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(I am a night auditor at a hotel near downtown. Across the street is a small chain fast food restaurant that sells burgers, BBQ, chicken, hot dogs, etc. A large group of about 6 or 7 come back from drinking downtown all night and decide in the lobby that they want some burgers. One of the more clearly drunk men decides to wait for his order in the lobby and takes a seat on the opposite end from where the front desk is. About 5 minutes after his group goes to the fast food joint, this happens).


Me: I’m sorry sir, I’m not to leave the lobby unless it is an emergency.

Drunk Guest: No! GET ME A F****** BURGER! NOW!

Me: SIr, I think the rest of your group is across the street now, getting food. They shouldn’t be gone too much longer.

Drunk Guest: Go up to my room now! Get me a beer and bring me a f****** burger! NOW S***HEAD!

(At this point I’m very annoyed, but I’m also a pretty patient guy, so I try to be nice one more time).

Me: Sir, I’ve told you once already, I’m not to leave the lobby unless it’s an emergency. You’re group should be back before too long though.

Drunk Guest: I SAID GET ME A F****** BURGER F****** NOW! F***! DO IT NOW!!!

(I have now lost all patience)

Me: No.

Drunk Guest: Why the f*** not?!

Me: I am not your personal delivery service. I will not go get you a burger, and you can either wait for the rest of your group, or you can keep harassing me and I can evict you. If you refuse to go, I can call police who will kindly escort you off the property. What’s it gonna be?

Drunk Guest: You need to fix your f****** attitude a**hole!

(The guest then left the lobby and went up to his room. The best part: the rest of his group returned a few minutes later and he wouldn’t answer his phone to come down and get his burger, so they gave it to me. Karma never tasted better)

Further Evidence That Moms Shouldn’t Be Involved In Your Wedding Night

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My mother and I have always had a troubled relationship, but after my mother had a period of ill health, on the run up to our wedding, my now-husband and I — also male — tried to patch things up.

My mother doesn’t know what it is to be poor; her parents had a decent amount of money — not rich, but definitely comfortable — and while she’s a complete penny pincher I never had the impression as a child that she was struggling or tightening her belt.

My husband and I, however, were poor. Dirt poor. We barely scraped by on benefits for several years due to my being disabled and my husband being my carer. So, our wedding was as cheap and DIY as we could make it while still feeling like an “occasion.”

My mother offered to buy flowers — actually, insisted, despite us not wanting them due to my husband’s hay fever — but much more appreciated was her offer to pay for a hotel room for the wedding night. Our best couple of friends were taking us for a single-day honeymoon, so that was nice! We still had to get home to drop off our wedding stuff and pick up our stuff for the next day before going to the hotel, but as we lived in a shared house, it helped the whole thing feel like one event.

My mother asked us which hotel we wanted; there was one literally two minutes walk from us, and one in the town centre, which involved our best friends picking us up and taking us there as we didn’t drive. We knew nothing about either and were going frantic with getting everything done, so I asked her to look into them and give us some information. She came back and said she went for the one in the town centre “because it was ten pounds cheaper.”

As it turned out, the one near us was much quieter, had a four-star rating, and had breakfast included. It would have allowed us to drop back home that much easier. Instead, we had to pay out of pocket for breakfast, listen to loud drunks passing through the town or drinking at bars, and had a far smaller room, and of course, we couldn’t get home easily.

It feels petty to complain about it; she still paid for the room for us. But I’m still a little bitter that she just looked at the price tag and, despite being very comfortable, financially, and never helping us out in that regard, took the worse option for ten freakin’ pounds less, leaving us to spend money we hadn’t accounted for in order to have breakfast in the morning.

By the way, we’re doing much better now. I’m self-employed and my husband and I have a great relationship. And as this story is really the tiny tip of the iceberg, I’m no longer in contact with my mother.

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Our hotel is dog friendly only. I’m setting a guest up with a room as a walk in.

Me – Do you have any pets with you?
Guest – I have a cat.
Me – I’m sorry sir but we only allow dogs.
Guest – That’s what I meant. I have a dog.
Me (thinking “real smooth there”) – Uh huh. Sir, if we catch you with a cat or find any evidence of a cat in the room you will have to pay the $250 cleaning fee.
Guest – Oh. So do you know which hotels take cats?
Me – There are a few (gets names and phone numbers).

Unable To Upgrade His Ability To Understand

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I work for a large hotel chain with many different brands. They have a rewards program, and top-tier rewards members are eligible for complimentary upgrades at MOST brands in the chain. The brand I work for is one of the brands that does NOT offer this service, but as no one ever reads their terms closely, we get a lot of higher-tier members asking for upgrades.

Guest: “Hi, I’ve just reached [tier] and I want to have my room upgraded to [specialty suite four times the price he is paying].”

Manager: “I’m sorry, sir, but we don’t offer complimentary upgrades at this location. If you wanted to pay the additional fee for our [specialty suite], then we would be happy to move you, but we cannot offer that room without an upcharge.”

Guest: “Hmm… well… fine.”

The guest goes to his room, and a few minutes later we get a message on a guest messaging service we use from the same guest.

Guest: “Hello! I’ve just checked in and I was told that you do not offer complimentary upgrades to [tier] members. Is this correct?”

Manager: *To me* “Seriously?” *To guest* “No, sir, unfortunately, we do not offer that service at this hotel.”

Guest: “Okay, thank you for confirming this.”

My manager leaves for the night, and about ten minutes later, the SAME GUEST comes down to the desk.

Guest: “Hi! So, I just checked in, and I’m a [tier] member, but no one will upgrade me to [specialty suite] even though I can see online that it’s available.”

Me: “Yes, sir, unfortunately, we do not offer complimentary upgrades at this hotel.”

Guest: “Oh… Okay… I’ll ask again in the morning.”

The guest heads towards the elevator. I turn to my coworker.

Me: “I really wish I was allowed to tell him that even tonight, when it’s super slow, we already have more than a dozen [tier] members in house, and only four upgrade rooms total. Even if we did offer that service, we’d have been long out of upgrades by the time he checked in!”

This is also the whole reason we’re not required to offer those upgrades!

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(There’s this long term stay who is very difficult. He never smiles and is always demanding. He’s also always dressed impeccably, and take offense to anyone who looks different. I’m helping another guest. He cuts to the front of the line and interrupts us.)

Guest: *loudly* “There’s this guy and he’s not a guest! I don’t recognize him at all! How dare you allow homeless to dine here!”

(I take a look at whom he’s pointing at. There’s a man with unkempt hair, and wrinkly clothes dining. I have to stifle my giggle.)

Me: “Sir, I can assure that he is a guest, I checked him in myself.”

Guest: “Hmph! Well, you’re a liar! I’ve never seen him before and I have a very good memory!”

Me: “The reason that you’ve never seen him before is because he just checked in yesterday, sir.”

Guest: “STOP with the excuses! Rest assured, I’ll be complaining to the manager!” *struts off*

(I guess he never seen someone on vacation. Later, I’m helping someone else again and again, he pushes to the front, slaps his hand on my counter, and dashes off before I can say anything. Later, my manager confronts me.)

Manager: “[My Name], Mr. [Long Term Stay] has complained that you didn’t say hello to him this morning. He’s very offended by you.”

Me: *explains what happened*

Manager: “Some people are demanding like that, please, just say hello whenever you see him. He’s very important, and has an important job.” *walks away*

(Later, I find out that he works in law enforcement! Scary.)