Unable To Show A Little Restraint

| Canada | Working | December 28, 2015

(I am the front desk manager at a hotel. We have an ad online looking for a part-time front desk clerk and I’ve been getting a lot of applications. About four months ago we hired a new guy, let’s call him Jim, who is working out to be one of the best employees we’ve had in years, and I’m really hoping to get just as lucky with the next person. Everybody loves him and he has the potential to advance to a manager position in the future if things keep up. Just before three pm, a young lady walks in with a file folder and I can already tell she is here to apply for the job. I go to greet her.)

Girl: “Hi. May I speak with the manager, please?”

Me: “Is this regarding a job application?”

Girl: “Yes, it is.”

Me: “Wonderful! My name is [My Name] and I’m the front desk manager. Pleasure to meet you.”

Girl: “Likewise! My name is [Girl] and I would like to apply for the position you have available.” *she pulls a resume from her folder and hands it to me* “As you can see by my resume I am more than qualified and would be perfect for this job.” *her resume is average to say the least* “There is only one thing holding me back…”

Me: “All right, and what might that be?”

Girl: “Well, do you have an employee named Jim working here? Jim  [Last Name]?”

Me: “Yes, I do. He is my best employee.”

Girl: *looks surprised* “Oh, well, I can’t be in the same building with him due to a restraining order I have against him.  I can’t work here as long as he’s on your staff. So…”

Me: “Well, then, I guess I won’t be able to consider you. I’m very sorry. Have a lovely day.”

(I hand her back her resume and she looks at me with this devilish look that tells me this girl is a troublemaker. She kind of smiles.)

Girl: “Do you guys do criminal record checks?” *she has a huge smirk as she asks this*

Me: “Yes, ma’am, we do a criminal record check on every employee, including on Jim.”

Girl: “Well, he—”

Me: “We are fully aware of his past and the general manager and I have decided that we are comfortable enough with him to overlook it. We firmly believe that everybody deserves a second chance and Jim is no different. And as I said, he is my best employee, one of the best we’ve had in years, and I have no intentions of firing him as long as he’s doing his job and being honest with us. Is there anything else?”

(She goes red in the face and puckers her lips.)

Girl: “Well, that’s wonderful! I’m so happy to hear he’s doing such a wonderful job. That’s just great. Yeah. Well, can I leave you my resume anyway in case something comes up?”

Me: “Well, things do change so I suppose I could hold on to it but as I said, I have no intentions of firing him so unless he quits I have nothing available for you here. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to wrap up and head home. Thank you.”

(I go back to my office, file the resume and think nothing more of it. The next morning the phone rings and a familiar voice asks to be put through to the general manager. I recognize her right away as the girl from the night before. I overhear my manager’s side of the conversation and it’s clear that she’s going over my head to get this guy fired. After about 15 minutes the general manager hangs up and calls me in to the office.)

General Manager: “You’re not going to believe this:  a girl just called and tried to talk me into firing Jim so we could hire her. She said that she is perfect for the job and that we need her on staff but that you are discriminating against her by putting her in a situation where she can’t work here.”

Me: “What?!”

General Manager: “Yeah, according to little miss law school here, it’s illegal to hire people who have restraining orders against them because it prevents their victims from being able to work at those same places.”

Me: “Seriously? She’s crazy. That girl is nothing but a troublemaker and even if Jim wasn’t here I wouldn’t want her on staff. I don’t need that kind of childishness around here.”

General Manager: “Yeah, she also told me we were breaking the law by having her resume here and told me that I have to destroy it because it might be in an area where Jim could see it.”

Me: “She insisted on leaving it. I gave it back to her!”

General Manager: “Oh, I know. I know her type and what they do. This ain’t my first rodeo. Not my first experience with a restraining order either. You should have hear how quickly she changed her tune when I told her that by coming here and calling me she was actually violating her own restraining order thereby making it null and void. I told her I would be giving this information and the security tapes to Jim and his probation officer. She just went silent, then told me happily to never mind and to tell Jim to have a lovely day and to enjoy his job. Unbelievable, some people.”

Me: “Wow. Did she really void her own restraining order?”

General Manager: “Probably. Depends on the terms and conditions, I guess. Anyway, do me a favor and pull up the security footage from last night when she came in and prepare an incident report, please. Let’s wrap this up right now and be done with it.”

(It turned out she had done the exact same thing at Jim’s second job where he worked as a bouncer at a bar. The girl didn’t even need work; she had a full time job and was going to school but was determined to make his life difficult. I don’t know what is going to come of it all but it still amazes me how hateful and vindictive some people can be.)

Roll On The Wrong Floor Laughing

| London, England, UK | Related | December 28, 2015

(We are staying in a hotel for a night then boarding a plane. Mum comes through the door from the stairs.)

Mum: “I feel really bad.”

Me: “Why?”

Mum: “I got into a lift with a family, pressed our floor number, saw they were going down and not up and quickly got out again. But when I got out I saw that they were going up to my floor number. They’re probably cursing me right now.”

Not Speaking Full English

| Edinburgh, Scotland, UK | Right | December 28, 2015

Guest: *on the phone* “Do you serve hot breakfast?”

Me: “Yes, we serve a full Scottish breakfast.”

Guest: “So you don’t have any hot food? Like a full English?”

Me: “A full Scottish breakfast is basically the same as a full English, but you get haggis as well. And it’s a buffet so you can choose not to have that if you don’t want it.”

Guest: “So I can’t get eggs or sausages? You know, like in a full English.”

Me: “I assure you, our buffet has hot food. It is a full English, plus haggis.”

Guest: “But I can’t get eggs, ’cause it’s Scottish?”

Me: “…”

Guest: “It’s just continental, with muffins and stuff.”

Me: “The buffet has any number of breakfast items, but if you want something not available, you can ask the chef, and it won’t be a problem. Though I assure you, the buffet has hot, full English breakfast items. Such as eggs.”

Guest: “Okay, I’ll just ask the chef to make me a full English, then. Thank you.”

A Platter Of Misunderstandings

| Canada | Right | December 27, 2015

(It is a very busy morning at our hotel as all of our conference rooms have been booked for meetings. The night before, my employee called me asking if it was still possible to place a catering order for one of the meetings. He said the gentlemen in charge is there to set up the room and realized he hadn’t requested it sooner. I had him put the customer on and I informed him that we could only arrange for a simple dessert platter or soup-and-sandwich menu at this short of notice, and he decided on a dessert platter and two large pitchers of coffee. The next morning I greet him as he comes in.)

Me: “Good morning! So, just to confirm, you wanted the dessert platter and coffee served at 9 am, is that correct?”

Customer #1: “Excellent! Thank you.”

(I go back to the front desk and people start arriving. Around 8:30 a gentlemen approaches the desk.)

Customer #2: “Excuse me, I’m in [same meeting as the first customer] and I’m wondering if we could get the bill for the room in advance. I’m going to prepare a check and drop it off when we step out for lunch.”

Me: “Absolutely. I’ve got everything ready right here. I just need a moment to print it out.”

(I print it and hand it off and he thanks me. A moment later he returns.)

Customer #2: “Excuse me, why are we being charged $24.95 for food and beverage services?”

Me: “Oh! That’s for the dessert platter and the coffee that you ordered from [Local Catering Company].”

Customer #2: “What dessert and coffee? I didn’t order anything from [Catering Company].”

Me: “The gentlemen in charge of the meeting ordered it last night.”

Customer #2: “I’M in charge of this meeting and I didn’t order anything! Who did you speak with?”

Me: “Umm… I spoke with [Customer #1], that gentlemen standing over there. He came in last night to do the set-up and we spoke over the phone. I also confirmed it with him this morning; I confirmed that he wanted it for 9 am.”

Customer #2: “I have no idea where you’re getting this from. We did not order anything. I am in charge of the finances and the decisions. How dare you allow someone to go over my head!”

Me: “I’m terribly sorry, sir, but he was the one who booked the room and he is the one with whom I’ve had all communications. I didn’t even know you existed before this morning so I had no way of knowing you were in charge.”

Customer #2: “Well, okay, that is understandable but I do need this taken off the bill, please.”

Me: “Well, the food has just been delivered and paid for maybe 10 minutes ago. It’s non-refundable so we would be taking a financial loss here. Are you certain you don’t want to take it? At a discounted price maybe?”

Customer #2: “I said, TAKE. IT. OFF.”

Me: “Yes, sir. I’m terribly sorry for the mix up.”

(I remove it from his bill and proceed to call the local soup kitchen to tell them we have a donation for them. They come by to pick it up and are very grateful. Around 9:45, the meeting let’s out for a break and about a dozen people flood into our breakfast room. I figure they are going to watch the television and since breakfast is over I don’t mind letting them mingle. Then I hear the familiar sound of our cupboard doors opening and closing and the coffee machine running. I go in to see all 12 people eating muffins and drinking coffee. A few even have yogurts from the fridge. I take a count and prepare a bill and when the group lets out for lunch I present it to Customer #2.)

Customer #2: “What is this? What am I paying $42 for food and beverages for?! I thought we discussed this already!”

Me: “This is a bill for the coffee, muffins, and yogurt your guests took from our breakfast room. Those items are only free to hotels guests and only during breakfast hours. It’s $1.50 per coffee for 12 coffees, $1.35 per muffin at 12 muffins, and $1.50 per yogurt for five yogurts.”

Customer #2: “I don’t understand. It was under $30 a couple hours ago…”

Me: “Yes, for the dessert platter and coffee provided by [Catering Company]. They charge a flat fee which we are not charging you for. Those muffins and coffees come from our personal supply. We charge per item whereas the catering company charges a flat rate.”

Customer #2: “Well, give me the catering platter and stuff, then!”

Me: “Even if I could you would just end up paying for both.”

Customer #2: “I should have kept my big mouth shut.”

(He pulled out his checkbook and cut a check for the food and I later heard him yelling at his guests to “not touch the bloody food!”)

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They Already Checked Out Last Night

| CO, USA | Right | December 25, 2015

Guest: “Hi there. I would like to check out.”

Me: “I can do that for you. Did you enjoy your stay?”

Guest: “Yes, I love Colorado!”

Me: “I’m happy to hear that; I hope you come back soon.”

Guest: “Oh, I will! Here is my room key and what I couldn’t finish.” *smiles*

(He hands me his key, I feel a small bag under it.)

Guest: “Have a green Christmas!”

(I didn’t even need to look to see what it was. Only in Colorado will you get a check out with pot at four am.)

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