Incidentally Complaining

| Middletown, NY, USA | Crazy Requests, Money

Me: “Thank you for calling [Hotel]; how can I help you?”

Guest: “Yes, I checked out this morning and you charged my card $20 for incidentals, and the charge hasn’t been reversed yet.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but it can take up to 72 hours for holds to be released.”

Guest: “No, I called American Express. They told me that it as soon as it’s released they credit me within two hours.”

Me: “Sir, I understand that but we don’t release the charge for up to 72 hours after you check out.”

Guest: “Look, you have my $20 and I want it back with interest. I called the police and told them that you’re stealing my money. If I don’t get it back I’m filing charges!”

Me: “Sir, there really is nothing I can do. The hold will be automatically released in approximately 72 hours. It’s hotel policy.”

Guest: “Well, this is ridiculous. What if it was $500 and I needed to pay rent and you had a hold on my account?”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but whether it’s $500 or $20, hotel policy is the same.”

Guest: “Well, you need to have that posted somewhere. No one told me! If I don’t have my money by tomorrow I’m filing charges!”

That’s A Completely Different Function

, | Phoenix, AZ, USA | Hotels & Lodging, Language & Words, Technology

(I am working nights at a help desk for hotel guests that need assistance connecting to WiFi. The customer can’t get online because the laptop’s WiFi is off. I calmly try directing their attention to the FN key (function key) + the key with WiFi signal on it (F6).)

Me: “To enable WiFi simple press and hold the FN key Then tap F6.”

Customer: “Don’t get impatient with me, sir.”

Me: “Oh, I’m not; just letting you know how to turn on your WiFi.”

Customer: “Let me talk to your supervisor!”

Me: “Okay… I can help if you would simply press the—”

Customer: “Supervisor!”

Me: “Okay, one moment…”

Supervisor: “This is [Supervisor]. How can I help?

Customer: “Your tech is being rude and telling me to press the FN key over and over. It’s unprofessional!”

Supervisor: “Do you see the space bar?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Supervisor: “Look three keys to the left; what does it read?”

Customer: “Oh, my god, I thought he was telling me to press the ‘effin’ key! I’m so sorry.”

Guys These Days Are Easily Bugged

| Aurora, CO, USA | Hotels & Lodging, Pets & Animals

(I am a female front desk associate working at a small hotel. This means most evenings I am the only employee on site.)

Guest: “There is a bug flying around my room. Can someone please come take care of it?”

(Note that this was an adult male. Yes, I killed the bug for him.)

It Doesn’t Expressly Say So

| San Jose, CA, USA | Hotels & Lodging

Guest: “I dropped the keys in the express checkout box. Is there anything else i need to do?”

Me: “No, sir, you are all set.”

(What’s the point of doing an express checkout if you are going to take the time to come to the front desk anyway?)

Making A Poor Case

| USA | Hotels & Lodging, Money

(A grumpy looking young man comes late at night.)

Me: “Welcome.”

Customer: “How much are your prices here?”

Me: “$169 per night.”

Customer: *shaking with visible anger* “How do you justify charging that much?!”

Me: “Well, there’s breakfast included, an all-you-can-eat buffet—“

Customer: *dismissive wave* “F*** breakfast!”

Me: “And there’s free Internet and cable. And maid service.”

Customer: “Who cares about that?! There’s no way you can justify charging this much.”

Me: “Okay, so not interested, then…”

(I figure the man will storm off like all those that are not interested, but he stays put.)

Customer: “This is discrimination!”

Me: “Against what?”

Customer: “Against poor people! Y’all aren’t letting poor people stay here!”

(The man ranted about getting his lawyer soon, and had to be escorted out by security. Some people.)

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