Save The Hood

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(I work at a family-run dry cleaner. I am finishing up high school, so I am rather young and very inexperienced with customer service. I work at the front counter, taking in clothes for cleaning and receiving payments. We have a policy where items received by 10:00 am are processed the same day, so the morning can be crazy. A lady comes in with a filthy hoodie.)

Customer: “Yeah, I’m in a rush. Can you clean this?”

(Everyone is in a rush.)

Me: “We can try. So, just the one sweater?”

(It’s a hoodie, but there’s no unique pricing for hoodies, and sweaters are the closest thing. The lady nods and I begin collecting her name and phone number and all the information for the order.)

Customer: “Thanks. I hope you can save it. It’s my boyfriend’s favorite. He was in an accident so that’s blood. I’m taking him to the hospital.”

Me: *stunned* “Okay, we’ll try.”

(She left and I had to tag and carry back the blood-soaked hoodie to the “spot” cleaner. I still can’t believe a hoodie was so special they’d stop to have it cleaned before going to the hospital!)

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When Having A Disability Is Quirky

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(I go to a reasonably large yoga studio consistently four to five times a week. There is one class that I never get to go to since the instructor always teaches the course before my usual one. My general instructor and her TAs have a retreat, so the instructor that usually teaches the prior class becomes the sub for my usual class. I am naturally excited since I have heard good things about her and am excited to try it out. I will also add that I have single-sided deafness; I am deaf in my left ear, but my right ear is perfectly fine. I do have trouble distinguishing what the instructor is saying with loud music. This becomes important later. When class begins, I notice that the sub doesn’t ask the usual question about if anyone has an injury or anything that the instructor might need to know about. The sub just jumps straight into class. As we do our warmup, she goes to the CD player and turns on relaxing music. It is louder than usual, but I excuse it at first because there are no lyrics and I need to strain a little bit harder to hear the instructor, but it should be fine, or so I think. We go to a difficult move. The instructor plays The Beatles “Ob La Di Ob La Da.”)

Sub: “Now sing along to the music! Now, next, make this move…”

(Great song, but I can’t hear the instructor. So, I flag her down. She comes over).

Me: “Can you lower the volume of the music, please? I can’t hear out of my left ear.”

(She looks genuinely upset. She stomps over to the music and lowers the volume down significantly. The rest of the class, she throws daggers at me with her eyes. So, after class is over, I go over to her)

Me: “Hey, sorry about earlier. I do appreciate it. I can’t hear out of my left ear, and I had trouble hearing you.”

Sub: “Oh! Don’t worry. Everyone has quirks. Just be more considerate of others next time.”

(I am shocked and stand there as she just leaves. I become furious, so I find a comment card and write what happened so I can pass it on to the manager. The manager is gone because the class ended after they left. I write in plain letters that being deaf is not a quirk, and not making reasonable accommodations is against the law. Luckily, I get a call from them the next day, and they agree to have a stern talk with the sub. I see the sub two days later before my usual class, and she wants to talk it out with me one-on-one.)

Me: “I hope you do understand why I got so upset.”

Sub: “Yes. Do you usually take [Instructor]’s class?”

Me: “Yes. Now, I do hope you understand why I got upset.”

Sub: “That’s weird. Most people who go to [Instructor]’s class come to my class and say her class is harder than mine.”

(At this point, I just gave up. She thought that I complained about class toughness and not making reasonable accommodations. One of the many lessons that people with hidden disabilities learn is that making reasonable accommodations means that we are lazy.)

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The Dog Has To Put Up With More Than A Cough

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(I am the front desk clerk at a dog boarding kennel. To stay at our kennel, we require certain vaccines be administered at least a week before the dog’s stay to ensure they will not have a reaction to the vaccine and to ensure the vaccine has taken full effect before their stay. We require one such vaccine called “Kennel Cough” which protects dogs from getting what would be considered bronchitis for dogs. It’s not deadly but bad enough to make your dog pretty sick for a considerable amount of time. We enforce the vaccination policy very strictly and do not make any exceptions whatsoever. A customer comes storming up to the front desk already fuming, clutching paperwork in his fist and dragging his small dog and young son with him. His son looks noticeably embarrassed.)

Customer: *slamming paperwork down on the counter* “I want to bring my dog in to board with you tomorrow but the lady on the phone said I do not have all the required vaccines. Check for me now!”

Me: *a little taken aback by his gruffness* “I would be happy to, sir! Let me have a look here…”

(After looking over his paperwork, I discover his dog has never received a Kennel Cough vaccine before, which is required for entry into our facility.)

Me: “Okay, it looks like you have most of the required vaccines, but we also require the Kennel Cough vaccine to protect your dog from contracting a costly and uncomfortable sickness. I can recommend alternate boarding facilities for you that are veterinary practices, so not only can they administer the vaccine for you today, but they can also board your dog, as well! Unfortunately, we have a one-week waiting period after a vaccine is administered to ensure the dog has no reaction and is completely covered if he should somehow come into contact with the virus, so he would not be able to check in with us tomorrow as y—”


Me: “Sir, please calm down; I will not be spoken to in such a manner. Not all boarding facilities require the same vaccines, so your vet had no way of knowing what to give unless you asked for them specifically. Furthermore, Kennel Cough is not a ‘cold.’ It is actually a potentially dangerous virus that could cause your dog to end up in the vet or in worst cases, dead. We do not want anything to happen to any dog in our facility; if he caught something here we are not liable for any medical bills he may incur. I am sorry, but all I can do at this point is recommend a veterinary boarding facility and set you up there.”

Customer: “NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH. YOU NEED TO FIX THIS, YOU F****** B****!”

(The customer proceeds to slam his paperwork onto my desk so hard he knocks my computer monitor off-kilter. I have had enough of his attitude. I am not an easily intimidated lady, although some people think they can push me around.)

Me: *smiling* “Could I please get your first and last name and your pet’s name?”

Customer: *sneering* “It’s [Customer] and [Pet].”

Me: “All right, I have found you in our system and I have deleted your reservation and marked you as ‘DO NOT BOOK.’ You are permanently banned from our kennel and if you try to come back you will be escorted away. Please take your pet and your paperwork and leave before I call the cops to escort you out.”

Customer: *speechless* “But I… but… WHERE WE LEAVE OUR DOG?”

Me: “I was going to suggest alternate boarding, but since you have chosen to treat me in such a degrading manner, I am refusing you service along with any help. Good luck in your endeavors.”

Customer: *still staring at me like I just slapped him across the face*

Me: *leaning over to look around him with a smile* “Next, please! How can I help you, ma’am?”

(He stormed out after that, defeated, with his son and dog in tow. We never heard from him again. I went home that night and made myself a strong drink.)

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That Had Better Be Tomato Sauce On The Pizza

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I am the assistant manager at an Irish theme pub. It’s a busy Friday night and everything is going well. I decide to order pizza for myself and the rest of the staff, as we’ve all been on shift for quite a while and it’s starting to quieten down enough for us to relax slightly before we close.

Just after I get off the phone, there is a tremendous sound of smashing glass from the lower bar. I stick my head around the corner to see a huge hole now in one of our massive plate glass windows that face the street. The customers who are in the bar are all looking shocked, and some are covered in glass, so I quickly work out that somebody broke it from the outside in, so a coworker and I run out into the street to try and find the culprit.

I follow a trail of blood across the street and find a middle-aged couple, both pretty drunk. The woman has huge gashes in her arm from where it went through the window, and she is bleeding pretty heavily. I quickly send my coworker back to the bar to grab a roll of paper towels to hold the poor woman’s arm together while I ring an ambulance.

The whole time, the woman is saying she’s fine and that she just wants to go back to her hotel, despite the fact she has an arterial bleed pulsing out of her forearm. The man says nothing at all, apart from offering me a cigarette.

After a long wait, a mobile paramedic turns up and starts asking questions, not actually helping that much, while his colleague watches. All this time, I am still trying to keep this drunk woman’s arm from falling apart.

Eventually, he rings for an actual ambulance, and I suddenly feel a very insistent tap on my shoulder.

I turn, keeping my grip on the woman’s arm, to see a pizza delivery guy trying to hand me a stack of pizzas. It turns out he’d gone into the bar to drop them off, and apparently insisted on giving them to the name on the order. When the other staff had told him where I was, he’d come out to find me.

When I tell him to go back to the bar and that they will pay him from the till, he just keeps repeating the total price at me and trying to balance the pizzas on my already rather occupied arms. Finally, the other paramedic takes over holding the woman’s arm together, and I have my hands free. The pizza guy dumps the stack of pizzas into my blood-covered arms, takes some money off my coworker who has come out to help, and leaves without a word. That leaves me covered in blood, tired, not a little annoyed, and holding five large pizzas in the middle of the road at midnight on a Friday night.

We later discovered that the woman had got into an argument with her husband while walking past our pub, tried to punch him in the face, and missed, putting her fist through the window.

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The Male Period, Where He Discharges Whines All Month

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My friend and I popped by a well-known drug store so I could pick up some medicine for my cold. She noticed that tampons were on sale and grabbed a box, along with some chapstick. We got up to the register, I paid for my medicine, and she put the tampons and chapstick on the counter.

The guy at the register visibly paled upon seeing the box and used the chapstick to push the box onto the scanner and then into a bag so that he wouldn’t have to touch an unopened box of tampons. I know periods are bad, but you do realize you don’t magically get them if you touch a box of tampons, right?

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