An Umbrage Too Far

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(As a student, I have a job at a self-service restaurant. One of the duties of my department is “doing the hall,” which is essentially the task of taking away the dirty dishes people leave on the tables. The restaurant has a conveyor belt for the people to leave their dishes on, but of course we can’t force the customers to turn things in there themselves. Also, many people sitting on the other side of the restaurant aren’t able to find the conveyor belt. That resulted in dialogues like this:)

Customer: “Sorry, do you know where I can find the conveyor belt?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, it’s that way, near the exit.”

Customer: “What? All the way over there?”

(Yes, they really said that to the employee who is obviously walking the same distance countless times every day. Even more assuming is this conversation I have with a big man with a dominant voice, who is putting his dishes on the belt.)

Customer #2: “Hey, I’m not surprised people are leaving their dishes on the tables! That belt really is far too far away!”

(Once again, I’m walking the same distance far more than he is. Also, lots of people sitting nearby the belt leave their dishes on the table, as well, so that has nothing to do with it.)

Customer #2: “Can’t you guys make a cart for that stuff, like so many other self-service restaurants have?”

(The suggestion of a cart wasn’t that weird. Weird was his idea that we should MAKE one, rather than buy it somewhere.)

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Should Have Written It On A Napkin

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(Our restaurant is on the roadside towards Amsterdam Airport, so we get many different customers, from everywhere around the world. One day, I am on hall duty. While walking around and cleaning up, a customer tries to get my attention.)

Me: “Yes, sir?”

(The customer mutters something in a foreign language I do not recognise, let alone understand.)

Me: *switching to English* “Sorry, sir, I don’t understand.”

(The customer just repeated the foreign word, while making gestures towards his plate of food. I reckoned he wanted napkins, so I brought him some, but the guy seemed really irritated when I brought them. He repeated the word again. Since I totally did not understand what he was saying, I came up with several items, like cutlery and even another, empty plate. Every time I showed up with something, the man rolled his eyes as if I was stupid and repeated his request, getting more and more annoyed in the process. Finally, I understood that he wanted to take his leftovers away and I got him a bag for that. The customer mumbled something that sounded like a “thank you” in his language, despite not looking happy. Now, I can understand that he didn’t speak Dutch. It’s also not a crime not to speak English. I even didn’t mind him trying to communicate like this, but why was he acting like I was stupid for not speaking his language, while he obviously didn’t learn any foreign tongue at all?)

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Unfiltered Story #118770

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(It’s getting late and the amount of customers in our self-service roadside restaurant is lowering. I’m at the counter, although there isn’t much to do. Tonight’s manager is already closing down the counter next to me. Then, a man comes in. He grabs a bottle of red wine and goes to my counter. I assume he wants to take it with him, but that’s fine since it’s allowed. He puts the bottle on the counter’s desk and grabs his debit card.)

Me: ‘Good evening, sir.” *hits the button for a bottle of wine* “That will be [amount], please.”

Man: “And I want to cash 100 euro extra!”

(We work with quite old-fashioned counters. Therefore, there is no option for cash back on it.)

Me: “Oh, I’m sorry, sir. I can’t do that. It’s not possible.”

Man: “Why not!?”

(His tone is kind of impertinent and blunt. He’s really amazed it isn’t possible.)

Me: “It’s simply not possible, sir. We don’t have that option.”

Man: “Can’t you speak to the manager about it?”

(I realize there’s a manager next to me who knows, so I turn to her.)

Me: “[Manager], we can’t do extra cash, can we?”

Manager: “No, that isn’t possible. Sorry, sir.”

Man: “Well, all right then. 50 euros!”

Me: “No, I’m sorry, sir. We can’t give you extra cash at all.”

(Very annoyed he puts away his card and walks away in a hasty, aggressive way, without any word or greetings, leaving the bottle.)

Manager: *quietly* “And especially not when you behave like that.”

That Demand Is Gambling With Ridiculousness

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(The building where I used to work 10 years ago contained several restaurants; you could walk through some of them to get to the others. The restaurant next to ours has a few slot machines, which are on the “border” between the two places. Our break room is next to the machines. One day, one of the gamblers gets angry about not winning again. This time, he takes it out on us.)

Gambler: “Hey, keep quiet! I can’t hear the slot properly!”

Coworker: “Ehm… what?”

(Some of these gamblers seem to think that, if you listen very carefully, you can hear a click which tells you when to push the “stop”-button. Apart from the fact that this is nonsense, there is always noise in the restaurants.)

Gambler: “You guys are making way too much noise, with all your talking and laughing in there! Come on! Get a life!”

Coworker: “Are you seriously telling us to get a life, just because we have a nice chat while on break? We’re not the ones sitting behind a gambling machine all day, wasting our time and money.”

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