They Deserve All The Credit

, | Hopeless | April 24, 2017

(My husband and I are out for a walk and as we round the corner to our house, we notice a credit card on the ground. This is our conversation with the credit card company.)

Husband: “Hi, my name is [Husband] and we found a credit card on the ground outside and would like to let the owner know it’s been found. Would you be able to help us with that?”

Credit Card Company Rep: “You want to return it?”

Husband: “Yes…”

Credit Card Company Rep: “I have been working here ten years and I have never had anyone call trying to return a lost card to its owner before!”

Husband: *long pause*

Credit Card Company Rep: “Okay, well, once I get the name and the number on the card, go ahead and destroy the card and I will contact our client and let them know the card has been found and deactivated.”

Husband: “Okay! Thank you!”

Credit Card Company Rep: “No! Thank you! You just restored my faith in humanity!”

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Tipped The Scales Of Kindness

, , | Hopeless | April 9, 2016

(My family and I are at a restaurant in Kentucky. The place seems a bit disorganized. This happens after my dad gets the bill.)

Waitress: “The total is [total].”

Dad: “Are you sure? That seems a bit low.”

(The waitress lists off items on the bill checking everyone’s order is listed.)

Dad: “Anyone’s missing?”

Sister: “Mine is; I got the grilled chicken sandwich and a drink.”

Waitress: *adding that in* “Okay the total is [total].”

(My dad paid the new total, then went down the menu and added up everything we got. He guesstimated that the waitress had still charged him about ten dollars too little so when we left he left a large tip to cover it so it wouldn’t come out of her pay.)

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A Full Quarter Of Honesty

, , | Hopeless | March 31, 2016

(I’m hanging out at an arcade at the end of a roller coaster when I come across a sandwich bag full of quarters forgotten at a machine. I look around, but no one is nearby and no one is watching them. I pick them up, and when no one reacts, I bring them to the counter.)

Me: “Hi. Someone left their bag of quarters behind.”

Employee: “Oh, wow. Thanks for turning this in!”

Me: “No problem.”

(I know that at least two employees have to log any found money, so I leave him to get his partner as I head to the next attraction. When I’m on the other side of the esplanade outside, I hear someone calling.)

Employee: “Miss! Miss!”

(I look around, and see the man I handed the quarters to running towards me.)

Me: “What? Sorry, is something wrong?”

Employee: “No, I just wanted to offer you a reward for turning in the money. It was a pretty full bag, after all.”

(He takes out a voucher park employees have that can get you a free soda, ice cream, or get to the head of one line.)

Me: “Um, that won’t be necessary…”

Employee: “No, I insist.”

Me: “Then I suppose I wouldn’t say no to a soda.”

Employee: “Consider it done.”

Me: “Thanks.”

(He fills out and signs the voucher and goes back. I exchange it at the nearest ice cart. I was really impressed with what he did. Not only rewarding someone for simply not stealing/ignoring lost money, but for him to chase me down when I’d already left instead of shrugging and moving on shows just how dedicated he was to fulfilling the park’s values of customer service.)

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