Adopting A Sense Of Humor

| Related | December 28, 2011

(My little brother is lamenting how different he is from everyone else in the family.)

Little brother: “Dad, was I adopted?”

Dad: “Yes, but they brought you back.”

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One Mother To Rule Them All

| Related | December 27, 2011

(We are sitting around the dinner table eating as a family.)

Dad: *clearly thinking something* “I like…I like movies.”

Brother: “Okay?”

Dad: “I like movies…like Lord of the Rings.”

Mom: “Jim…no you don’t.”

Dad: *shrugging* “I know.”

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Running Over Jokes Are Running Dry

| Romantic | December 26, 2011

(My Dad is telling me a joke.)

Dad: “Did you hear that a woman gets run over every 15 minutes?”

Me: “Really?”

Dad: “Yeah, she’s starting to get cheesed off.”

(I laugh. My mum enters the room, so my Dad tries his joke on her.)

Dad: “Hey, have you heard that a woman gets run over every 15 minutes?”

Mum: “She should get out of the bleeding road then!”

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Might Be On A Bit Too Much Moonshine

| Related | December 26, 2011

(My mother is asking me about a time when I went back-packing through Australia for a year.)

Mom: “Does Australia get the moon down there?”

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Nailing The Right Gift

| Romantic | December 25, 2011

(It’s Christmas morning, and my boyfriend and I are exchanging gifts. We’ve been together for over 4 years at this point.)

Him: “Wait, there’s one more for you.”

Me: “Okay…”

(He reaches behind his back and gets down on a knee. I start tearing up.)

Him: “Here you go, a gift certificate for a mani/pedi. You deserve it!”

(A few years later and we’re still together…and I have excellent nails!)

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