John Carpenter Would Approve

| Romantic | April 4, 2012

(My boyfriend and I are playing ‘Password’, with us against his mom and step-dad. It’s our turn.)

Boyfriend: “Object.”

(I try to think of what the heck that could be a clue for, and draw a blank.)

Me: “…Thing?”

Boyfriend: *stares* “Yeah! Were you reading my mind again?!”

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Mr. And Mrs. Strangelove

| Romantic | April 4, 2012

(My husband and I have a running joke where I ask if we’re weird and he either reassures me we are or aren’t depending on the situation.)

Me: “Are we normal?”

Husband: “Probably…”

(I have a crestfallen look.)

Husband: “…not.”

(I smile and clap my hands.)

Husband: “And that is how we aren’t normal.”

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Don’t Force It

| Romantic | April 4, 2012

(My husband is a huge Star Wars nerd, and I have recently watched the trilogy for the first time.)

Husband: “Geez! Your hands are freezing!”

Me: “It’s because I was frozen in carbonite.”

Husband: “No! You will not emasculate me with Star Wars! I’m Han and you’re Leia!”

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Best Not Quibble About The Dribble

| Romantic | April 4, 2012

(I’m getting into bed and joining my wife, who’s already asleep. As I do, she wakes up slightly and cuddles up with her head on my shoulder.)

Wife: “I drooled on my pillow.”

Me: “That’s nice. Are you going to drool on me now, instead?”

Wife: “Mm-hmm.”

Me: “OK.”

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Timing Is Off By A Few Degrees

| Related | April 4, 2012

(I am at my Auntie’s house for lunch. She has just had a new central heating system fitted, with a remote controlled temperature system. She is showing me the remote.)

Auntie: *pointing* “See, look there. It’s 215 degrees.”

Me: “Auntie, that says 2:15. And that’s the time!”

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