This Request Can Kiss The Dust

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After the events of Hurricane Irma and Jose, my Boy Scout Troop decides to help in a donation effort to make “cleanup buckets” filled with supplies for those there. I’m assigned to get dust masks for the bucket. Bear in mind that the store I go to has the lumber section all the way at the far end, while the paint section is close to the entrance.

After arriving, I have absolutely no idea where the dust masks would be. I go up to an employee, who tells me bulk-packaged dust masks are in the lumber section. I run down there… and nothing. I ask another employee, who says that the masks are by the paint section… where I started. I check there, and nothing again. After a lot more checking and running between the two sections, I finally ask an employee who directs me to neither of the sections, but rather an area near lumber by a non-used checkout line. I find the dust masks there, finally.

The funniest part? Where the dust masks were, they would have been in plain view of the second employee. Thanks to the last employee who helped me find the masks… and thanks to the first two employees for giving me my daily exercise!

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The Cocoa Con

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(I work at a cafe in a bookstore. People will occasionally ask us for hot water for their tea bags that they brought from home, which we happily oblige, free of charge. One day…)

Supervisor: “We’re going to have to start charging $0.25 for water.”

Me: “Why?”

Coworker: “You’ll see.”

(A few days go by, then a man and a woman come in.)

Customer: “Can I have a large cup of hot water? Just half full?”

Coworker: “Sure, but it’ll be $0.25 for the cup.”

Customer: “What?! But it’s always free!”

Coworker: “Sorry, new policy.”

Customer: “Come on! I didn’t know. Can’t I just have the water this one time? I’ll know for next time!”

Coworker: *sighs* “Just this last time.”

(The woman then takes her hot water to the self-service bar, where we keep the cinnamon, cocoa, sugar, milk, cream, straws, stirrers, etc. She dumps in half of the cocoa and fills up the rest with cream, stirring it together to make hot cocoa, and also making a huge mess.)

Coworker: “That’s why it’s $0.25 now, because of those two.”

(We later banned the two of them because customers kept finding pamphlets that they left in all of the books,and they constantly found new loopholes to get free stuff from the cafe.)

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