Mistakes Like This Can Give The School A Bad Name

| Jacksonville, FL, USA | Learning | May 23, 2013

(I’m in English class and a woman I’ve never seen before pokes her head in and asks for me by my first name. I’ve never, ever been called out of class before, so I’m very puzzled. She walks me to an outside picnic table without a word and once we sit she tells me she’s the school nurse.)

Nurse: “So [my name], do you know why I wanted to talk to you today?”

Me: “No.”

Nurse: “Well, you see, we’ve been getting some reports from some of your friends who are worried about you. Now I don’t want to upset you! And please know you’re not in trouble or anything.”

Me: *worried* “Okay…”

Nurse: “I know this isn’t something that’s easy to talk about, and I don’t want to make you uncomfortable, but it’s important. What I wanted to discuss with you… is, well… is your bulimia.”

Me: “…my WHAT?”

(I’ve never had any kind of eating disorder. The nurse notices my reaction and squints at me.)

Nurse: “Do I have the right [my name]?”

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You Need To 86 That Shirt

| Poland | Learning | May 21, 2013

(I’m studying to become an English teacher. I have to teach in high school for 60 hours. Most of the students are only four years younger than me, and almost all of them are female. Usually there is a teacher with us in a room, but she has two classes at the same time, so I am covering one and while she covers the other. Note: I’m a male.)

Me: “Any questions?”

Female Student: “Yes!”

Me: “Very well then; what is it?”

Female Student: “Do you, um… like sixty-nine?”

(I am so shocked by this question that I am speechless. The whole class begins laughing.)

Me: “Where did that come from?”

Female Student: “Well… you have the number on your t-shirt.”

(I look down and realize I’m wearing a t-shirt with big text that says “I <3 69" on it.)

Me: “Oh, that…” *blushes* “Um… yeah, it’s just a joke, you know.”

Female Student: “Too bad. I’ve got a free evening.”

(I continued the lesson and somehow came through with it. However, every time I had to teach this class, both the girl and the teacher had major problems with keeping straight faces.)

Going To The Can Requires You Can The Word Can

| Columbus, OH, USA | Learning | May 21, 2013

(Our teacher is at least least 60 years old, and can be very old fashioned.)

Student: “Can I go to the bathroom?”

Teacher: “I don’t know. Most people can go, but some have constipation issues. You MAY go try.”

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Titanic Mutant NInja Turtle, Dead Ahead

| GA, USA | Learning | May 21, 2013

(My friend finishes watching Titanic in her History in Film class.)

Girl: “Oh, my goodness! That was so sad! I’m so glad it was just a movie!”

Friend: “Um. You know that actually happened, right?”

Girl: “What?! But… How could they do that?!”

Friend: “Do… What?”

Girl: “Just stay there filming while all those people died and not even try to help!”

Friend: “I don’t think you—”

Girl: “Wait, but Leonardo da Vinci died and he’s still alive!”

Friend: “… It’s DiCaprio. Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Girl: “Nooo, he’s the one who painted all those famous pictures!”

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Hysterical Correctness

| TX, USA | Learning | May 20, 2013

(My friend/project partner considers himself transgender, but he has not had surgery yet, so he is still technically female. He doesn’t care if you call him by male or female terms.)

Friend: “So I’ll handle [task 1], you can do [task 2] and we should be done in no time.”

Me: “Sounds awesome, dude!”

Classmate: “O-M-G! [My name]! You shouldn’t call [friend’s name] ‘dude’ when she’s a girl!”

Me: “What’s wrong with that?”

Classmate: “Well duh. She’s a girl. You can’t call her dude. That’s a male term.”

Me: “Wait. So you want me to call her a different word because she’s a girl?”

Classmate: “Yes! That’s what equality’s all about!”

Me: “And you want me to make this choice based on what gender I’m talking to.”

Classmate: “Yes! What’s so hard about that?”

Me: “[Classmate’s name], aren’t you a feminist?”

Classmate: “Yes! That’s why this makes me so angry!”

Me: “And… what exactly are you fighting for?”


(The entire class, including teacher, begins laughing hysterically.)

Friend: “Does she realize what she just said?”

Me: “I don’t know, dude. I seriously don’t know.”

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