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(A Spanish speaking pastor makes this mistake as he is speaking to the crowd:)
Pastor: let us now repent for our fish.
(In Spanish, Pescados are fish, pecados are sins)

His Common Sense Is Gone In A Blink

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(I am going to the mall with my dad, and I notice he left the blinkers on.)

Me: “Hey, Dad, you left your blinkers on.”

Dad: “Huh? Oh, that. Yeah, it’s happened a couple of times before; don’t sweat it.”

Me: “But… won’t the battery die?”

Dad: “Nah, just leave it.”

(This repeats itself a couple more times, and possibly more times at his workplace. Fast forward two weeks…)

Mom: “I’ll be back in a bit. Your dad’s car battery died and he needs a lift.”

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