The Sale Went Down The Toilet

| TX, USA | Right | July 10, 2017

Me: “Hello, did you find everything all right today?”

Customer: “Yeah.”

Me: *rings up two toilets and some lightbulbs*

Customer: *looking over receipt*

Customer: “Those toilets were $166 each, not $188.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, I can’t apply a markdown after you’ve already paid. If you take your receipt to returns just down there—” *points* “—they’ll be able to help you out. Are you sure they were $166? Usually the computer will mark them down automatically.”

Customer: “Yes, they were f****** $166. And I want you to fix it now.”

Me: “Sir, I can’t fix it for you here. To get your money back you’ll have to go to returns.”

Customer: “Well, I’d like to see your manager.”

Me: “Sure, no problem.” *calls for manager on overhead PA*

Customer: “GOOD.”

Manager: “Hello. What’s going on, sir?”

Customer: “This idiot can’t give me a refund and is lying about the toilet prices.”

Manager: “Sir, to get a refund you must go to the returns desk. I’m sure our cashier here has already told you that. About the price though, do you want to take me to where you found the toilets and confirm that they did ring up incorrectly?”

Customer: “Yeah. Let’s go.” *wanders off*

(Ten minutes later the manager comes back rolling his eyes, the customer is not with him.)

Manager: “I knew we weren’t having any toilets on sale. That moron was just making it up to either get a discount or get you in trouble.”

(The customer comes back in the store.)

Customer: “Just so you know, I’m going to [Competing Store] from now on!”

Manager: “Good! Maybe you’ll drive their customers over here with your sh**ty attitude!”

Customer: *storms out*

(The whole store knows about this guy by now.)

Hard To Accept That Apology Accepted

, , , , , | Right | July 2, 2017

(I work at a popular home improvement store, specifically the kitchen & bath section which includes appliances.)

Customer: “I need a mini-fridge with a lock and key!”

Coworker #1: “This way, ma’am. Now, the mini-fridges with lock and key are all online and-”

Customer: “Are they the same price as these?!” *points to fridges which range from $150-$400*

Coworker #1: “No, ma’am. They are going to be a bit more pricey, but—”

Customer: “Oh, no. I’m not paying more than $400. That’s ridiculous. Oh! What about this one?!” *knocks on regular size fridge that is $550*

Coworker #1: “Well, that one is not in stock. However—”

Customer: “Then I’m done with this!”

(The customer storms off with her husband running after her. After a minute or so, the customer comes back with a pained look.)

Customer: “I’m sorry for being so abrupt with you. I apologize.”

Coworker #1: *nods* “Well, thank you, ma’am.”

(Customer walks away to join husband.)

Me: “Oh. My. Gosh. A customer just apologized to you. Hey, [Coworker #2], a customer just apologized to [Coworker #1]. A customer apologized!”

Coworker #2: *laughs* “I saw. The husband must’ve said something.”

Coworker #1: “Yeah. I’m glad she did, though. Customers are usually so inconsiderate.”

Me: “A customer actually apologized!”

Everyone Is Hungry To Help

, , , , | Hopeless | June 27, 2017

The other day, while coming home from an afternoon event, I decided to save some time before I go home to eat dinner and pick up some cinder blocks that I want to use in my backyard for a raised garden bed. I’m not that hungry, right? 85 degree weather shouldn’t bother me, right?

Maybe not so much. After checking out and pushing the heavily loaded cart of cinder blocks up the parking lot to my car, I start feeling light-headed and having white sparkles across my vision. I decide to walk back to the store and find a water fountain, but have to stop and sit down part of the way there, then pause to catch my breath near the entrance of the store, and end up going to one knee once I am inside so that I don’t totally black out.

Here is where the awesome part of the story begins. Every single person who sees me, whether an employee or a fellow customer, asks if I am all right. When I go to one knee, a woman who had just passed me, after I had assured her I was okay, turns around and comes right back to grab a bottle of water for me from a nearby display. More than that, the man at the nearby checkout told the cashier to put the water on his bill!

After I finished the water and caught my breath, the cashier made sure that another employee came out to my car and helped me load the cinder blocks. I was able to drive home just fine and was perfectly recovered after having dinner and resting up a bit. They say you should never go grocery shopping hungry… I guess that also applies to large heavy hunks of concrete!

Brand New Vintage!

, , , , , | Right | June 26, 2017

(We sell a mixture of vintage and new items, including furniture. Everything vintage or antique is marked on the tag as such.)

Customer: “Hi, this antique mirror. How old is it?”

Me: “Oh, that’s not an antique. It’s made by a company upstate.”

Customer: “Not, it’s antique. See? On the tag it says ‘Nouveau.’”

Me: “Nouveau is a style. It was definitely most popular in the ‘20s here in the US, but this mirror is a modern replica in that style. If it was vintage it would say so on the tag.”

Customer: “It IS vintage. It says right here, ‘Nouveau’!”

Me: “If it was vintage, it would say ‘vintage.’ Like this tag here, see?”

Customer: “You don’t understand.”

Me: “Well, it is a very nice mirror either way. Are you looking for a mirror?”

Customer: “It’s VINTAGE. Just LOOK at it. I know more about this than you. I’ve been buying antiques for decades.”

Me: “If you say so. If you really like it you should purchase it; it’s a really stunning piece. ”

Customer: “Is this the only mirror you have? It’s a little big for me.”

Me: “No, but since we have those mirrors custom made for us by a company upstate we can request them in any size.”

Customer: “Never mind. I’ll keep looking.”

(She left.)

Waiting On You Hand And Barefoot

, , , , | Working | June 16, 2017

(I am a college student renting housing off campus. I am the only person in town at this point, so when I lock myself out of my house by accident, without a spare, I have to call a locksmith.)

Me: “Hi, sorry, I locked myself out of my house. I’m at [Address]. I’m so sorry to bother you.”

Locksmith: “That’s what we’re here for. Don’t worry about it. Unfortunately I’m out on another job right now so it will be half an hour. Why don’t you take a walk around the neighborhood?”

Me: “I’m not wearing shoes and it’s raining. But don’t worry about it; my porch is covered so I can wait here where it is dry and I have wifi.”

(I am wearing slippers, but I wouldn’t go for a stroll in them. Less than half an hour passes before the locksmith shows up.)

Locksmith: “I didn’t feel comfortable leaving you for so long, so I’m here early.”

Me: “Thank you so much.”

Locksmith: “Hey, I thought you said you didn’t have shoes!”

(I got back in my house, everything worked out, but don’t blame me if you decide to cut out on another job to help someone who explicitly said that waiting wasn’t a problem.)

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