Doesn’t Get That It’s An Open And Shut Case  

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(I’m looking for a plumbing fixture to go on the end of a pipe I’ve brought with me.)

Me: “I’m not sure if this is the right size.”

Clerk: “You can open the bag if you need to.”

(I open the bag. It fits.)

Me: “Great, exactly what I need.”

Clerk: “Do you want to get one that’s not already open?”

Me: “Nope, I’m going to take it right home and use it.”

Clerk: “Would you like me to tape up the bag?”

Me: “No, really, I’m going to open it again in ten minutes.”

(A variation on the “customer opens the bag and then won’t buy an open product” theme.)

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Bigotry Can Take The Express Lane Out Of Here

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(The store where I work has a designated checkout lane as the express lane, though we aren’t usually strict about it, and I’ve never heard anyone loudly complain when someone else comes through with more than six items. I’m currently helping a couple of customers who both sound foreign but speak English; they have many more than six items. This happens while we’re waiting for a number so I can ring up one of the items.)

Next Customer: “Are you able to read English? Can’t you tell this is six items or less?” *gestures towards my register light*

Me: “Americans have come through here with more than six items.”

Next Customer: “What does that have to do with anything?”

Me: “Don’t pick on them just because they sound foreign.”

(The next customer scoffed at me, but otherwise didn’t say anything more about it.)

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While working Black Friday there’s huge lines for all of the check outs except the check out lane thats 10 items or less which has only two people in that one getting checked out. I see a couple customers who are trying to get in line and I tell them they can check out in the 10 items or less. Their reaction goes like this:

Me: you can go to this one and get checked out

Customer: But it says 10 items or less

Me: its fine you can go to that one

Customer: but are you sure

Me: Yes just go, it doesn’t matter.

(You’d think that any other time since no one actually abides by that lane sign that they would start doing that during the biggest day of the year with long lines of people in other check out lanes waiting to be checked out with their carts piled high.)

Working Morning Is A Ride

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(This story takes place at around 10:00 am during my 8:00 am to 5:00 pm shift. A customer has just walked in the doors. I’m 17 years old and a part-time cashier, so I don’t normally work a morning shift.)

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”

Customer: “Hi, do you need a ride home today?”

Me: “Um, no.”

Customer: “Well, okay. I need help with hardware.”

(I send my manager back with the customer. I turn to my coworker.)

Coworker: “Do you know him?”

Me: “No, I’ve never seen him before.”

(My coworker decides to go out to the parking lot and take a look at the car windshields to see if any of the cars have any indication that they are Uber drivers because I have to take quite a few Ubers to and from work. She comes back in with no luck. The customer comes back up a few minutes later and since I’m with another customer, he walks to my coworker’s register. As he’s leaving, the customer turns to me.)

Customer: “I’m keeping my eyes on you.”

(I’ve told my two managers, but I haven’t seen the customer since. Needless to say, I always have pepper spray on me now, just in case.)

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(I’m a sales assistant, but as a full-timer the part-timers often ask me for help in the absence of a manager)
Colleague: [my name] can you help?
Me: What’s up?
Customer: I bought a door handle but instead of a pair I have two of the same levers so it doesn’t work.
Me: Well, we can certainly exchange it, do you have it with you?
Customer: No, that’s why your colleague flagged you over.
Me: I see, well, we cannot give an exchange for a product that isn’t there, because if we’re lucky that will be docked from us, if you need a good pair now we can charge you for a new one and you can bring back the mispackaged pair. I already have had a similar situation and this is what the manager advised we do.
Customer: May I ask why that is?
Me: You may, and I shall explain by giving you this example. When we are given a large amount of money in cash, we have to have someone double count it and then, even if the customer requests, we cannot give them the money to count again. The reason for this is because there are those who would palm half the notes. Then they refund it after a few days and thus get a 50% profit.
Customer: *as if having a light bulb moment* They really do that?
Me: A few do, the majority of customers are good, honest people, but every basket has a few bad eggs, so we have precautions that we apply to everyone.
Customer: All right then.
Me: [Colleague] do you have the SKU for the door handle?
(I fetched the door handle for inspection before it was bought and she returned the faulty one without any upset whatsoever.)