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Me: “No, sorry we don’t take that coupon.”

Customer: “But [Other Hotel] said you did!”

Me: “Really…?”

Customer: “I demand my taxi be paid for giving me false info!”

(We’re not supposed to pay for taxis, but the man starts throwing a temper tantrum and making a big scene, so I decide to, just to get him to leave. Finally, he does, and I call the Other Hotel.)

Me: “Did you tell some crazy man that we accept coupons?!”

Other Hotel: “Yes we did!”

Me: “Well don’t! We don’t accept them!”

Other Hotel: “Sorrrrry.” *hangs up*

(At least he was telling the truth, so I hadn’t rewarded a liar, but still.)

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(I’m the bad customer in this story, although I honestly didn’t mean to be. My fiancé and I were planning our wedding. We wanted to have an afternoon reception with wine and hors d’oeuvres, so we called a local hotel that had a good reputation for that sort of thing.)

Hotel Employee: If you like, you can come sample some of our food and see what appeals to you.
Me: That sounds wonderful!
Hotel Employee: Good! (*arranges a date and time*) Oh, one more thing – how many people are in your wedding party?
Me: (thinking “I have no idea why you’re asking me that”) There will be me, my fiancé, my matron of honour, and the best man.
Hotel Employee: Great! See you on (date)!

(When the date came, my fiancé and I arrived at the hotel and were seated in the restaurant.)

Hotel Employee: Here you are! (proceeds to bring out one huge plate after another of delicious food)
Me (to my fiancé): Wow! I just thought we’d have a small taste of everything – there’s tons here!
Him: I know! We’re not going to need dinner after this.
Hotel Employee: How is everything?
Us: Fabulous!
Hotel Employee: I’m so glad! And will your matron of honour and best man be arriving soon?
Me: Um … no. I’m sorry – I didn’t realize that you expected them as well.
Hotel Employee: Oh! Well – most couples bring their entire wedding party with them for food tasting.
Me: They do? (Thinking “Why? We’re paying for it, not them.”)
Hotel Employee: Not to worry. Guess you get to eat their share, too!
Us: That won’t be a problem!

(Put it down to ignorance, and not because we were trying to score a free dinner. That hotel got our business, partly because of the quality of the food, and partly because the employee was so nice. Our reception was amazing.)

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*I was working a PM Shift, and I wasn’t even an hour into the shift*

Me: Guest services, this is (my name). How may I assist you Mr. (guest’s last name)?
Guest: When I walked to my room I noticed the door was open. Why was that?
Me: Hmm, I am not sure sir. That sounds unusual. Was your door wide open or cracked?
Guest: It was cracked. I’m assuming my door was left cracked when housekeeping came to clean. And now I am not sure if any of my items are missing.
Me: Ok, I do apologize about your door being left open. Most likely it was a mistake by housekeeping because we do not allow anyone access to any guest rooms without going thru proper security measures/permissions first. I will definitely relay this issue to my manager.
Guest: Okay, thank you. Please make sure you close my door next time. Ok?
Me: *DF* Okay sir, bye bye. *Hangs up phone*

This was hilarious… he told ME to make sure *I* close his door? Lol. I don’t step foot near any of the guest rooms. And I literally just got to work, so there is no way I can know his door was left cracked. When guests complain about their room conditions or any issues concerning the room, all I can do is apologize and try to make it better because those issues are from a whole other department. I do not have complete control over what happens on guest floors. I wish we were allowed to double check rooms and scan the hallways before check-in with the Housekeeping Supervisor, but there is never any way of making sure what is done on every floor is 100% accurate. I thought this was hilarious. Yeah ok, I’ll definitely come in to work super early just to make sure YOUR room door is closed after being cleaned. Boy bye LOL.

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(My boyfriend and I have just checked into a hotel, and we get into our room. It’s about 1pm, and we hear a cart stop just in front of our door.)

Me, to the boyfriend: How funny would it be if that was room service?

(Right on cue…)

Woman: *Knock knock* “Room service!”

(I answer the door.)

Woman: *glancing around* Oh! Wrong room. You must have just checked in – sorry! Have a great night!

Me: That’s all right, no worries, you too!

(Boyfriend and I shrug and laugh it off, and we begin to unpack for the week.)

(Not five minutes later…)

Different woman: *knock knock* Room service!

Me: *opening door* Uh, yeah, hi, another person went by – we JUST checked in and…

Different woman: Oh! My apologies! Wrong room!

Me: No worries…

(Again we both shrug it off…but then half an hour later!)

Totally different woman: *knock knock* Room service!

Me: *opening door* Aha, okay, seriously, guys, this is the third time…

Totally different woman: *glancing around, then glancing at the clipboard in her hand* Third time? Really? Okay, I am so sorry to bother you, I’ll see it’s fixed. You both have a great night!

Me: Right, you too…

(Luckily the last woman must have fixed it, because we were not bothered the rest of the day!)

It Suddenly Became A Smoking Room

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When I was six, we were in the middle of moving. I got sick during the journey. The hotel had a free breakfast, but I didn’t want to go down. My parents went without me. We had bread, some snacks, and a microwave in the room.

I knew toast would make me feel better but couldn’t find a toaster. I decided to make it in the microwave. Since the toaster took ten minutes, the microwave would, too, right? I started it and went to watch TV.

You can guess what happened next; the room started filling with smoke and hotel employees came really quickly. I knew to leave the room but didn’t realize that I’d started this. For the record, the room never caught on fire; there was just a lot of smoke.

My parents came back from breakfast to find out that we’d been banned. I wasn’t allowed to use a microwave for years.

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