Don’t Whistle While I Work

| OR, USA | Right | November 11, 2016

(I am a stocker at one of the larger hardware, gardening, and DIY type outlets in the state. On this particular summer day I’ve just finished creating a display for lawnmowers when I suddenly hear a shrill whistle from behind me. On instinct I look around and see a middle-aged gentleman looking in my direction, but not at me. Figuring no one in this day and age could still think that trying to whistle to get someone’s attention is good manners, I ignore him… until he walks up to me and whistles again, shrill enough that my ears almost hurt.)

Customer #1: “Boy! You deaf or something? I need service!”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir, but I didn’t realize you needed help.”

Customer #1: “What? You dumb as well? Where’s your d*** manager?”

(I call the manager over.)

Customer #1: “What sort of white trash s*** you employing here? I ask for help and this moron just ignores me!”

Me: “Sir, you whistled at me. That could’ve meant anything.”

Customer: “What? No, I didn’t! What kind of crap are you trying to pull to cover your a**?”

(A second customer now comes up.)

Customer #2: “Actually he’s right. I heard you whistle all the way from the end of the aisle.”

Customer #1: “I didn’t whistle!”

Customer #2: “Yes, you did; he and I both heard you!”

Manager: “Sir, with all due respects, my employee is right. If you need help ask for it, don’t whistle. He’s not a dog.”

Customer #1: “What’s everyone going on about whistling and dogs? Do I look like I have a dog?”

Customer #2: “Whether you do or not doesn’t matter. You whistled and I will vouch for this employee that you did it twice!”

Customer #1: “This whole store is staffed and shopped at by a**-holes! F*** you all, I’m going somewhere else!” *storms out*

Should Have Listened To Their Direction

| Australia | Right | November 10, 2016

(I work for a hardware store. It should be noted that there are about ten stores within 50 km of each other. It’s Sunday morning so there are only four staff members on: a middle-aged white man, a tiny Indian girl, myself, who is a dark hair female, and a blonde lady. A customer calls up and I answer.)

Caller: “Hi, can I please talk to someone in special orders?”

Me: “I am awfully sorry, sir, but our special orders girl isn’t—”

Caller: “I wasn’t finished talking. I want to speak to someone in special orders; I was in earlier today.”

Me: “Like I started saying, sir, she’s not in today and there is no one in with the knowledge to help you out at this time. You—”


(I am taken aback and confused as no such people have worked here ever.)

Me: “Sir, did you come into [Our Store Location]?”

Caller: “Well, obviously.”

Me: “On [Street]?”

Caller: “Um, NO! I KNOW WHERE I WENT! IT WAS ON [Other Street, at least 13 km away].”

Me: “And that would be your problem then, sir. You have called [Store Location on Street] when you actually went to [Other Location on Other Street].”

Caller: “Oh… Well, then. Who’s the d***-head now…” *click*

Saw The Fire Before The Storm

| Clarksville, IN, USA | Right | October 28, 2016

I’m the dufus in this story.

As I park in front of the hardware store, I notice fire trucks actively working on a small fire inside the store. I get out of my car, thinking “Maybe I can just… ” only to turn around, get back in my car, and drive off thinking, “No, I don’t want to appear on Not Always Right.”

The Writing’s On The Wall With The Squirrels

| NY, USA | Right | September 26, 2016

(The phone rings.)

Me: “[Store]; good evening. How may I help you?”

Customer: “Hello? I need help. There are squirrels in my roof, and I—”

Me: “I am sorry to hear that, ma’am, but we do not offer any services to remove squirrels.”

Customer: “But you don’t understand. I buy everything from your store! Why can’t you help me? I can hear them through the walls!”

Me: “I understand, ma’am, and we appreciate your loyalty as a customer; however, we do not remove squirrels. We are a hardware store.”

Customer: *in tears* “What am I supposed to do? Why won’t you help me? Is there a manager I can speak to?”

(I transfer the call to my manager. 15 minutes later my manager comes up to me.)

Manager: “Did that call really just happen?”

Me: “Yes. Did you help her with the squirrels?”

Manager: *laughing hysterically* “If you ever pass me a call like that again, I’ll fire you!”

Doesn’t Take A Rocket Scientist

| Marion, IL, USA | Right | September 8, 2016

(A woman comes in with young boy, maybe six years old.)

Customer: “Do you have any cardboard you could give me? If you have any rocket ship sized boxes, we’ll take one of those.”

(The boy rolls his eyes.)

Boy: “Grandma!”

(I go into the back and see what I can find, and I come back with about twice what she asked for.)

Me: “The only rocket ship I have left is the size of a refrigerator.”

(Before anyone can say anything else, the boys eyes light up and he shouts.)

Boy: “I’ll take it!”

Customer: “We have no way to get it home; it’s too big.”

Boy: “I’ll ride on top of it and hold it down until we get home!”

(Long story short, today I got to “sell” a little boy the best rocket ship ever, and they’ll be in with a truck to get it. Every once in a while, this job is great.)

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