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A guest calls up and asks for a refund. When they checked in they could not get to their guest room by elevator because the elevators were out. They decided not to stay and were not charged. They would like a comp room night because they were not told that there was stair access to the guest floors.. from the lobby… in a building with more than 1 floor… in the modern world. Sadly they did not take it so well when I put to then quite so plainly. They called me a pion. I said, in my mind, to call them stupid would have been an insult to stupid people everywhere.

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I work at a popular hotel chain, a woman who has been nothing but trouble over the past three days she’s stayed with us is finally checking out.

Her: “you know, your pool is really terrible! It’s supposed to be heated but it was cold when I went in!”

I think I know where this is going since the pool has been closed all month for drainage and filter repairs, the people working on it have been refilling and draining all day to make sure the new filter works properly, but to my surprise she says nothing more and walks out! Suddenly my coworker who works in the gym (the room next to the pool) walks up to me.

Coworker: “Was that [Guest who just checked out]?”

Me: “Yea, thank god.”

Suddenly he breaks out laughing

Coworker: “This afternoon while the pool was filled and the [pool repair company] guys were on break, she walked right in and started swimming in it! She was there for five minutes then walked out complaining about the temperature!”

We told our manager and all still laugh about it to this day.

Manners Maketh Them Uncomfortable

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(I’m staying in a hotel. I have to print something, so I run down to the business center to do so. It’s right off the main lobby. While I’m waiting for my paperwork to print, I hear the lady at the front desk talking to a vendor.)

Front Desk: “…and there you are, sir. Have a nice day!”

Vendor: “Don’t call me, sir!”

Front Desk: “I’m sorry… sir.”

Vendor: “Stop that! You make me feel old when you call me ‘sir.’ I’m not old!! Why did you even call me that?!”

Front Desk: “Because I have manners, sir.”

(My document finished printing at that moment. I grabbed it and ran out of the business center before I started laughing. Whoever you are, front desk lady, I hope you didn’t get in trouble, because that was GREAT!)

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Common Sense Has Checked Out Early

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(I am working the night shift. The phone rings, marked as an internal call.)

Me: “Good evening. Guest services, this is [My Name]; how may I help you?”

Guest: “Can I get a late checkout?”

Me: “Certainly, Mr. [Guest], regular checkout is at eleven, but we can extend that to noon.”

Guest: “Can you do any later than that? Like two?”

Me: “I’m sorry, but unfortunately, I cannot. My housekeeping department leaves for the day before that on a weekend.”

Guest: “We’re just going to be out running errands all day…”

Me: “If you would like, we can hold your belongings behind the front desk until it’s convenient for you to pick them up around two?”

Guest: “Actually, I want my checkout at three.”

Me: “Sir, unfortunately, I cannot do a three-pm checkout. If I let you stay past noon…” *at this point I hesitate, looking at his account; he’s a high-profile member* “The very, very latest I can offer is twelve-thirty, and I’m really not supposed to do that.”

Guest’s Wife: *in background* “We need a three-pm checkout!”

Guest: “Three pm.”

Me: “If we let you stay until three, we have to charge you for a half-day’s stay. I’m sorry.”

Guest’s Wife: “What? No way! Why?”

Me: “Because housekeeping won’t be here to clean the room, so we won’t be able to sell it for tomorrow night.”

Guest’s Wife: *still in the background* “I want to speak to your supervisor!”

(It is about 12:30 am.)

Me: “I am the supervisor, ma’am.”

Guest’s Wife: *still yelling from background* “THEN I WANT TO TALK TO YOUR MANAGER!”

Me: “Ma’am, I am the manager on duty. I am also the only employee here at the moment. Would you like me to mark you down for a noon checkout, or charge you for the half-day so you can check out at three?”

Guest’s Wife: *still in background* “TRANSFER ME TO YOUR MANAGER!”

Me: “I am the manager. I can send you to my general manager’s voicemail box, but she won’t be in until Tuesday morning, as this is Friday night and a holiday weekend.”

Guest: “Please, just transfer…”

(I transferred her to the voicemail, shaking with silent fury. A few hours later, the guy came down and asked for Bengay — of all things — and to apologize for his wife. He asked for the 12:30 checkout and thanked me, apologized again, and left.)

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He’s Plugged His Brain Into Itself

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(I am taking a room payment through fax for a guest. I have faxed the required paperwork that needs to be filled out and I am waiting for the return fax. The person sending the fax calls me.)

Guest: “Did you receive that fax?”

Me: “No, not yet.”

Guest: “When I send it I get a busy signal.”

Me: “I am not sure why that would happen. We have not received any faxes.”

Guest: “I also notice that your number is the same area code as mine. It is a California number. Why would that be if you are in Las Vegas?”

Me: “Sir, are you sending that fax to your own number? I wrote it on the cover sheets as the destination. Our number is listed in the paperwork instructions and as the sender on the cover letter I sent you.”

Guest: “So, I can’t send it to my number?”

Me: “No, you have to send it to our number. It works like a phone. You cannot call someone else by dialing the number you are calling from. It just doesn’t work that way.”

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