This Could’ve Been A Hairy Situation

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I’ve decided to try out a different hairdresser. I find a place nearby and make an appointment. Upon entering, I see that their website spoke quite the truth. It’s a small shop with the male-customer-oriented half just screaming, “MALE!” in a tongue-in-cheek way. Cosmetic articles like sprays, wax, and other stuff are in flasks that are obviously recycled alcohol bottles, for example. The hairdresser and owner himself is a big, tall bloke with a huge beard, some decorative chains around his wrists, and strong, tattooed arms. His manners are relaxed and informal… and very direct.

Hairdresser: “Your turn! Sit down, please.”

I sit down in the chair he points at. He puts a towel over my neck and covers me in a cutting cloak. Then, he stares at me silently. I am autistic, so I am not too good at reading (or especially reacting to) nonverbal signs, while also a bit clumsy at starting a conversation. So I just look back, puzzled. This takes about ten seconds.

Hairdresser: “You’re supposed to tell me how you want it.”

Me: “Oh! Just a cut, same model as I have now.”

Luckily, his voice and a hint of smile made clear to me that he wasn’t being nasty, just direct and informal. It worked for me and he turned out to be a very good hairdresser.

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You Can Cut Your Hair But Not The Commentary

, , , , | Working | May 21, 2021

I’m a woman in my thirties with very short hair. The last few years, I’ve gotten super into buzz cuts and it’s been my choice of style since.

A few days ago, I decided my hair was getting too long — and by that, I mean that it’s really what most people consider “short” — so I went to a men’s barbershop that also does women’s hair providing they get a “men’s” style. When I told the guy what I wanted, he proceeded to ask me five times if I was sure that I wanted it buzzed. He even shaved a tiny bit and said, “This is the length it’ll be.”

I told him I was sure, I’d had it shorter, I wanted it buzzed, etc. He finally did it but commented the entire time about how short it would look.

When it was done, he held up the mirror to show me the back and I nodded, smiled, and said I was happy with it. His response?

“It’s too short.”

I get that some people don’t like women with super short hair. But if I’m paying for a service and tell you I’m 100% fine with it, maybe just do your job and do it how I’m paying you to do it?

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Kindness In Bloom, Part 2

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I used to work in a very established small hair salon in a fancier part of town. We had quite a few older women who would come in every week to get their hair set, and they had been doing so since time immemorial.

After working there for a few years, I got engaged to my now-husband. I didn’t make a great song and dance about it, but I did wear my new ring to work and these ladies sure did notice!

About an hour after the first client of the day came in, the flowers started arriving! When I was distracted, one of the ladies had made a quick call, and the word had spread very quickly. I ended up with so many flowers I couldn’t take them all home that day!

Kindness In Bloom

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What Is “Feminine,” Anyway?

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I live in a very conservative area and have an alternative hairstyle — short top with buzzed sides — so it can be a bit tricky for me to get a trim when my usual stylist is unavailable. I’ve got an event coming up and have put off getting a haircut for too long, so I settle for the next available stylist and settle in for the usual ordeal with a new hairdresser.

I sit down and describe in detail my exact cut, indicating lengths and trimmer number. In the mirror, I see the hairdresser scrunch her nose and give my hair a once-over.

Hairdresser: “Are you sure about that? It’s not very feminine.”

Instead of my usual assurances, this time I can’t help but blurt out the first thought that crosses my mind.

Me: “I ain’t going for feminine!”

The hairdresser blinked at me before bursting out laughing. She immediately pulled out the trimmer and got cutting with a grin on her face, and she completed the cut beautifully.

Throughout the process, I heard her occasionally mumbling to herself, “I ain’t going for feminine!” and then giggling. We parted with smiles on our faces, and I made sure to leave a good tip and get her name to add to my list of “people allowed to touch my hair.”

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Named And Shamed, Part 10

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I’m a hairdresser at a chain salon, and I’ve recently gotten married. I am chatting with a walk-in customer while doing her hair, and it comes up that my in-laws are from another country.

Customer: “Oh, so your husband is the same ethnicity as me! What’s your last name?”

Me: “It’s [Unusual Last Name].”

Customer: “Oh, dear, you can’t even say it properly! Is it spelled [jumble of letters]?”

Me: “Actually, it’s spelled [correct spelling].”

Customer: “Hmm, does it have two Rs? That’s probably where you’re having trouble.”

Me: “No, it’s two Is.”

Customer: “Yeah, I bet that’s what’s messing you up.”

Me: “So, um, how’s the length looking? I’ll turn you so you can see the back…”

I’ve got a bit of a southern drawl, so I guess my new last name sounds kind of funny with my accent. But I’m pretty sure this lady had just never heard the name until now; it’s not a super common one. I sure wouldn’t presume to tell anyone that they were saying their own name wrong, at any rate.

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