloons the police have when they stop you on the road and you have to blow into them, so they can see how much alcohol you had.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but not even the pharmacies sell those, because in Spain it would be illegal to have them — apart from the police, that is.”

Client: “I would have thought so. What a shame. It’s because I was talking to my wife and my daughter just a minute ago, and they said that I was drunk. But I’m not drunk. So I only wanted to know how much I’ve had.”

Me: “Well, unfortunately, as I’ve said, we are not allowed to have any breathalyzers.”

The client then stares at me for about ten seconds until he starts to speak again.

Client: “So, you think that I’m drunk?”

Me: *Telling a white lie* “Of course not. You may have had a beer or two. But you’re definitely not drunk.”

He then reaches across the front desk, hugs me, and says:

Client: “Thank you very much. You are a great honorable worker and a good friend.”

Then he started meandering toward the exit, trying to keep his balance.

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(Our chain often gives coupons to people for a free night as to reward them for being loyal. This woman was such a person. If you think that people who are not paying for their stay are nicer, you’d be wrong!)

Woman: *throwing keys* “No I don’t want this room! It doesn’t end in zero!”

Me: *blinks* “Excuse me?”

(She yells about needing a room ending with zero. I must’ve checkin in hundreds of people before and this was a first. Since we have plenty of rooms, I end up changing it to get her out of my face. Once I tell her that she’ll get it, she smiles sweetly.)

Woman: “Thank you so much…”

Me: “You’re welcome?”

(A few minutes after that, she calls from the room, yelling, again.)

Woman: “There’s nothing in this room! No sheets! No pillows! No towels! No blankets! Nothing!”

Me: “There’s ….nothing?”

Woman: “The beds are bare! Nothing!” *untelligible screaming*

(Figuring the housekeepers have forgotten, even though I don’t know how, I send some up. Right after that, the woman calls again.)

Woman: *placid again* “…Never mind. They’re here, I just didn’t see them before. They’re here.”

Me: “…”

(I don’t know what happened but luckily the woman’s husband kept her in check after that and I didn’t hear her peep.)