Floored By Your Lack Of Effort

| London, England, UK | Working | November 30, 2015

(I am employed by a hotel chain that owns five-star hotels across the world. I am working with an agency worker who is, for lack of a better word, difficult. He frequently uses his phone on shift, gives orders although his position does not involve management responsibility, pockets tips that are meant to be shared, amongst other things. Today we are working the room dining shift, where we send food to the guests rooms that they have ordered. It’s been a particular un-busy day; not many orders have gone out.)

Me: “Can you start clearing the floor as soon as you’re done—”

Agency Worker: “I need to do this first!”

Me: “Um… yes. I just said to you when you’ve finished to start the clearing, please.”

Agency Worker: “Okay.”

(I silently fume because this isn’t the first instance in which this particular agency worker hasn’t let me finish what I’m saying, or shown much interest in what I’m asking him. I let it go, knowing there is only two hours left before I can leave. 20 minutes later, after sending up some cutlery to a guest on a particular floor, I notice a tray of food left outside one of the guest’s rooms. Knowing that the agency worker is already clearing the floors, I leave it for him – partly because I wanted to see if I can trust him with such a basic job. I come back to the room dining office 10 minutes later, and see the same agency worker sitting in front of the register.)

Me: “Hey, [Agency Worker], did you clear the floors?”

Agency Worker: “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Me: “Cool, I’ll be right back a sec…”

(Suspicious that he somehow finished nine floors in the space of 30 minutes, I decide to go back to the previous floor I was on, just on a hunch. Lo and behold – the tray is still there. Furious, I return downstairs with the tray in hand.)

Me: “So, [Agency Worker], the clearing is done. Yeah?”

Agency Worker: “Yeah.” *he’s still at the computer, and doesn’t even turn to acknowledge my upset tone*

Me: “Right, so, what’s this, then?” *I present the tray*

Agency Worker: “Oh… well, that must have just been left outside!”

Me: “I saw this exact tray upstairs half an hour ago, [Agency Worker]. Can you please check the floors and do it proper—”

(Before I finish, the Agency Worker once again flips out on me.)

Agency Worker: “I do not do the clearing every 15 minutes! It’s the rules! We do it 10 pm and it is now 9 pm! It’s the rules!”

(Flabbergasted by this response, I just leave him to it.)

The Hangover

| Starkville, MS, USA | Right | November 29, 2015

(I work reception in a hotel. After having a wedding party stay in the hotel overnight, a few members of said party approach me at the front desk.)

Female Patron: “Um, yeah… We can’t find our friend.”

Me: *somewhat taken aback* “You… can’t find him? What room was he staying in?”

Female Patron: “That’s just it. He’s my fiancé and we were sharing a room. He never came back last night after the reception and now we can’t find him.”

Me: “Does he have a cell phone? You could try calling him, see if he answers.”

(It’s determined by the missing patron’s friends that the situation is not necessarily an emergency just yet; they decide to wait a while for their buddy to turn up as they take turns trying to reach him on his cell. But after a few hours of luckless calling and searching, they return to the front.)

Female Patron: “We still can’t find him.

Me: “Let me call my manager.” *calls and explains the situation*

Manager: *on the phone* Oh, I know who you’re talking about. Someone found him passed out drunk in the middle of the third floor hallway last night, wearing nothing but boxer shorts and hugging a pizza box. He was too incoherent to tell us who he was here with or which room he was staying in, so we put him in a vacant room to sleep off the alcohol.”

(I relay the information to the concerned patrons and they go to retrieve their very hungover friend from his temporary room. Upon checkout…)

Drunk Patron: “Hey, has this ever happened before?”

Me: “Not that I can recall, sir.”

Drunk Patron: *grinning* “Awesome! First time for everything!”

Good Honest Work

| OK, USA | Working | November 29, 2015

(I have been working at this hotel for a couple of months, but I normally work the evening shift. One time when I am asked to work a morning shift, I get confused over a check-out and accidentally refund a customer about $150 when she actually OWED that amount. Naturally, I’m freaking out, but I call my manager and the customer to explain the situation, and the accounting manager also is involved.)

Accounting Manager: “Well, you’re only human. This COULD be an automatic termination, but you’re a really good employee, nothing like this has ever happened with you before, AND you’re working a shift you almost never do, so it’s just going to be a write up, okay?”

Me: “O- okay. Thank you so much. I know I really messed up…”                                   

Accounting Manager: “Hey, it happens. Really, we’ve had far bigger screw-ups, and this won’t be the last. You’ll be fine.”

(She let me go on an early break, and shortly after I came back from it, the customer actually came back to the hotel to return the money (we waived the original fee she owed for her honesty), which was a huge relief.)

Accounting Manager: “Awesome! I mean, you’ll still be written up, you know, but at least we’ve got our books balanced now!”

Me: “Yeah, I feel a lot better with that settled. And I can’t argue with a write up; I did mess up.”

Accounting Manager: “But hey, it all got fixed in the end, and I’m sure this will fall off your record before it can actually hurt you.”

Me: “Here’s hoping!”

(She disappears into the back office for a bit, and I continue on with my day, still a bit shaken but feeling a bit better, until…)

Accounting Manager: “It’s your lucky day, girl; you’re not even getting a write-up anymore!”

Me: “R- really!? Why not?”

Accounting Manager: “Well [Assistant Manager] still thought you should get it, but [Head of HR] pointed out that you caught your mistake immediately, you reported it to everyone who needed to know, AND you got the money back. Yeah, you made a mistake, but you did everything right to fix it, so it didn’t seem right to punish you!”

Me: “Oh, my God, thank you so much!”

Accounting Manager: “Hey, thank [Head of HR]. She’s the one who stuck up for you!”

(I did exactly that, but she insisted it was all my doing for being honest. It’s seriously awesome to work in a place where honesty and hard work really do pay dividends, and I am so grateful to everyone involved that day for their understanding and support!)

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Not A Fan Of Your Coldness

| NB, Canada | Right | November 24, 2015

(A guest approaches the front desk early in the morning to check out. I greet him.)

Me: “Good morning! Checking out, I see; what’s the room number?”

Customer: “It’s room 115.”

Me: “Wonderful, Mr. [Customer], and did you enjoy your stay?”

Customer: “No, I did not, and I think I should be compensated.”

Me: “Oh? I’m so sorry to hear that; what was the problem you had?”

Customer: “There was no heat in the room! I froze all bloody night and barely got any sleep. Why should I have to pay for a room with no heat in February?”

Me: “I’m so sorry to hear that, sir. I will definitely have this taken care of right away. I just need to know exactly what the problem was. Was the heater running but not producing heat? Was the temperature display on the wall not working?”

Customer: “Oh no, everything was working. I just didn’t have heat.”

Me: “I don’t understand. Did you turn on the heat and increase the temperature and it get any warmer?”

Customer: “Oh, I don’t know. I just pressed the button that said fan and a fan came on and it got cold so I went to bed.”

Me: “Okay… were you not able to turn the fan off or to turn the heat on?”

Customer: “I don’t know; I didn’t try.”

Me: “I see. Did you call the front desk to ask for assistance?”

Customer: “NO! I told you, I pressed the button that said fan, the fan came on and it got cold, so I just went to bed.”

Me: “So, let me see if I’ve got this straight. You slept in a room with a fully operational heater, you turned on the fan instead of the heater, made no attempts to correct your own error, and now you want a discount because you were cold.”

Customer: “Well, when you say it like that you make it sound like I’m an idiot.”

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To Sleep, Perchance To Dream Of Getting More Sleep

| UK | Working | November 13, 2015

(I’ve just started work at a bar/restaurant in a hotel. As I’m trying to start up my own business, I go to weekly early morning breakfast meetings (early as in a 6:30 am start) at the same hotel every week on Thursdays. The hotel knew this when I started working there.)

Me: *reading my first week’s schedule* “Hey, [Manager], I see you put me down for closing shift Wednesday evening. I asked for it off because you know I come here for meetings on Thursday mornings.”

Manager: “Oh, sorry. Can you please just work it this week?”

(I agree, and work til about half 12 that Wednesday, leaving me about 4 hours of sleep that night. When next week’s rota is put up…)

Me: “[Manager], you’ve scheduled me for Wednesday closing shift again.”

Manager: “Oh, sorry, I forgot again. Write the reason you can’t work on the rota request for next week.”

(The next week…)

Me: “I’m scheduled for Wednesday again!”

Manager: “Yes, well, no one else can work Wednesdays.”

Me: “I can’t work Wednesdays.”

Manager: “Yes, you can. You don’t have anything on in the evening, just the next morning.”

(I resolved to put down that I can work until 11, rather than can’t work at all, because that way I didn’t get scheduled for closing shifts and managed almost six hours of sleep! Luckily my business took off and I was eventually able to quit, but I was very sleep deprived for those six months.)

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