Digging Their Nails Into Racist Stereotypes

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(I run a mobile spa business. I am at a bridal party doing manicures. I am making small talk with the client, the mother of the bride.)

Mother Of The Bride: “So, is this your business, or do you work for someone?”

Me: “It’s my business.”

Mother Of The Bride: “Now all you need are the slanty eyes.”

Me: *speechless*

An Armful Of Judgement

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(I wake up one morning to find both arms so numb that I can hardly use them. In a panic, I get my mother to drive me to the local doctor’s office. He sends me to get bloodwork done at a different facility. This takes place during the follow-up visit.)

Nurse: *while taking my vitals* “And are your arms still numb?”

Me: “Yes, but they’re a bit better than before.”

(The nurse leads me to the exam room. The doctor enters after a few minutes.)

Doctor: “Okay, your blood work looks good, except for cholesterol. You really need to lose weight. Do you drink a lot of Cokes?”

Me: “Well… yes, but—”

Doctor: “You should give up all caffeinated drinks. They’re making you fat, and it’s very bad for your health.”

(The doctor proceeded to ramble about how I needed to stop eating sugar and start losing weight. He left the room with a final order to stop drinking Cokes. I never got a chance to ask him about my numb arms, and he never once said anything about the issue I’d gone there for in the first place. I don’t have insurance and am unemployed, so I couldn’t afford to go somewhere else. I ended up asking friends online for help and figured out how to address my problem through them.)

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I’m a small girl, in her early 20s. I also have my gun license, and shoot guns on a regular basis. I live in Canada however, so guns aren’t as predominant as they are in other countries. A customer comes in to my store wearing a “511” brand hat, which I know is sold at a local tactical/gun store. This occurs as he’s paying.

Me: I notice you’re wearing 511. Do you shoot?

Customer: Oh no. I just get my work clothes from [local tactical store], and they sometimes throw in free stuff like this hat when my order is big enough.

Me: Oh cool. Yeah [local tactical store] has a lot of cool stuff.

Customer: Yeah. (Coming to sudden realization). Um…do you shoot?

Me: Oh yeah! I shoot at [local gun club]. They only have a pistol and small caliber rifle range, but it’s a nice spot.

Customer: (Looks terrified) Um…ok. Thanks. Bye. (Quickly backs out of the store, keeping his eyes on me the whole time).

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We were informed by management that we are no longer allowed to wear hoodie sweatshirts beneath our uniforms regardless of the weather. Mind you it is Ohio, it tends to get quite cold out there and the heater in our trucks is sometimes pretty irrelevant being we’re constantly running in and out of the truck delivering our packages. They are not part of the “official, world famous uniform” and therefore non-compliant.
The next day, we were rewarded for our “exemplary” safety record with hoodie sweatshirts.

An Uncomfortable Level Of Lunch

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I was promoted about a year ago to be general manager for all of our branches in the city. One of my duties is to chair a supervisors’ meeting twice a year. These are usually long and tedious affairs, so to make them bearable, I have all the supervisors over to my house and feed them lunch before having the meeting. This way, everybody gets a good meal, and the meeting can be done on comfortable couches, instead of hard boardroom chairs.

Most of my supervisors are great, or at least good at their jobs, but one of them I have constantly had to speak with about her lousy customer service and basic lack of people skills.

A few weeks after I have had to have another talk with my shoddy supervisor, I receive an email from the union. The email says that they have received an “anonymous” complaint from a member that the supervisors’ meetings are held at my house. They can’t give any reasons for the complaint beyond that it makes the complainant uncomfortable.

So, from now on, all supervisors’ meetings will be held in the windowless boardroom, on hard chairs, and with no food. All in the name of making one supervisor “comfortable.”

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