Think Unsexy Thoughts

, , , | Right | January 7, 2008

Elderly Female: “I didn’t know they had digital scales.”

Me: *rings through scale* “Yup, they’re pretty cool.”

Elderly Female: “Are they accurate?”

Me: “I believe so, they measure to one decimal place too so it’s more accurate to read than a normal scale.”

Elderly Female: “Oh that’s so lovely! I’m going to go home now and weigh myself naked!”

Me: *bad bad image in head*

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On The Acoustical Properties of Wheelchairs

, , | Right | October 28, 2007

Customer: “You’ll have to speak up, love. I’m in a wheelchair!”

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Vol. 2 of Strange Ways To Hold A Phone

, , | Right | October 28, 2007

Customer: *on the telephone* “Could you speak up, please? I’m deaf in one ear…”

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