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I’m visiting from Canada and decide to do a little shopping south of the border at a well-known retail chain that sells a bit of everything.  I’ve tried some shirts on that don’t quite fit right, and since they were folded when I took them from the shelf, I took them back and re-folded them.

Employee 1: “Oh my god!  You’re awesome!  Look!” *Gestures to other employee.*
Employee 2: “You ARE awesome!”
Me, surprised, “Really?  I didn’t even do it that well.”
Employee 2: “But you tried!  People here never even try – this is what they usually do:” *Grabs a couple of folded shirts, wads them up, shoves them back on the shelf, messing up other shirts in the process – which the employee now has to fix up again.*

Five minutes later I had tried on a couple more shirts and, again, refolded them to put them back.  Que repeat of ‘oh my god thank you, you’re awesome!’ from a completely different employee.

Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, or maybe people in WNY just hate folding clothes?