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(I work at a well-known hotel in a part of the country where snow is hardly seen. At this point there is 5″ of the good ol’ white stuff on the ground. This is one of many, similar conversations.)

Me: “Good evening, (Hotel Name). Where may I direct your call?”

Guest: “Can you guys come pick me up from the airport?”

Me: “No, sir. Our company car is currently unavailable due to closed roads.”

Guest: “Ugh! Well aren’t there any cabs that will come get me?”

Me: “No, sir. They will not be servicing anyone due to road closures and bad weather.”

Guest:  “Well isn’t there anything you can do to come pick me up?”

Me: “No, sir. Roads are closed due to bad weather.”

Guest: “I want to speak to a manager!”

Me: “Yes, sir. One moment, please.”

(After I transferred him I don’t know what happened, but he obviously hadn’t looked out of a window!)

Acts Of Kindness Can Be A Piece Of Pancake

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(I go to Turkey on holiday, and the hotel has a breakfast buffet that is the same every day, apart from one item that they cook while you wait. It is always the same elderly, smiley guy cooking. A few days in, he is frying up some amazing-looking pancakes, so I figure I’ll give it a shot. They are delicious. They are so good, in fact, that we go back for seconds, and he is very happy about it. The next day, he is cooking eggs. I’m not really a huge fan, so I don’t go and take any. The day after, there’s another egg dish, so, this happens:)

Me: *after grabbing some eggs for my dad* “Excuse me. You wouldn’t happen to be cooking pancakes again this week?”

Chef: “Yes, pancakes in two days! You like them?”

Me: “Yes, they’re amazing!”

Chef: “Thank you! You come and get in two days.”

(Two days later, pancakes! When I go back for seconds, he asks how long I am staying and where I am from. I say I am leaving for my home in Sweden the day after, and I think that is that. This happens the next day when I am getting food from the buffet.)

Chef: *sees me and motions me over* “Good! You wait here.”

Me: “Okay?”

(I watch him cook up eggs for a couple in front of me, and then he takes out a bowl of batter from under the counter.)

Chef: “You need good last day! Long travel, yes? I make pancakes just for you.”

Me: “Oh, my God! Thank you so much!”

(My dad, who is queuing behind me for an omelette, speaks up:)

Dad: “That is very kind of you; those look delicious.”

Chef: *smiles at me, but then points at my dad* “Pancakes are only for her; you like eggs.”

(My dad and I both thought this was so sweet of him. I have Asperger’s, and food was a huge worry for me for this trip, since I have trouble with a lot of textures. This man made a good week into an amazing one. My dad went back about a year later, and I asked him to say hi and thank you to that man if he saw him cooking again. He did, and the chef said I reminded him of his granddaughter, and he was happy I remembered him.)

Rates Are Rising The Mood Is Dropping

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(We have a special rate for stays that are a week or more in our hotel. However, if the guest changes their stay, they no longer get the special rate. Most guests understand this completely, but every once in a while…)

Old Man: “I’d like to check in. However, I’m not sure if I’m going to stay for the entire week.”

Me: “That’s fine. But I warn you that the rate will go higher if you change your stay.”

Old Man: “What?!”

Me: “I’m sorry, but—”

Old Man: *interrupts, pulling out paper* “Where does it say that? You robbers are trying to trick me with your bait-and-switches!”

Me: “Is that the reservation?” *points to where* “You see, it says so right here, in this fine print.”

Old Man: *reading* “‘If you change your stay… then the hotel reserves the right to make changes to your rate…’ Gad durn it. It still isn’t right! I want your manager!”

(I get the manager who, after learning what’s the matter, repeats what I’ve said. I think the old man, seeing that those are the rules, will finally understand, but no, he gets even MADDER.)


Manager: “Fine.”

(He stormed off. Little did he know that we own that hotel, too!)

Can’t Recognize A Good Sign

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(In the hotel where I work we have a lot of staff from different companies. Management implemented a rule where only English is to be spoken in public areas so customers don’t feel uncomfortable. [Guest #1], a man, and [Guest #2], a woman, who are not together, are waiting to check in. [Guest #1] hands me a piece of paper with his name, reservation number, and a note explaining that he is deaf.)

Me: *signing* “Do you speak sign language?”

Guest #1: *nodding and smiling happily* “Yes, thank you! I’d like to check in”

(I go through the check in procedure and explain the various facilities to [Guest #1] and notice that [Guest #2] has left. A few minutes later, [Guest #2] storms up to the desk with the hotel owner.)

Guest #2: “That’s her! She was the one who was talking about me in another language! She and her friend were pointing and laughing at me and I couldn’t understand them!”

Owner: “Is this true? I didn’t even know you could speak any other languages.”

Guest #2: “Well, she’s obviously been lying to you so she can talk about people without them knowing it. I expect my room to be free for this humiliation.”

Me: *whispering to owner* The guest that checked in before her is deaf. I was signing to him explaining the layout of the hotel. The only pointing I did was towards the restaurant and bar. He was laughing because he was happy he had someone to explain the area to him.”

Owner: *to [Guest #2]* “Miss, they were speaking sign language. They weren’t–”

Guest #2: *shrieking* “I know! I’m not an idiot! They shouldn’t have been talking about me!”

Owner: “They weren’t–”

Guest #2: “Stop it! Stop lying to me to protect yourselves! I know what I heard!”

Owner: “Miss, you’re either going to have to calm down and apologize to my receptionist or leave”

Guest #2: “F*** YOU!”

(The woman then stormed out of the hotel, got in her car, and sped out of the car park, knocking over a lamppost! Luckily we had her card details on her reservation and were able to charge her for damages. [Guest #1], however, really enjoyed his stay and wrote a lovely long letter to the owner thanking me and saying he’ll be back!)

Running Their Mouths

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(I recently began work in the hotel side of a pretty renowned local restaurant with a Michelin star rating. I was worried that my coworkers would be stuffy or very serious, but instead they’re very down-to-earth. They’re very careful to be professional but friendly with guests, but we have a good laugh when everyone is checked out. Guests can be a bit of a mixed bag — as we all know! — so when we serve breakfasts in their suites, conversation is generally reserved to polite questions about dinner in the restaurant the night before. One morning this conversation transpires.)

Coworker: “So, how did you find your dinner last night?”

Guest: “Oh, quite wonderful. I’m still full! I don’t know how I’m going to manage after this breakfast!”

Coworker: *without thinking* “Not to worry; go for a jog around in the garden outside to work it all off!”

Guest: “This is a five-star establishment!

(There is a moment of pause as we begin to run through all the ways this conversation could hurtle rapidly downhill. My coworker, thinking he is offended, makes to try and preemptively smooth over the situation.)

Guest: *laughing* “I would expect someone to go outside and do the running for me!”

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