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(from across the lobby)
Guest: “where do we park?”
Me: “anything on the street with a blue post is $2/hour till 8, and then free util 8 am. Or the lot is $6 for 10 hours or 12 for 24”
Guest: “is there another exit?”
Me: “just the front door”
(walks up to the desk)
Guest: “Okay.. and then the street is how much?”
Me: “$2 an hour. Until 8”
Guest: “and then what? it’s free?”
Me: “and then it’s free- ”
Guest: “till when?”
Me: “till 8 am”
(I pull up the arrivals list)
Guest: “and the lot is 6 for 12- what was it?”
Me: “6 for 10, 12 for 24”
Guest: “Alright. I’ll be right back”

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I’m work at the frontdesk of a hotel with a lot of conferences, which means most of our guests are there on business. The checkout is so frustrating! The following instances happens several times a day-
Man: here’s my keycard!
me: Thank you, what room where you in?
man: *leaves*
me: ok ..
I put the card through the card machine in hopes that will be able to tell me which room he had, sometimes it can get erased and then I’ll have no idea what room he just check out of. I can only hope he didn’t have anything to pay for.

woman: I’d like to check out!
me: certainly just give me a sec to finish up with this guest
woman: OH GOD NEVERMIND ILL BE BACK LATER!! *runs off towards the meeting rooms*
If you’re in such a hurry that you can’t wait 30 seconds to checkout than maybe you’re the one at fault and not me!? Also everyday I am left after checkout time with about 10-15 rooms where the guest hasn’t checkout but just walked and left the keycards in the room, yes you may ahve already payed but I need to know that you’ve left the room or housekeeping can’t clean it and if there’s a fire we will have to send someone up to look for you if you’re not at the meet-up!

Please just fucking checkout! It takes 1 minute..

Ghastly Miscommunications

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One vacation, we arrived at our hotel to find out that they had way overbooked their property and had “walked” dozens of guests to another property owned by the same property group on the other side of the city. We weren’t happy but we rolled with it. 

Unfortunately, this required us to contact all of our tour excursions and have them reallocate our pickup points to be closer to our new hotel. For the most part, this went well, but one company had some issues.

We walked to the pickup point at another nearby hotel for a nighttime tour, and we waited. No one arrived. As this occurred in the pre-smartphone, pre-international roaming cell phone era, we asked the hotel there if we could use their phone to call the tour company, but they did not answer the phone since it was outside of daytime business hours.  

Fortunately, the hotel had an awesome concierge who was familiar with the tour company, and even though we were not guests at his hotel, he tracked down the dispatcher for the company and assured us that we would be picked up soon. He was correct, and shortly a minibus with two other ladies on board arrived along with a harried-looking driver. The only problem was that we weren’t on his schedule, and while we had booked the ghost walk tour, the other two ladies had booked a pub crawl. The tour company had apparently never put the tour we booked onto their roster, and they had never told us when we contacted them about the new hotel or contacted us on the new number we gave them.

So, with the cooperation of his four passengers, the tour guide commenced to go completely off-script and concocted an ad-hoc haunted pub crawl. The tour actually turned out really well in the end thanks to the awesome tour guide, but I’ll never book another tour through that booking company — nor have I ever booked with the original hotel group again.

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A Most Unreceptive Receptionist, Part 7

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I’m checking into a hotel for an event. As I’m a guest of honor, the event is paying for my hotel room. My boyfriend is also staying with me, but the room is in my name. I go to the desk.

Receptionist: “Hi there! How can I help you?”

Me: “I’m checking in; it should be under [My Name].”

Receptionist: “Can I see your ID?”

I hand it over. I’m used to the check-in process, as I’ve been a guest at several other events in addition to attending. The receptionist frowns and looks at my boyfriend.

Receptionist: “Can I see your ID, sir?”

Boyfriend: “The room is in her name; why do you need my ID?”

Receptionist: “She’s not showing up. If you don’t show me ID, I can’t check you in.”

Me: “The room is in my name. It was booked with [event]; they said it’s under my name. Is there another way to check?”

Receptionist: “I’ll just get my manager. He’ll tell you the same thing, though.”

She walks to a room behind the desk, then comes back with her manager.

Manager: “If you don’t show ID—”

Me: “She has my ID. The room is in my name. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to check in.”

Manager: “Let me check, then.”

He takes my ID from the receptionist and then types on the computer. He then hands me my ID and a pair of key cards.

Manager: “Here you are; you’re in room [number]. It looks like my employee misspelled your name in the search.”

Receptionist: “What? No, I typed it right! You’re just making me look bad!”

Manager: “Sure. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, you two. Enjoy your stay.”

We did enjoy the event, but we also did leave feedback about the receptionist. Talking to a few of the other guests, we weren’t the only ones given trouble.

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(A grumpy looking lady checks in. She gives her name and I recognize her as I’d taken her reservation on the phone earlier.)

Me: “Ok, so the rate’s $139.”

Grumpy Lady: *sullenly* “Your ad said $119! I saw it!!!”

Me: *pause, then firmly* “It’s $139, like I said to you on the phone.”

Grumpy Lady: “Hmph. Your ad said $119 on your website.”

Me: “Really? Well, let’s pull it up then.” *pulls up our website* “Let’s see, it says $139!”

Grumpy Lady: “Hmph. Well when I checked, it was $119. But go ahead and check me in since you don’t believe me. Hmph.”

(I can’t believe this lady tried to lie after agreeing to the rate on the phone and she knew I was the one who she had spoken with. I guess that she didn’t like the price, so she should’ve stay in a motel instead…)