Karma Is In The Cards

| USA | Right | May 1, 2016

(We just had problems with the electricity that is now fixed. Because of the earlier problems, some people are still feeling resentful.)

Guest: *snottily* “So, this so-called perfect hotel always have problems here?”

Me: “No, this is the first time in my working in ten years that we’ve had problems with the lights.”

(He frowns, displeased.)

Guest: “Well, will my key card still work?”

Me: “It should; the key card readers run on battery.”

Guest: *angry now* “Well, I just tried them; why the f*** don’t it work, then?!”

(He flings a key card at me. I pick it up.)

Me: “First of all, there’s a different hotel name on the cards. That’s why it doesn’t work here, SIR.”

(He turned a bright maroon and quickly left.)

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Psy-Chologically Damaging

| Chicago, IL, USA | Right | April 26, 2016

Me: “Hello, sir. Good afternoon.”

Customer: “Hello, there.”

Me: “Are you checking in with us today?

Customer: “Are you Chinese?”

Me: “Umm, no. I am Korean.”

Customer: “Oh, perfect, how do you spell ‘Gangnam Style’? I can’t seem to find it on YouTube.”

Me: *blank stare*

(Reluctantly I had to spell it out for him.)

Lack Of Agency Urgency

| London, England, UK | Working | April 24, 2016

(I am working on a very busy evening with an agency worker, sending food up to the rooms and back. The night has been the busiest I’ve ever seen it, and we’re starting to run short on plates. I’ve just returned from a floor to see the agency guy just standing around.)

Me: “Hey, [Agency Worker], can you do me a favour and run up to the kitchen and grab some—”

Agency Worker: “I think I might make coffee first. I’m tired.”

Me: *taken aback from being interrupted* “Well, let’s get these orders out the way first. I don’t want us to run out of plates when we’re this busy, so can you get some for me, please?”

(With a huff, the agency worker walks off. I get another room service order, and quite a large one in fact. I’m then phoned by a room for a request for more cutlery, so I run upstairs with a pair of knives and forks. I return five minutes later to see the agency guy slouched on the officer chair with a cup of coffee in hand, totally oblivious to the HUGE order that just came through, and without a single plate brought down. In a fit of anger, I slam my hand down hard on the counter.)

Me: “Right! Either you can get off your arse and do the work you signed up for, or you can leave. I’m not running around just so you can take it easy.”

(With one more huff, the agency worker brought back plates as instructed — the wrong ones, however. Nevertheless we managed to get through the night, but after that incident I asked my boss never to take him on again.)

A Magnet For Stupidity

| Lancaster, England, UK | Right | April 12, 2016

(This happens to my coworker. At 6:30 am, a guest storms up to the front desk and throws down his key card.)

Guest: “My d*** key doesn’t work anymore! It won’t work on the front door, it won’t work on the back door, and it won’t work on my room door! It doesn’t work at all!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry about that, sir. I’ll remake it for you right now.”

Guest: “What the h*** is wrong with it? It worked last night!”

Coworker: “Did you happen to put it near your cell phone?”

Guest: “Yeah, I guess. But what does that have to do with anything?”

Coworker: “Well, sir, when you put the card too close to your phone, that can cause it to demagnetize.”

Guest: “What? That’s stupid! Why do you have such ridiculous keys? I should be able to put my key wherever I want!”

Coworker: “I’m sorry, sir, but that’s just the way the keys are. There’s nothing we can do about it.”

Guest: “Well, too bad! I’m going to keep putting it by my phone! You’ll just have to make me a new one each day!”

(The guest grabs his new key and storms off. I’m not sure what he meant by “too bad,” since deliberately letting his key get decoded would only be an inconvenience for him, not us.)

Truth, Justice, American Way, Not Found Here

| Dalian, China | Working | April 8, 2016

(My friend gets a last minute scholarship to study in China, and because she luckily got in just before the start of the school year, she doesn’t have any place to live there. She then looks for a hotel room to stay until she can find an apartment. This happens at the hotel where she actually finds a room. She is queuing behind two couples of tourists, the first being Chinese, the second being American. We are French, and she is both fluent in English and Chinese.)

Chinese Couple: *in Chinese* “Hi, we would like to book a room.”

Clerk: *in Chinese* “Sure ! May I see some ID?”

Chinese Couple: *show both Chinese passports*

Clerk: *in Chinese* “That will be [price] a night. Here are your keys; your room is at [floor]. Have a nice stay!”

(The Chinese couple goes to their room.)

American Couple: *in English* “Your cheapest room for two people.”

Clerk: *in English* “Sure. May I see your passports?”

American Couple: *give United States passports*

Clerk: *in English* “That’ll be [twice the amount the Chinese couple paid for] for each night.”

American Couple: *swipes card, gets keys, thanks the clerk, goes to their room*

My Friend: *in Chinese* “Hello, I would like a room, please.” *gives French passport*

Clerk: *in Chinese* “Sure. That will be [price just a bit higher than the Chinese couple, but still a lot cheaper than the American couple].”

My Friend: *in Chinese* “But didn’t that last couple ask for the cheapest available room? May I ask why all of the prices are different ? Aren’t these rooms all standard with double bed?”

Clerk: *in Chinese* “Yes, they all are. We just charge more for foreigners, and we charge American guests for a lot more because they’re stupid and always a pain in the a**.”

(My friend was dumbfounded, but sadly still stayed there as the other hotels of the area were fully booked.)

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