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Kindness In Bloom, Part 2

, , , , , , | Right | January 11, 2021

I used to work in a very established small hair salon in a fancier part of town. We had quite a few older women who would come in every week to get their hair set, and they had been doing so since time immemorial.

After working there for a few years, I got engaged to my now-husband. I didn’t make a great song and dance about it, but I did wear my new ring to work and these ladies sure did notice!

About an hour after the first client of the day came in, the flowers started arriving! When I was distracted, one of the ladies had made a quick call, and the word had spread very quickly. I ended up with so many flowers I couldn’t take them all home that day!

Kindness In Bloom

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What Is “Feminine,” Anyway?

, , , , , | Working | December 8, 2020

I live in a very conservative area and have an alternative hairstyle — short top with buzzed sides — so it can be a bit tricky for me to get a trim when my usual stylist is unavailable. I’ve got an event coming up and have put off getting a haircut for too long, so I settle for the next available stylist and settle in for the usual ordeal with a new hairdresser.

I sit down and describe in detail my exact cut, indicating lengths and trimmer number. In the mirror, I see the hairdresser scrunch her nose and give my hair a once-over.

Hairdresser: “Are you sure about that? It’s not very feminine.”

Instead of my usual assurances, this time I can’t help but blurt out the first thought that crosses my mind.

Me: “I ain’t going for feminine!”

The hairdresser blinked at me before bursting out laughing. She immediately pulled out the trimmer and got cutting with a grin on her face, and she completed the cut beautifully.

Throughout the process, I heard her occasionally mumbling to herself, “I ain’t going for feminine!” and then giggling. We parted with smiles on our faces, and I made sure to leave a good tip and get her name to add to my list of “people allowed to touch my hair.”

Named And Shamed, Part 10

, , , , , | Right | December 8, 2020

I’m a hairdresser at a chain salon, and I’ve recently gotten married. I am chatting with a walk-in customer while doing her hair, and it comes up that my in-laws are from another country.

Customer: “Oh, so your husband is the same ethnicity as me! What’s your last name?”

Me: “It’s [Unusual Last Name].”

Customer: “Oh, dear, you can’t even say it properly! Is it spelled [jumble of letters]?”

Me: “Actually, it’s spelled [correct spelling].”

Customer: “Hmm, does it have two Rs? That’s probably where you’re having trouble.”

Me: “No, it’s two Is.”

Customer: “Yeah, I bet that’s what’s messing you up.”

Me: “So, um, how’s the length looking? I’ll turn you so you can see the back…”

I’ve got a bit of a southern drawl, so I guess my new last name sounds kind of funny with my accent. But I’m pretty sure this lady had just never heard the name until now; it’s not a super common one. I sure wouldn’t presume to tell anyone that they were saying their own name wrong, at any rate.

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Cutting Hair And Cutting You Out Of The Conversation

, , , , , | Working | October 2, 2020

I am at a hairdressers’ shop I don’t normally visit, because I’ve heard good things about it and I’ve decided I don’t mind its price tag. I’m introduced to my stylist and she asks what I want. I show her with the images I brought in.

That is as far as the conversation side goes with her. It’s not like she doesn’t partake in any small talk, she just doesn’t talk to me. During the wash station and cut, she chats to everyone but me. When I do talk, she either goes, “Uh-huh,” dismissively or flat-out ignores me in favour of talking to other clients and staff.

She has just finished my hair and I’m paying for the cut; I opt not to mention her ignoring me and just not leave a tip… until this happens.

Stylist: *Loudly* “What, no tip?”

This results in people looking over.

Me: *Just as loudly* “You ignored me for the entirety of the hour and a half I was in here and you want a tip? How about putting conversation with your client higher than conversation with other stylists’? After all, I’m the one who pays and tips you, not them.”

She went bright red, and I left.

We Can Cut Your Hair But Not Your Journey Time

, , , , | Right | October 1, 2020

I am a customer at a well-known hair salon for a haircut. The store is in a slightly undeveloped area but the employees are very polite and do their jobs well; I’ve been getting haircuts from these employees since I was a child. I am patiently waiting with a couple in the waiting seats while a male employee and two female employees cut other peoples’ hair.

The phone rings and a male employee answers.

Employee: “[Salon], [Employee] speaking. How may I help you?”

Caller: *Unintelligible*

Employee: “Oh, you need directions to get here? Well, we are between [Avenue] and [Interstate Road].”

Caller: *Unintelligible*

Employee: “May I ask where you’re driving from to get here?”

The employee’s shoulders and head sag in disbelief.

Employee: “Brandon?”

Brandon is over a half-hour drive from Tampa. Everyone else in the salon laughs at the ludicrousness of that. I turn to a woman next to me.

Me: “Is a $15 haircut really worth that much gas?”

Woman: *Laughs* “I know, right?”

Employee: *Finishing the call* “Well, sir, I will see you in thirty to forty minutes.”

Me: *Raising my voice* “Don’t forget to factor in evening traffic!”

Employee: “Make that the next hour. Bye!”