It’s Not A Good Day

| USA | Working | March 23, 2016

(I am in the middle of a stressed day, running around like a chicken with no head. A lot of the customers have been giving me a hard time, and I am still new, learning everything. The phone rings for what seems to be the millionth time, and since I’m in a hurry, I use the abbreviated version of our greeting.)

Me: “Good day, this is [Hotel].”

Caller: *sighs loudly* “No, that isn’t how you’re supposed to answer!”

(It isn’t my manager. I’m wondering who it is that’s yelling at me. The caller continues to berate me. Finally, I’ve had enough.)

Me: “Fine! It’s a good day here at [Hotel]! How may I assist you?!”

(I slam down the phone. My coworker looks at me like I’ve gone crazy.)

Coworker: “Pranker?”

Me: “No, just some idiot trying to tell me how to do my job.”

(I was glad when the day ended. Later, I learned that it was actually the owner that had called!! Whoops! I wasn’t punished, by some miracle, but I decided the job was too stressful and quit a few weeks later. I kind of felt bad by the way I treated him, but he was very annoying.)

Trying To Put The Matter To Bed (& Breakfast)

, | USA | Working | March 20, 2016

(I reserve a room at a bed and breakfast via an online hotel reservation service. A few days later, I get an email saying my reservation could not be honored, and to please call their helpline to resolve the matter. I go outside during my lunch break to call and get things worked out.)

Representative: “Thank you for calling [Company]. How can I help you?”

Me: “I booked a room a couple days ago and I just got an email saying it couldn’t be honored and to call here to work it out.”

Representative: “Yes, it looks like the proprietor told us that he had a room available, but he booked it and didn’t let us know, so we didn’t update our site, but the room has been filled.”

Me: *thinking that sounds suspicious, but wanting to get things worked out* “So, what now?”

Representative: “Why did you choose this bed and breakfast? I will search my system and find something comparable.”

Me: “It is right down the road from my mom’s house. I’m not sure you’ll find something nearby; it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and I don’t want to be much farther away since I’m going home for Mother’s Day.”

Representative: “I’m sure we can find something. I’m going to put you on hold while I search.”

(He puts me on hold for about 10 minutes.)

Representative: “Hello, [My Name], I searched and I found a room at [Budget Nationwide Hotel Chain] in [City 10 miles away]. Would you like me to transfer your booking?”

Me: “Um, that’s not really close by. I was hoping for something closer.”

Representative: “According to our maps, it’s only 3.8 miles from your original booking.”

Me: *thinking it will only be one night and not wanting to fight* “Okay, that’s fine, then.”

Representative: “Okay, the price for this room is $119 per night. Since you booked your other room at $100 a night, we will cover the cost of the increase, but I will need a credit card number to hold the room.”

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, I just stepped outside to call and I don’t have my wallet with me. Can I call you back later today with my credit card?”

Representative: “There are only a few rooms left. We really need a credit card to reserve the room. We can’t guarantee there will be any rooms left if you don’t reserve it now.”

Me: *starting to get a little annoyed now; they are trying to get me to stay in a budget hotel instead of a bed and breakfast and not making it easy* “I’m sorry, maybe you didn’t hear me – I don’t have my credit card with me. It’s in my office on the 23rd floor of my building. I really can’t give you my credit card number at this time. So…”

Representative: “Do you have a friend nearby? Can you borrow someone else’s card and then use your own card when you get to the hotel?”

Me: *thinking – did you really just ask if I could borrow someone else’s credit card?!* “No, I can’t do that. I’m by myself.”

Representative: “Well, I’m not sure what we can do here.”

Me: “Okay, well, if I can’t call back later, I guess you’d better just cancel everything. I’m not sure what else can be done.”

Representative: “Well, I’ll place a note on your account and you can call back later and we’ll see what we can do for you then.”

Me: *at the end of my rope* “No, just cancel. I’ll take care of finding something else on my own.”

Representative: “Are you sure? There might be something here later if you call back.”

Me: “No, it’s not worth the trouble. Just cancel.”

Representative: “Okay, I’ll send a confirmation of the cancel to [email address].”

(I decided to just call the bed and breakfast directly to see what happened. They did have a room and were able to book me directly.)

Speedo On To The End Of The Call

| FL, USA | Right | March 18, 2016

(I work the overnight shift on the front desk. One night I get a call from an older gentleman that I, unfortunately, won’t soon forget.)

Me: “Thank you for calling [Hotel]. This is [My Name]. How may I help you?”

Caller: “I’m thinking of making a reservation at your bed and breakfast but had a few questions.”

Me: “I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, sir.”

Caller: “My wife and I travel a lot and we often stay at bed and breakfasts and I know that some have shared bathrooms. Is this the case for yours?”

Me: *thinking nothing of this as it is a fairly typical question* “I can assure you that each of our rooms has its own private bathroom.”

Caller: “I’m glad to hear this. You see, one time we were staying at a bed and breakfast that had shared bathrooms and my wife was taking a shower one morning and a gentleman entered while she was shaving her private parts. It was a bit embarrassing.

Me: *hoping this is some sort of prank call, but am unable to end it* “That can’t have been good. Well, you don’t have to worry about that happening here.”

Caller: “Well since he had already seen everything my wife just continued to finish up her shower as he went about his business. My other question is are speedos allowed to be worn on the beach?”

Me: *at this point the mental images have me wishing I could end calls, but am unable to* “As far as I am aware, you should be able to wear a speedo on the beach. I’ve heard nothing to the contrary.”

Caller: “Thank you very much for your help. I’ll talk it over with the wife and give you a call back.”

(It didn’t surprise me that they never called back.)

Hard Of Leering

| OK, USA | Romantic | March 14, 2016

Elderly Guest: “Excuse me, miss, didn’t you hear me?”

Me: *thinking I might have missed a question as I was typing at the time* “Hmm? No, I’m sorry, sir. What did you say?”

Elderly Guest: “I said ‘Most beautiful women are hard of hearing.’” *wink*

(Normally I hate being hit on at work – but that was so smooth I wasn’t even mad.)

Which Is S’more Unlikely?

| BC, Canada | Right | March 11, 2016

(I work evenings at a four star hotel with a restaurant attached. We have gas fireplaces in every room. I am the only one left on shift but luckily for me the owner is there doing her monthly audit. The phone rings and I’m busy so she pick it up.)

Owner: “Front Desk, how may I help you?”

(I pause as I see her roll her eyes.)

Owner: “Yes, this is a manager speaking.” *a small amount of time passes and she looks completely dumbfounded* “I’m sorry, sir, could you repeat that, please?” *pause* “Unfortunately, sir, there is nothing I can do for you at this time. I will have maintenance come take a look in the morning.” *pause* “Sir, not only am I unable to do that but I won’t. I will have maintenance look at it in the morning and if there is damage you will be charged a compensation fee. Have a nice night.” *she hangs up the phone*

Me: “What was that about?”

Owner: “Some jack-a** got drunk and tried to make s’mores in the fireplace. His marshmallow melted to the glass and now he wants a complimentary dinner for the trouble.”

Me: “Wow. Still not the strangest thing I’ve heard this week.”

(As if on cue the phone rings again. She picks it up.)

Owner: “Front Desk.” *pause* “Yes, this is the owner speaking.”

(She pauses again and looks at the room number on the display.)

Owner: “PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON I DRINK!” *she slams down the phone and looks at me* “How do you deal with this?”

Me: “Apparently the same way you do.”

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