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(My coworker is the General Manager’s daughter, and is sweet and adorable. All the customers like her. Until one day, an old lady and her husband…)

Customer: “Hey, worthless!”

Coworker: “Hello!”

Customer: “It’s been 3 days, and the elevator’s still not going faster. I want to know when will it work properly?!”

(Hearing the customer’s raised voice, I look over.)

Coworker: *timid* “I’m sorry but the elevator is old and–”

Customer: “I don’t care, you filthy little b****! I’ve had to wait for a long time and I had to take the stairs! Don’t you understand, you dumb blonde?!”

Me: “Ma’am…you can’t talk to us like that.”

Customer: *throwing hands* “Another one shooting her filthy mouth off! I can’t talk to anyone like that?! I’ll talk to anyone I d*** well please, and none of you ugly brats can tell me otherwise! I’m old and I have the right!”

(While the customer’s ranting, her husband tries to calm her and move her away, but she just shakes him off. Meanwhile, my coworker goes to the back, crying. Her father comes out. He’s 6′ and built like a pro wrestler, but it didn’t seem like the old lady was intimidated.)

General Manager: *scowling at them* “Excuse me. My daughter just told me what happened. Please leave now.”

Customer: “Oh, so the little s*** is you daughter, huh? Well, I don’t care! Maybe next time she’ll learn to listen to her elders; if I didn’t, back in my day, I’d get smacked across the face!”

(They were kicked out, old lady still screaming, and their luggage was gathered up by the maids and thrown in the street. I felt sorry for the husband, who looked mournful. I was glad they were gone, but I think the GM wouldn’t have done that for anyone else but his daughter.)

Wanting A Five-Star Hotel, With A Three-Star Price, And A One-Star Attitude

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Woman: “What are your prices for the night?”

I tell her that our rooms usually range from $129 to $169 a night, depending on the room type.

Woman: “That is just ridiculous!”

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. Those are our rates.”

Woman: “Well, good luck selling out tonight with prices like that!”

We only have a few rooms left at this point, anyway.

Me: “Thank you! Have a nice night.”

We sold out later that night.

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Making That Call Is Not His Calling

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Customer: “Can you make a phone call for me?”

Me: “Sorry, we don’t have a public phone. The building across the street has three in the lobby, though.”

Customer: “Ugh, I have to walk all the way over there?

Me: “Yep, just across the street.”

Customer: “You’re making this so difficult!”

It’s only a two-lane street, nothing difficult!

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Plenty Of Room At The Hotel California… If You Can Find It

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I’m working night audit and I get a phone call at 4:45 am. A woman asks about the hotel and everything and makes a reservation.

Me: “Okay, your reservation number is [number].”

Caller: “Thanks. And by the way, what city are you located in?”

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*I’m told that a guest I checked in earlier in the week had to be ejected after one of the managers found drugs in the room after seeing him act like he was on said drugs. This happens the day after, around 315am….*

*The phone rings for a call from a room, I answer it w/ my spiel, then:* “You found what?! Oh, I’m so sorry! I’ll come get that right away! I’ll see what I can get off the room for you, for that’s something we’d like for you to find!!”

*What was found? The previous guest’s crack pipe. Seems the housekeeper who’d cleaned the room hadn’t checked everywhere for leftover drug stuff! I ended up calling the manager at home and asked how much he wanted to take off the room, and that he might to want to call them later to follow up. Never did find out what else may have gone wrong w/ that room!*