When An Omelette Is Not An Omelette

, | Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK | Right | May 26, 2017

(I’m serving breakfast in our hotel to a guest. English isn’t his first language, but he has been with us a few days and has been very clear up until now.)

Customer: “I’ll have the omelette, with mushroom and tomato. No eggs.”

Me: “…”

(He seemed to enjoy his fried tomato and mushroom though.)

We Eat People Like You For Breakfast

| USA | Working | May 25, 2017

(Our hotel offers both free breakfast and dinner, and so we have a breakfast supervisor and a dinner supervisor. One day, during breakfast, the dinner supervisor calls on the phone.)

Dinner Supervisor: “I need to speak with the breakfast supervisor.”

Me: “Okay, I’ll transfer you over there.”

Dinner Supervisor: “Okay, thanks.”

(The call gets transferred but no one picks up. Breakfast is in full swing. The call kicks back to me.)

Dinner Supervisor: “No one picked up! What are they DOING over there? Probably sitting on their lazy a** doing their nails!”

Me: “Actually, we are sold out and they are extremely busy and–”

Dinner Supervisor: *scoffs* “‘Extremely’? Pfft! Yeah right! I went over there in the morning once and it was soooo slow. If you want to see busy, you should see dinner time, baby!”

Me: “Well, maybe we weren’t sold out when you visited.”

(She ignores that and again asks that I go over there, find, and pull the breakfast supervisor to the phone physically. I manage to do so, and she is out of breath from running around so hard, and sweaty. They speak and hang up, and the breakfast supervisor rolls her eyes, and goes back into the fray. A few minutes later after that, the dinner supervisor arrives in person. She looks over at the loud, bustling dining room.)

Dinner Supervisor: *very bemused* “Huh, I guess it IS busy! Who knew… Strange… I came here just last week in the morning and it wasn’t!”

Me: “Because we didn’t have a lot of customers, maybe?”

(The wheels in her head finally turned as she realized, then she nodded once and walked off. Never again did she bother the breakfast crew in the mornings or call them lazy. Sad to say that she’s been working here for 10 years and never thought about anyone else working hard.)

Causing A Lot Of Buss

| USA | Right | May 16, 2017

(We have a tour group in house. They are riding a bus across the country. The bus driver is also staying here.)

Bus Driver: “Please! Help!”

Me: “What seems to be the problem, sir?”

Bus Driver: “I left the lights on the bus all night long and the battery’s dead!”

Me: “Ah. Well… shall I call a towing service?”

Bus Driver: “No! I have to get these people to [Location three states away] in 5 hours and so I need your car! Do you have a car?!”

Me: “Um, I’m sorry, but I can’t leave the desk. You’ll have to find another way to jumpstart your bus.”

Bus Driver: “Give me your keys! Keys! Now!”

(He went nuts, and I kept refusing to help him with his bus with my car. Then he started asking other guests for help. They all looked at him like he was mad and said no. The towing service was called and finally helped him with his bus, and he had to explain, red-faced, what happened to his passengers. Most of them were understanding.)

This Team Is Bananas

| Kingston, ON, Canada | Right | May 13, 2017

(I run the breakfast bar at a small hotel. We have a hockey team in house, for which we usually purchase lots of bananas as the players like to take a few extra to bring to their games. As such, I have half a grocery cart full of bananas. Note also that hockey teams in particular are known in the industry to be the most unruly type of guest. This exchange takes place between me and the customer behind me in line.)

Customer: “Goodness gracious! Are you taking care of a bunch of monkeys!?”

Me: “No, ma’am, just feeding them for the weekend.”

Fighting It For Twenty Years

| USA | Working | May 5, 2017

(My coworker is a bit hot-headed, but has been working here for over twenty years with no problems. One day, a customer, angry about his sink being clogged, begins yelling at him and then asks him to step outside.)

Coworker: “Yeah! Let’s go!”

(I thought that Coworker wanted to help the angry customer calm down, but instead I see them through the window, swinging at each other! I run to the manager’s office.)

Me: “[Manager]!”

Manager: “What is it.”

Me: “[Coworker] and an angry customer are fighting!”

Manager: *sad chuckle* “Stop joking.”

(Once he realized that I wasn’t joking, he went out there and broke up their fight! No one was seriously hurt. Coworker wasn’t punished, due to his years of service, even though he ought to have been. As clerks, we’re supposed to not sink to the customer’s level even when goaded, which Coworker knows very well. I guess he finally snapped or something, and unleashed it one a man twenty years his senior.)

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