Closing That Window To Stupidity

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Customer: “Hi, my laptop seems frozen and there is this huge flag on the desktop?”

Me: “Did you try rebooting the computer?”

Customer: “No, let me reboot.”

(A minute passes.)

Customer: “Okay, now it’s working but the flag won’t go away.”

Me: “Please give me your asset number. I will connect to you remotely and take a look.”

(Customer provided the number, I connected remotely and took a look at his desktop.)

Me: “Sir, there’s nothing to worry about. That’s just the Windows logo on your wallpaper…”

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It Servers A Purpose

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(I work in IT Procurement, so we supply IT stuff; laptops, keyboards, headphones and the like.)

Customer: “Hi, I would like to order 25 liters of sun-reflecting white paint, please!”

Me: “Sorry, this is IT Procurement; we only supply IT equipment.”

Customer: “But this is IT equipment! See, we are going to paint the server room with that paint.”

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