Not All Fantasies Are Final

| Romantic | November 10, 2011

(This conversation happened while my then-girlfriend and I were dating. It was our third date, and somehow the conversation had come around to children.)

Girlfriend: “So, um, do you like kids?”

Me: “Sure do. I have six younger cousins, which I used to babysit during the summer.”

Girlfriend: “Aww, that’s cute. So, um, do you think you would ever have kids of your own someday?”

Me: *shrugs* “Yeah. Maybe. I’ve always thought it would be nice to have a little girl of my own.”

Girlfriend: “Really? You’ve always wanted a daughter? Me too.”

Me: “That’s cool. Let me guess…you have a name picked out already, don’t you?”

Wife: *shyly* “Yes…I picked it from Final Fantasy.”

Me: “Huh? Really? Let me guess…is it Aerith?”

(FYI, Aerith is a well-known female video game character from Final Fantasy VII.)

Girlfriend: “How’d you guess?”

Me: “I didn’t. I’ve always liked that name. I wouldn’t mind having a daughter with that name.”

Girlfriend: “That’s cute. Maybe if you’re lucky, that might happen.”

Me: “Maybe…”

(It’s five years later, and we’re married. My wife and I also have a little girl named Aerith!)

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Failure to Launch

| Romantic | November 10, 2011

(As I’m watching TV with my boyfriend, I notice that he seems to be in a bad mood.)

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Boyfriend: “I tried to seduce you a few minutes ago and you didn’t respond at all!”

Me: “You were trying to seduce me?”

Boyfriend: “Yes! I rubbed my foot against the back of your leg!”

Me: “That couldn’t have lasted more than three seconds! I thought your foot was asleep!”

(Unfortunately, this was a sign of things to come as we are no longer together.)

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Hopefully, His Love Isn’t Also Full Of Hot Air

| Romantic | November 10, 2011

(My boyfriend and I are sitting in bed watching TV. He turns to me with a loving look in his eyes.)

Boyfriend: *burping* “I…LOVE…YOU.”

Me: “Wow. Just wow.”

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Fail Whale

| Romantic | November 7, 2011

(My boyfriend and I are sitting on the couch while I am enjoying my favorite shrimp flavored chips.)

Boyfriend: “Wow, you really like those.”

Me: “Well, they are my favorite.”

Boyfriend: “You’re like…half girl, half whale!”

Me: *glares*

Boyfriend: “…because whales eat shrimp?”

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Romantically Centsless

| Romantic | November 5, 2011

(My boyfriend runs a catering company, and travels around in a refrigerated food-storage van. This day, he’s been working in a hotel about two hours away, near a milkshake and smoothie bar that I love.)

Boyfriend: “Hey honey, I’m home. I was near that milkshake bar earlier that you love, so I bought you a Chocolate Malt and stuck in in the fridge in my van. Here you go.”

Me: “Aw, that’s so sweet! Thank you, I love these things.”

Boyfriend: “So, that’s €4.95 you owe me for it. I have five cents if you don’t have change.”

Me: *speechless*

Boyfriend: “So, what’s for dinner?”

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