Pine, Whatever

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I work in the lumber department.

Customer: “I like the way this board looks, but do you have any without any knots in them?”

Me: “There are the premium boards down at the front of this aisle.”

Customer: “Those are too expensive. I just want a board like this without any knots in it!”

Me: “Sir, it’s wood. Furthermore, it’s pine. Even the premium boards are going to have some knots in them. If you’re looking for something that works like wood but doesn’t have any knots, might I suggest MDF?”

Customer: “I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks!”

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(Part of my job is to answer the phone, this one takes the biscuit)
Me: Good morning [chain] [town] [name] speaking, how can I help?
Caller: Where are you based?
Me: [chain] is a national multi-channel business based in [county up north].
Caller: No, where are you?
Me: Oh! [Town] site is in a park off [road] which runs between [town] and [town 2].
Caller: Is it near [joinery specialist]?
Me: *cringing* Yes ma’am, [joinery specialist] is the first place you see in the park, as you drive past it, you’ll see [tiling shop] and [chain] in front of you.
Caller: Is a [competitor] near you too?
Me: Yes, it’s three doors down from us.
Caller: Great thanks!

This Day Went From Zero To One Hundred Just Like That

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I work at a hardware store during the current health crisis. I’m ringing up an older gentleman one morning. At the end of his transaction, he tosses a bill on the counter and starts to walk away.

Me: “Um, sir, you dropped something.”

Customer: “It’s a tip!”

He gave me $100.00! Thank you!

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I work at a local hardware store known for its low prices. We’re also known for our mailers, which have a lot of coupons. Most of our sales are due to the coupons, and customers are fairly good with presenting coupons. Keyword: fairly good.

Customer: Excuse me, I didn’t get the coupon price for this canopy!

Me: I’m sorry, we can fix that. Do you have the coupon?

Customer: Right here.

Me: Did you show it to the cashier?

Customer: Oh, you have to show them coupons?

Me:….yes. Yes you do.

I told my other coworkers about the experience, which left me wondering how she got that far in life.

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(I’m a cashier for a hardware store and an older guy comes up to me with a return)

*Cashier* Hello, how may I help you today?

*Customer* I’d like to return these products

*Cashier* Sure, Sir (I scan all his products and the machine prompts me for his I.D.) Sir can I please see your I.D.

(at this point the customer pulls his I.D. out and shows it to me through his wallet)

*Cashier* Can you please take your I.D. out of your wallet.

*Customer* You can see my Drivers License number through the wallet I don’t need to take it out*

*Cashier* Can you please take it out Sir, I can’t see the expiration date through your wallet is covering it.

*Customer* Type in my f***ing drivers license number so I can go.

*Cashier* I can’t unless you take it out sir.

*Customer* I don’t want you to touch it.

*Cashier* Then I can’t process the return

(finally he admits the license is expired and it is against store policy for me to accept it so I tell him to get another form of I.D and he pulls out a paper I.D.)

*Cashier* I can’t accept paper I.D’s

*Customer* Call your manger your clearly confused

To my displeasure manager approves the I.D. just to shut the guy up.