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(Note: I work at a hotel in a beach resort town on the coast of Maryland, so east of the Chesapeake bay.)

Me: *answering phone* Thank you for calling [Brand Hotel], [My Name] speaking, how can I help you?

Customer: Hi, I’ve already got a reservation, I just wanted to get some information.

Me: Ok. (Unfortunately, we get a lot of calls like this; apparently you can google our number, but not actually look up information for the town.)

Customer: How far is Washington DC from there?

Me: *trying not to sound taken aback, as DC is on the other side of the Bay and it takes about two hours to get to the bay bridge* Um, it’s about three hours?

Customer: Oh, really? Three hours?

Me: Yes, sir. Well, it might be between two and three hours, but it’s definitely more than two.

Customer: Even though you’re in Maryland?

Me: Yep.

Customer: Oh, okay.

(He then asked me what there was to do in town, which really isn’t much besides go to the beach or see the wild ponies at the nearby State and National Park. I’m used to getting a lot of questions about our location and what’s there to do, but this particular question was a new one!)

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(We have a little store where the guest can buy things like snacks and toiletries. Note: our hotel does not have free complimentary items. Some guests are mad about this but most realize they should’ve just brought the items from home.)

Guest: “Do you have a free toothbrush?”

Me: “No we do not have any complimentary items here. You can buy them over here.”

Guest: “How about a shaving kit?”

Me: *repeats what I just said*

Guest: *grumble*

(He brings over the items to pay with a scowl. I ring them up. Note that it is 2 am.)

Me: “Thank you, have a good morning!”

Guest: “It’s evening dammit!” *wals away*

(I don’t know why he was so mad. He had just threw away $100+ for the room–he was a late check in–surely he could afford $10 worth of stuff?)

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I work as Front Desk in a Holiday Inn during the Night shift. There are 2 in my town. About 30 minutes after my shift starts, i get this call
Lady: Hello, i would like to cancel my Reservation for tomorrow
Me: Ok, what’s the name?
Lady: [Name]
Me: Ma’am, that name isn’t showing up. Do you have the Confirmation number?
Lady: Yes. it is [number]
Me: Ma’am, that’s not showing up either. Are you sure you’re talking to the right Holiday Inn? This is the Inn & Suites, not the Express.
Lady: No, i need to talk to the Inn & Suites.
Me: Not the Holiday Inn Express?
Lady: No, the La Quinta Inn & Suites.
Me: Ma’am, this is the HOLIDAY INN & SUITES
Lady: Oh. Goodbye

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(I’ve been getting complaints about this room with a young man in his twenties with his friends about being too noisy.)

Me: “Our policy is if we get too many complaints about a room, we have to kick you out.”

Guest: “I don’t really get that?”

Me: “Just try to be more quiet.”

Guest: “It’s my birthday! I don’t wanna get kicked out!”

Me: “Then be more quiet. People are trying to sleep. It’s 12 midnight.”

Guest: “But we were!”

(They leave and thankfully, I don’t get another call complaining. I guess they figured out how to be quiet in their rooms. Sadly, this isn’t the first time this has happened.)

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(Our office is above a bank, and our windows look out over the bank’s drive-thru. One morning we hear a frustrated customer honking her horn)

Coworker: Look at this! *Points out window*

(I look out the window to see a woman who has driven past the tellers’ machines by at least half a car length. We can’t hear what the conversation is, but the customer is gesturing wildly at the teller window and not speaking into the speaker. Note that this woman is in the third lane of the drive-thru, and the tellers probably can’t hear her.)

Me: What is she doing?

(The woman continues to be irate, and after about 5 minutes she finally figures out she needs to back up so she can reach the machine and place her deposit in the receptacle. Even then she continues to wave a menacing finger over at the teller’s window 3 lanes away, and when she receives her deposit slip and some cash back, she examines it for 3 minutes before finally driving away.)

Me: I’m so glad I don’t work in customer service anymore!

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