Should Have Listened To The Top-Dog

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(We, like almost every retail store here, operate a strict no dogs except guide dogs policy. It is not because we dislike dogs, but because we want to avoid anyone having an accident. Until now, I didn’t realise this was a difficult concept. Unfortunately, being at the time a spotty teenager who happens to also be the weekend manager, people don’t seem to listen. A customer walks in with a ‘designer’ dog, followed by designer boyfriend.)

Me: “I’m sorry; we don’t allow dogs in the store.”

Customer: “Why not?”

Me: “It’s for everyone’s safety. Our insurance wouldn’t cover it if anyone were to have an accident.”

Customer: “What do you mean ‘accident’?”

Me: “Well, if the dog was to bite someone, for example.”

Customer: *now irate* “What?! My [insert stupid dog name here] would never bite anyone! I’ll just carry her.”

Me: “I’m afraid that doesn’t exempt you from the rules. I can’t allow the dog in the store.”

Customer: *now raging* “This is ridiculous! She’s never any trouble anywhere else. What do you think could happen?! Get me the manager.”

Me: “Actually, I am the weekend manager, but if you’d like to come back during the week you can speak to the general manager.”

Customer’s Boyfriend: “Ah, forget this. Let’s just go. This guy thinks he’s in charge!”

(The couple left, dog in hands, furious that someone asked them to follow the rules. The next week, when, apparently, the couple returned with the dog, and no one thought to get the dog out of the store… the cashier ended up going to A&E, requiring stitches and a tetanus shot, after being bitten on the hand. I was praised by the general manager for standing my ground, and everyone was much quicker to tell customers with dogs that they would have to leave them outside.)

Not A Fan Of The Product

| Barrhaven, ON, Canada | Home Improvement

(I pick up the phone. The customer complains about an air conditioner he bought, saying it doesn’t work.)

Caller: “The air conditioner doesn’t work. It gives cool air. I want cold air.”

(I sense it might be a case of flipping the control knob on the unit from cold to fan.)

Me: “Have you flipped the knob to cold air? It might be on fan.”

Caller: “No. It gives cool air; I want cold air.”

(I go through various options. The customer keeps complaining the unit puts out cool air and he wants cold air.)

Me: “What air conditioner do you have, sir.”

(The customer reads off the brand.)

Me: “Sir, you’ve bought a fan.”

Talking Back To The Customer

| Barrhaven, ON, Canada | Home Improvement

(I work on the floor at a home improvement store. The store is just one big warehouse. When we are out of a product, sometimes customers ask me:)

Customer: “Could you look in the back?”

(I wave my arms and show them the floor to ceiling racking, and say:)

Me: “This is the back.”

Talk Too Mulch

| MI, USA | Home Improvement

(It’s just a few days before Memorial weekend and the store has lots of sales going on; mulch being on of the hot items this year. Both my coworkers and I are getting fed up with people asking what color the “natural” mulch is.)

Customer: “What color is your natural mulch?”

Coworker: *totally deadpan* “It’s purple.”

Customer: *sounding excited* “Oh really?”

The Sedan Plan

| Tallahassee, FL, USA | Home Improvement, Popular, Transportation

(My mom and I are at the hardware store, waiting to get a plywood sheet cut. There is a lady with her six-year-old grandson getting help before us.)

Customer: “I need two ten-foot-long two-by-six boards, and one sixteen-foot-long two-by-six. And I need help loading them.”

Employee: “No problem, ma’am.” *to us* “I’ll be back, but it will take me a little while to load these.”

Mom: “Oh, we don’t mind waiting. Don’t worry about it.”

(He leads the lady and her grandson to the front of the store and we stand around chatting for a few minutes. The employee then comes back, pushing the cart with the boards loaded.)

Employee: “I’ll be able to help you sooner than I thought. She was trying to fit these in her sedan.”

Me: “What?”

Employee: “She said she was going to hang them out of her window. When I told her I couldn’t help her and that she needed to find another way to transport them, she said she was going to [Other Major Home Improvement Store] and get them to help her.”

Mom: “Why? Do they have a psychologist there?”

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