Some Days You Just Can’t Win

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My wallet got stolen when I was working in another city, and I went to the cop shop — only to discover that in the province of Ontario, you cannot report stolen ID without showing ID!

The only thing not with me at the time was my passport, so I asked the boyfriend to go to my place to scan my passport and email it.

He got to my apartment… only to realize he’d left his keys at his place.

I asked him to break in, but the only reachable window was through the AC — which he’d stupidly installed so it could just be pushed in — in the living room, which was facing the street!

I begged the cop to vouch to the Toronto police that my boyfriend did have permission, in case he got arrested for breaking in. Then, I put the phone on speaker and stayed with him through the sound of my home being broken into.

The cop just laughed the entire time.

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(I’m the bad customer in this one. I have to go to the grocery store, but because of putting it off without checking when they close, I don’t get there until 9:47 pm, and see on their sign that they close at 10 pm. I have worked food service and have always despised when customers come in so soon before closing. Feeling terrible about doing the same, I rush in, grab a basket, and start speedwalking towards the section I need, when I am suddenly stopped by an employee. I am immediately irritated that he is delaying me, if only by a few seconds; and I am also pre-emptively irritated because I assume he is about to advise me that they close soon, and one of my personal flaws is that I hate being told something that I’m already aware of.)

Employee: *gesturing to my basket* “Excuse me, miss. I can take your basket if you don’t need it.”

(I am even more irritated now that I was on guard for a false alarm, and that he assumed I didn’t need my basket. I also have a fleeting thought that this is actually his subtle way of suggesting I should be on my way out.)

Me: *crossly* “I *do* need it.”

(I continue my speedwalking, but it is only a few seconds later that I realize how rude and ungrateful I just was to someone only offering to help; that his tone was purely helpful and had nothing to suggest he was trying to shoo me out; and that it was perfectly reasonable to assume that someone rushing in the general direction of the exit, with a frantic expression and an empty basket, ten minutes to closing time, might be fretting over where to put the basket away. And I was short with him just because I was in a rush so as not to inconvenience the employees! In trying not to be one type of bad customer, I became a different type of bad customer. And I usually pride myself on being kind and understanding with employees. Good job, me…)

Digging Their Nails Into Racist Stereotypes

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(I run a mobile spa business. I am at a bridal party doing manicures. I am making small talk with the client, the mother of the bride.)

Mother Of The Bride: “So, is this your business, or do you work for someone?”

Me: “It’s my business.”

Mother Of The Bride: “Now all you need are the slanty eyes.”

Me: *speechless*

An Armful Of Judgement

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(I wake up one morning to find both arms so numb that I can hardly use them. In a panic, I get my mother to drive me to the local doctor’s office. He sends me to get bloodwork done at a different facility. This takes place during the follow-up visit.)

Nurse: *while taking my vitals* “And are your arms still numb?”

Me: “Yes, but they’re a bit better than before.”

(The nurse leads me to the exam room. The doctor enters after a few minutes.)

Doctor: “Okay, your blood work looks good, except for cholesterol. You really need to lose weight. Do you drink a lot of Cokes?”

Me: “Well… yes, but—”

Doctor: “You should give up all caffeinated drinks. They’re making you fat, and it’s very bad for your health.”

(The doctor proceeded to ramble about how I needed to stop eating sugar and start losing weight. He left the room with a final order to stop drinking Cokes. I never got a chance to ask him about my numb arms, and he never once said anything about the issue I’d gone there for in the first place. I don’t have insurance and am unemployed, so I couldn’t afford to go somewhere else. I ended up asking friends online for help and figured out how to address my problem through them.)

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I’m a small girl, in her early 20s. I also have my gun license, and shoot guns on a regular basis. I live in Canada however, so guns aren’t as predominant as they are in other countries. A customer comes in to my store wearing a “511” brand hat, which I know is sold at a local tactical/gun store. This occurs as he’s paying.

Me: I notice you’re wearing 511. Do you shoot?

Customer: Oh no. I just get my work clothes from [local tactical store], and they sometimes throw in free stuff like this hat when my order is big enough.

Me: Oh cool. Yeah [local tactical store] has a lot of cool stuff.

Customer: Yeah. (Coming to sudden realization). Um…do you shoot?

Me: Oh yeah! I shoot at [local gun club]. They only have a pistol and small caliber rifle range, but it’s a nice spot.

Customer: (Looks terrified) Um…ok. Thanks. Bye. (Quickly backs out of the store, keeping his eyes on me the whole time).

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