Birthdays Come But Thrice A Year

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(My mom just about always forgets my sister-in-law’s birthday, and two years ago forgot her grandson’s birthday. I am visiting her for the weekend when this takes place. Also, my birthday is the 22nd.)

Mom: “Oh, my God! I forgot to wish [Relatively] a happy birthday yesterday! Did you remember?”

Me: “I didn’t have to; I dropped off her card before I came here. You know, you could put birthdays into your phone and have it remind you.”

Mom: “I know, I know. The problem is I know the day her birthday is; I just forget it when that day comes around. That’s what always happens to me.”

Me: *skeptical that this is true* “Hey, Mom, what day is my birthday?”

Mom: “The 23rd! I know that!”

Me: *laughing hysterically*

Mom: “Oh, wait. Is it the 24th?”

Me: *still laughing*

Mom: “Stop! It’s the 24th, isn’t it? I’m sorry. “

Me: *barely able to talk from laughter* “It’s the 22nd.”

Mom: “Well, that was a long time ago. I forgot.”

Me: “Yeah. I mean, you’ve only had 28 birthdays to remind you.”

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