Volunteering Some Candid Advice

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(My family is preparing for a party and needs some groceries from the nearby store. Outside there are volunteers out fundraising for a local charity. I often volunteer and like to take time talking to other people volunteering, but I am in a major rush today, so I walk past them. I think it is fine; they don’t say anything. On the way out, I bring my buggy to my car to drop off some heavier items, unload them, and then go to bring my buggy back to the corral next to the store. I am a young adult woman, and the volunteer in question is a much older man.)

Volunteer: “Hi there! Would you be interested in talking about [Charity]?”

Me: “I’m very sorry, but I’m actually in a big rush today. Good luck!”

Volunteer: *trying to block me and push flyer at me* “But it will only take a minute. I’m sure you have time.”

(I get around the volunteer, but he keeps following me, making me rather uncomfortable.)

Me: “I’m sorry, but I really have to—”

Volunteer: “Oh, come on. It’ll only take a minute.”

Me: “I’m sorry, sir. No!”

(I finally get to my car door and manage to pull around him to leave the parking lot. A few more hours into party prep, my family finds out we need one last thing from the store. I am dreading going back. Lo and behold, the volunteers are still there, including the older man.)

Volunteer: “Aww! You’re back! I bet you missed me, didn’t you?” *winks at me*

(I have had enough. Not only does he seem desperate, but he’s being creepy, too. I let him have it in front of everyone.)

Me: “No, sir, I didn’t miss you. And a word of advice: young girls do not like it when creepy, strange, old men follow them to their cars!”

(The man looked quite sheepish, and all the other volunteers avoided me when I left. I felt a bit bad, but what a creep!)

Driving Down Hookup Lane

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My dad loves to tell this story. Back before any of us kids were born, my parents lived in an apartment within easy walking distance of a car shop. One day, Mom had to drop the car off for repairs and decided to just hoof it back home. It was only a mile and a half, but part of the sidewalk did border a busy main road.

Mom started walking home, and noticed a car driving slowly up to her. It reached to level with her and drove alongside her, and she saw it was a man driving the vehicle. He looked at her, then sped off. Mom shook it off and kept walking.

A bit further on, a different car did the same thing: slowed down, drove up until it was level with her, drove a bit alongside her, then sped off. It was also a man driving. Now, Mom was starting to worry.

A third car, driven by a third man, did the same thing, and Mom just kept walking forward, not turning her head. The car drove away, and Mom finally got home.

When Dad came home, Mom told him about the three cars, which set Dad off laughing. He explained that the area she was walking through was a known hotspot for prostitutes. Mom, still a bit rattled, said, “But I wasn’t wearing any sexy clothes or makeup! I was sweaty and hadn’t washed my hair. How did they think I was a hooker?!”

I guess they were really desperate.

Why Did You Have To Be Such A D**k?

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I have been working at my current company for about three years now as a trainer. This company seems to experience higher-than-average turnover due to the stress of the job and lack of management. I recently announced that I will be leaving this company to become a trainer elsewhere. As soon as I announced that I was leaving, one of the employees I trained started acting a little “friendly.” It seems that he has always had a crush on me, but has kept it professional.

When he heard that I was leaving, he asked me to go get a drink with him, multiple times. I turned down each request, as I am married; he is even friends with my husband. However, tonight I received a direct message from him on Facebook, followed by a picture notification. Dreading what it contained, I had my husband open it. Yep. Dick pic. It was accompanied by a message saying, “You always make me laugh. I wish you weren’t leaving.”

Yeah, this is going to HR in the morning.

Looks Lick The Wrong Job

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(I’ve been applying for jobs and have gotten an interview at a gas station, specifically for the night shift. The woman interviewing me is very casual and laid-back, which makes me feel very comfortable about the position.)

Interviewer: “And you do get a few strange folk during the night, but nothing too creepy. One guy asked to lick me because he wanted to know if I taste as sweet as I look.”

(She seemed completely unconcerned about the incident, and even laughed. I left the interview with no intention of ever working a gas station, anywhere.)

Proving He Is The Biggest P***k

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I am a cashier at a pharmacy chain. A man comes in to the store and immediately asks where to find condoms. It is company policy to walk each customer to the product they are looking for if at all possible. Being a good employee, I walk the man to the “Family Planning” aisle, and show him where to find the condoms.

Rather than leaving our encounter to a minimum, he decides to ask me which condoms I like. Not only am I a woman, but I’m very uncomfortable discussing sex with anyone, especially strangers.

After explaining that I have no preference, and that it’s all up to him, he asks, “Which are the biggest ones? I need the biggest, because I am the biggest.” I am mortified.

I leave him in the aisle by himself, and he chooses a brand for purchase. No more than two minutes after ringing him out, he comes back in to the store, with the package opened, and one condom missing. He slaps the package on the counter and yells, “They’re too tight! I’m returning these, and I need your number… You single?”

I have my manager run the return as I go to the stock room to hide.

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