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(I’m the only cross trained employee at the hotel I work at. I do housekeeping primarily, and I’m trained on desk work. I work two nights a week so our night clerk gets his time off. We, the night clerks are in for 11 p.m. and leave at 7 a.m. It’s part of the job to answer any late or early calls that come in. We have some long term guests in the hotel, one of who is a drunk. I have caught this man beating on our ice machine, it is broken at the moment due to him. I have also caught him with his belt and pants undone and exposing himself to rooms that were occupied. I have him on being a public nuisance, indecent exposure, and this occasion was the final straw.
Scene, 6 a.m. the phone rings. I answer with my morning spiel.)

Drunk: “I called because your slow internet just cost me $3000!”

(Interspersed with various curse words, he sounded lucid enough to understand that he was being unreasonable for the time he was calling. He continued to rant and curse at me, until he took a breath and apologized for his behaviour. He followed up this apology with a stunner.)

Drunk “So, what are you wearing?” he said this in a light tone of voice. I was shocked to say the least. I had never before been the victim of sexual harassment. I had a few months earlier been told that I would be killed, but that was easy to handle.

I made a recovery and explained the work uniform to the guest. Then I hung up and made a full report to my supervisor and G.M. I explained what had happened and told them that I would not be cleaning that man’s room again, I would not speak with him, and if I saw him off property, I would likely be the one in jail. I was not scared of this man, I am angry with him, for making me feel like a piece of meat, and for humiliating me at my workplace.

I went to work a few days later for housekeeping, and found out the other housekeeper hadn’t done his room, and my supervisor’s idea was to keep from being held liable or in breach of contract, that sending in the on shift desk clerk with me to clean his room. My general reaction was anger at being forced to do exactly what I had said I would not do. I put off going, as the desk clerk was also female and I didn’t wish to expose her to this man. All my coworkers think he’s a greasy little creeper anyway.

After my coworker had left, I made my way over to long term and began cleaning the other tenants rooms. The front desk supervisor came over to keep the drunk away from me while I cleaned his room, under protest of course, and he tried to make nice.

I don’t remember a word of what I said, but it must have been brilliant, my F.D. Supervisor was impressed that I kept myself retrained and didn’t curse at this man, and that I hadn’t raised my voice, as there are children staying in L.T. with their parents. If I had made a bigger scene, I wouldn’t have a job and that man would get off scot free with his behaviour.

I couldn’t believe that my bosses response to this was to say, ‘now I actually have to talk to him about this’ and then make me and my female coworker go to his room. This man has already harassed one woman on staff, so we’re going to throw her and ANOTHER WOMAN at him. What?!

Sexism Is The Kicker

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(My coworker and I both work overnight, and we are swapping stories.)

Coworker: “So, has any customer acted all crazy with you at night?”

Me: “Let me see… Oh, yeah! Once, it was around midnight, and I heard a loud bang, bang, bang on the glass door, and the customer was trying to put her foot through it!”

Coworker: “That’s it?”

Me: “Well, yeah. I mean, it was scary loud! You never had one like that?”

Coworker: “Oh, yeah, but that’s not scary.”

Me: “Then what’s the scariest thing for you?”

Coworker: “One time a creepy guy was wandering around, staring at me through the window! I called the police!”

Me: “And that’s scarier than someone trying to kick down a door?”

Coworker: “Well, he was a guy, and yours was a girl!”

(We’re both female, but I still think mine was scarier, even if it was a girl. Girls can be scary when violent.)

There Is No Room For Proof

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(It’s 9:30 pm and a lady walks into reception.)

Me: “Good evening. How can I help you?”

Lady: “Hello! I would like a single room for tonight, please.”

Me: “Unfortunately, we only have one family room left tonight.”

Lady: “What? On a Monday, surely not!”

Me: “Yes, I am sorry. You can still have a family room; however, it’s £90.”

Lady: “No, stop being silly. I will have a single room; it’s only me.”

Me: “I am sorry, miss, but as I have already told you, the only room available is a family room.”

Lady: “On a Monday you are full?!”

Me: “Yes. It’s the start of most people’s working week; therefore, we are normally full.”

Lady: “Prove it!”

Me: “Excuse me? How would you like me to prove it?”

Lady: “Well, show me inside the rooms.”

Me: “Miss, please kindly leave!”

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(We have coffee pots with a lid on top to fill it with coffee so guests can serve themselves. I see a tall, young man fiddling around over there for a while so I go to see if he needs help. What I see disgusts me: He has removed the lid and is SPITTING into the coffee!)

Me: “Excuse me, what the H*** do you think you’re doing?!”

(The young man looks at me like a deer in the headlights, then zips away out of the door in a flash. I had to dump the whole pot of coffee. Disgusting man.)

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Caller: “What is your rate for [Dates]?”

Me: *I check the rates* “[Rate].”

Caller: “But online it says [lower rate].”

Me: “Sometimes online deals are lower. To get those rate, you’d have to book online.”

Caller: “But online it was lower.”

Me: “I know, that’s why you have to book online to get those rates.”

(We go around in circles like this for a while.)

Caller: *lightbulb* “OH!

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