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(I used to work the front desk in a hotel and often needed to work nights. Our hotel is one of two in the area with similar names and many times guests book reservations at the wrong hotel).

Me: Hello and welcome to [Name of Hotel]. How may I help you?

Customer: Yes I booked a reservation under the name [Customer’s Name]. But this isn’t the hotel on the beach.

Me: No sir, we are the downtown property. The hotel on the beach is no longer a part of our corporate chain.

Customer: Well I booked my reservation for the hotel on the beach! Why the f*** did you take my reservation and make it here?

Me: I am sorry sir but ever since our chain dropped the beach property, we have been the only [Chain Name] hotel in the area.

Customer: So how are you going to transfer my reservation to the other hotel?

Me: I am sorry sir but we have no way of transferring reservations between properties. If you would like, I can check you in.

Customer: But I am not going to stay at this c** dump. I am going to stay at the beach hotel. 

Me: Ok sir. I can give you directions to the beach property.

Customer: But I already paid for my room!

Me: I can provide you with the phone number of the website with whom you booked your reservation and you they can help you with changes and cancellations.

Customer: You know what? F*** you!

(Customer proceeded to walk to the center of the lobby, drop his pants, squat, and defecate on the lobby floor before storming out).

When It’s For Pizza Don’t Ask Why

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(My friends and I order pizza for delivery and it gets to us pretty quickly. Because my friend used her debit card, the pizza guy says:)

Pizza Guy: “I need your driver’s license number.”

Friend: “Why?”

Pizza Guy: “Ma’am, it’s the company rules, not mine.”

Friend: “Okay, why?”

Pizza Guy: “Ma’am, I have no choice. This is what they tell me to do.”

Friend: “No, I understand, but my driver’s license starts with the letter ‘Y.’”

(You could see the light bulb go off when he got it, but I blame her, too. He was cool, though, and laughed hard at himself. She actually gave him a decent tip for the laugh!)

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