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I was staying overnight at the hospital for observation because of heart palpitations. I’m a woman in her mid-20’s who has had EKGs and echoes every two years since birth, and I’m fairly used to older male doctors working around my naked torso and have never really been embarrassed. My Cardiologists have also all been respectful in their use of coverings for my breasts, and averting their gaze when those covers need to be shifted or worked under.

This hospital visit, all of the doctors and nurses had been great- until the male nurse who woke me up to give me my next echo in the middle of the night. I am always a complete zombie for a while after any awakening, but even half-asleep I automatically started unbuttoning the shirt to my hospital pajamas, so the nurse could lift the edges and work underneath it, as usual.

This nurse, however, pushes my hands out of the way before I had finished two buttons, quickly unbuttoned the rest of them, and then threw open the shirt, leaving me completely exposed. As he started doing the echo, I lay there quietly, my zombie brain trying to parse the situation at the speed of a snail. Before I even started to realize that I was uncomfortable with this, he was finished and gone without a word the entire time, leaving me to groggily button my shirt back up and fall back asleep.

I never mentioned it the next day to the rest of the staff, between my deathly confrontation allergy and my rationalizations that maybe I was being slow, he was a nurse and had seen plenty of bodies, he just did his job and nothing else creepy, etc. Maybe if I hadn’t been in my vulnerable zombie state, I might have brought up that in 20+ years of medical practitioners, not a single one had required a completely topless show from me to perform an echo, and that the lack of both courtesy and asking for permission bothered me.

Ethically Entitled

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(A woman has come up to my register with a handful of clothes, including a $100 dress. As I’m ringing her up:)

Customer: “Wait, that dress should be $19.99.”

Me: “It’s coming up the full price, ma’am. I don’t see a sale sticker on it, either. Was there a sign on the floor you saw?”

Customer: “No, it’s right here.”

(She points to the bottom of the tag, where someone has written, “$19.99,” with a pen.)

Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that’s not a legitimate price. We always print out price reductions on stickers; we don’t write them on the tag. It was probably another customer who did that.”

Customer: *snippy* “So, you’re not going to honor it, then?”

Me: “No, ma’am; I can’t. However, this dress is a brand our location doesn’t normally carry, so I can give you a discount of 50% off.”

Customer: “I don’t want it unless you’re going to give it to me for the price on the tag.”

Me: “Sorry, the best discount I can give you is 50%.”

(The customer huffs while I ring up the rest of her items. She pulls out a handful of coupons that you can use with our store card.)

Me: “Do you have your [Store Credit Card]?”

Customer: “No, I don’t have one. Just tell me the total, and I’ll buy a gift card for that amount and use that for the purchase.”

(I pause. We have coupons that everyone can use with any form of payment, but the ones she has are specifically mailed to our store cardholders, and have to be used with a store card. The only other form of payment that works with them is a gift card, but you still have to be a cardholder to use those coupons. If I did what she asked, knowing that she didn’t have one, I could get into serious trouble.)

Me: “You don’t have a [Store Card]?”

Customer: “No.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but you have to have a [Store Card] to use those coupons.”

Customer: “But they’ll work if you put my cash on a gift card, and ring it up with that. I’ve done that before.”

Me: “Sorry, but those coupons are only meant for [Store Card] holders. You can apply right now if you like, and if you get approved I can use them on this transaction. You would get a discount for having a new card, too.”

Customer: “I don’t want a [Store Card]! My friend who works at [Other Location] does this for me all the time! So, you’re not going to give me this discount, either?!”

Me: “No, ma’am. Ethically, I can’t.”

Customer: “Well, ethically, you should be keeping your customers happy. Ethically, the customer is always right.”

(She gives me a superior look, and then takes her items and starts walking towards the register in the next department. I grab my phone and have the extension dialed before she’s halfway there.)

Me: “There’s a woman coming your way who wants a $100 dress for $19.99, and wants to use [Store Card] coupons without a [Store Card]. Don’t do it.”

(I called every other register on the first floor, just to be safe. In retrospect, I wish I had asked for the name of the “friend” who was committing fraud against the company, and warned her that our bosses can look through our transactions to find out who it is. She might be more inclined to be ETHICAL if she understood her actions could get people fired.)

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Watered Down Break

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(I work in the jewelry section of a department store. It is completely enclosed by walls of glass cases, and at least one person has to be inside at all times. We have had several people quit and have been very low on staff, and I’ve been working serious overtime while we try to find new employees. Other than jewelry staff, only managers have the security clearance to come inside to cover my breaks. I’ve just called for coverage, as I’ve been the only person there for hours and it’s been a while since my lunch break.)

Manager: *walking past* “Hey, give me a few minutes, and then I can cover your bathroom break.”

Me: “I was actually just going to take a fifteen.”

Manager: *hesitates* “We really can’t allow any fifteens right now. We’re low on staff all around, and I’m the only manager here tonight.”

Me: “Oh, okay. Don’t worry about it.”

Manager: “I can cover you for the bathroom, if you need it.”

Me: “No, that’s fine. I was just going to sit and drink some water. We close in less than two hours, anyway.”

(I headed to the other end of the section to check on a customer. A few minutes later, I heard a clattering noise, and looked up to see my manager lifting a chair from the shoe section OVER the counter and dumping it into my section. He reached over to drop a bottle of water from the vending machine on top of it, gave me a thumbs up, and walked off.)

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Phew!!! Had a rather large, (50rs old) blonde lady come in today with three very rowdy children. The kids pull things off the shelves and toss it on the floor, and she just ignores it and keeps walking. Fifteen minutes later, she comes up to my register (even though we have clear signs pointing to the line)
Me: (Helping another customer) “Okay your total is $20-”
Woman: “Hey. HEY YOU.”
Both the customer and I looked at her.
Me: “Hi there Ma’am, did you need something?”
Woman: “YES. This is the return line right?????”
(Quick explanation, other stores have a separate line for returns and purchases. However, since we are a very new store, I was instructed to let people know that the returns and the purchases will be in the same line for now.)
Me: “Sorry Ma’am, I know other stores have the separate lines, but here you can just go into the regular line and any one of our employees will help you o-”
Woman: (Throws her hands up in the air)”UGH. COME ON GUYS”
(She grabs one of the kids and drags him to the purchase line.)
Woman: *talking very loudly* This is why I HATE [retail store], it’s SO MESSY and I can’t even find the LINE. UGHHH.”
Me: (helping other customers out, I see her go to my coworker to do her return.)
Coworker: “Oh!!! My supervisor is over there (pointing to me) if you have a question?”
Woman: *Looks at me* ” UGH no not her!!!”
Manager comes over
Manager: “Hi, what can I help you with toda-”
Woman: ” Yes yes!!!! That girl over there said that the returns and purchases are in the same line, but I don’t believe her!!! Look your signs say purchases here and her sign says returns!!!! Why is she being racist?!!!”
Manager: * looking baffled* “Sorry, but she is correct, the returns and purchases are in the same line for now. It’s only because we’re a new store.”
Manager leaves while the lady huffs.
As I’m working with another customer, the lady comes over to me
Woman : “You better get rid of that nasty attitude you and your ‘manager’ have. You’re disgusting.” She leaves.
Me:*feeling rather baffled and incredulous *”Er……..??????”
Customer: “I think that one has a problem..”
Me : “….Definitely”

….im still confused, how was I rude or….racist??

Hawaii Five-OMG!

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(I’m in the water at a beautiful, sunlit beach in Hawaii, surrounded by sea turtles, tropical fish, and other natural beauty. A teenage girl pulls out her phone and is obviously disgusted by what she sees:)

Girl: “I’m only getting a 3G connection! How do people LIVE out here?!”

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